Casket carrying John Lewis arrives at the Capitol Rotunda

The casket carrying the late Rep. John Lewis of Georgia arrives at the Rotunda where lawmakers and the American public pay their respects to the civil rights icon.

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    1. THE EQUALIZER! Hey if you donโ€™t stop that Iโ€™ll have to get the antifa mob to show up to your house and make political demands like the good peaceful protestors the media told me they were.

  1. You were admired by many. Thank you for your service. You have heard the hate your entire life. Thank you for standing tall in the face of it all and giving us that strength.

    1. He’s dead, a lifeless corpse and there is no afterlife. Parading a body around is weird.

      Dead people don’t read YouTube comments, you posted this for your own virtue points you self serving prick.

      Have a good day
      I Love You โœŒโœŒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


  2. John Lewis-
    “Find a way to get in the way and to get in trouble; good trouble, necessary trouble.”

    1. @allabout perspective Trump is POTUS you, not even equivalent to a cold fart. YOU DONT MATTER!

  3. Beautiful service. Mitch looks like he is constipated. I love all my Parties. If we love Jesus , we should love all . if we hate anyones, we hate God !!! RIP John . I will see you on the other side with all those who serves Yahweh YAHSHUA the Messiah !!!

  4. America has lost a LOT of greatness over the last few years.
    Much of it is because of Trump’s failures.
    But the loss of John Lewis is a loss of American greatness that was just a natural expiration of life,
    a magnificent and momentous life.

    1. No one is the blame for our death. If you’re God’s child , you’re more likely to finish the course and Jesus calls us home .

  5. RIP John Lewis thank you for your great service, our hearts goes out to all to his family and friends

    1. Rachel Ash I bet sleepy joe could do any better heโ€™d probably put the corona kids on one bus and the healthy kids on another. Or maybe corona kids are just as smart as healthy kids or supporting the bill for mass covid incarceration.

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