1. No, he’s been criticizing Chinas theft of US intellectual property and unfair trade practices that EVERY president acknowledges for as long as he’s been in office. That’s like republicans saying that clinton got his blowjob in the oval office to distract from his Jennifer Flowers scandal ! See how ridiculous you sound

    2. Trumps failure? He listened to your beloved who and cdc. All run by lefties. It came from chynuh, that is who is to blame.

    3. @chrisThis is election strategy. A toddler can point it out easily. Now you sound ridiculous having a peanut sized brain. I’m saying this bcoz same kind of crap is happening in my country too. And remember person,woman,man, camera &tv.

    1. @Tobias Rieper Oh no, yep that just happened. And I’m not giving your ball back. Go clean the erasers on the brick wall. Oh yeah, kids don’t know what chalkboards are anymore

    2. @liftforlife 75 I wasn’t given millions by my Father, I was given work ethics by my Father. How about you?

    3. @Kris Frederick Same here. But he got both millions and work ethic. I just don’t understand the claim that he acts like a child?

    1. I think we’ve had enough of this clown and being the laughing stock of the world. We need to vote him out and have a new president in January and get some self-respect back! I think the u.s. people have suffered enough.

    2. It’s not just the fault of one president both of them are not communicating. In this era of time I do not see any political leaders that are worth putting our trust into regardless of whether they are from America or China

    3. @Karen Fitzpatrick OH no suffered too many jobs being made! Lowest unemployment in 50 years! Black unemployment at record lows, stopping the communist china from trying to tear down America! Having the best economy in your whole life! Closing the border that democrats left open saving so many women and children from human trafficking! Promoting patriotism and God again! Draining the swamp! Caring for America! This has been the best 3.5 years of America in the past 50 years, yet you don’t want to look from CNN to see how good we have it in America under Trump. Its pathetic.

    1. What in the hell does LGBTQ have to do you with countries,??? Girl you need to be committed ASAP, LOL !!!

    2. Why is it only you pathetic leftard trolls that insult him. He’s far more of a man then you will ever be.

    3. @Ernest Chacon she is saying if we’ve moved so far from source (God) to accept homosexuality and mutilating people to try and change their sex with drugs and surgeries, because they cannot accept who they are. Well if that’s the world then we are doomed etc… The covenant of man and woman is more and more disregarded, then the world for us is doomed if we continue in this direction justifying these things because they can be done. Not rocket science to figure out. And don’t start debating with me over it. It’s an opinion so accept it and move on. I just explained it from my perspective. She doesn’t need help. Don’t criticize people, it isn’t nice.

    1. @Sam Bacon Do you even know what a Concentration camp is?……and you put the blame on Trump claiming he made things worse when he hasn’t, those immigration detention centers actually helped the black community especially actually get jobs and increase the country economy. Trump isn’t making any things worse your just pissy about him.

    2. Robert Clawson not only are you using an unbelievably biased and unreliable source, but that article is from SEVEN YEARS AGO and about someone who is no longer in office! It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the current situation! Your weak and pathetic attempt at deflection simply won’t work!

    3. ValZicPlayz MC I’m an Archeologist. I’m extremely aware of what concentration camps are. Perhaps you should learn more about them. For instance, the first time that the English term concentration camp was used was during the Ten Years War (1868-78) to refer to the Spanish colonial reconcentrados (reconcentration camps) the Spanish military set up in Cuba. The US used the term for camps we set up during the US-Philippine War (1899-1902). The British used the term for their POW camps during the Second Boer War (1899-1902).
      Here’s what Merriam-Webster has as the definition for the term…https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/concentration%20camp

      Here’s what an actual expert on concentration camps had to say about the ones the US has been operating along the border…https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.esquire.com/news-politics/amp27813648/concentration-camps-southern-border-migrant-detention-facilities-trump/

      So, again, perhaps it’s not me that doesn’t understand what a concentration camp is, but rather you, because it appears that you’re under the impression that the definition is a very narrow one when the reality is quite the opposite.

    1. @🔴Warped🔴 Soon as the Election is over, The China flu will disappear, and the next ridiculous scheme from the left will appear. Probably somethiung involving removing tags from pillows or some equally stupid crap.. The left excels at making up rather stupid childish crap.

  1. Don’t worry folks, he’s a stable genius. We’re all going to be right!! He even compared himself to Abe Lincoln, why would you want to worry??

    1. @McJerkins You do know that Epoch Times is from China, don’t you? You need to suss out your sources a little better, friend.

    2. @Jon Gill Do you really know you can make money staying at home stay safe receive me if interested

    1. @Joe Shaloom Yeah i know orange man bad right? Hahah NOT 🙄 people who think Trump is a bad president,has a real low IQ and is a hateful miserable person who can’t accept the fact that Trump has done more for America and its citizens,than the last 4 presidents.. combined!! CNN CBS MSNBC done got most Americans brainwashed with lies and all kinds of other liberal nonsense..SMH SAD THING TO SEE.

    2. well US deserve Trump, the citizens are all at the same level as trump, mostly idiot and dumb people. birds of a kind flock together

    3. @Anthony Enright I agree. If Trump loses, all of these current investigations will immediately shut down and the politically biased bureaucrats will flood back in, and that will be the end of the rule of law.

  2. You can clearly see “The Art of the Deal” negotiation strategy in place. Try to renegotiate trade, impose tariffs, suffer miserably, make concessions and lose GDP and jobs, then destroy the relationship altogether.

    1. d fobroy I see you have absolutely nothing whatsoever of substance to add, and you’re unable to engage in any legitimate, logical discussion, thus why you simply declare anything you dislike or disagree with to be a lie without explanation or evidence.

    1. @beobe99
      China crushes US farming?
      China was spending Billions on US agriculture each year!
      So Acting President Bunker Baby tRump imposes tariffs on Chinese goods! So China turns to other markets to fill their requirement for their agriculture products!
      Meanwhile Acting president Bunker baby’s Tariffs on China are being paid for by everyday people in the US, and that some how is China’s fault!

      Only a brain dead failed businessman with a piss stained complexion could get real bigly win like that!

    2. @James Roberts
      Maybe president Putin being so “Powerful and strong” during their meeting Helsinki is having a lasting effect on Acting president Bunker Boys tRump’s love life!
      We wouldn’t want to him alienate his bigliest “Powerful and strong” boyfriend would we?
      We all know about lovers Scorn don’t we!

    1. WRONG. Americans have been out of Chinese consulate since March, due to the virus. The media is outright lying to you.

    2. @McJerkins why? China its the safest place to be right now regarding coronavirus.It has like 3-4 cases a day.

    1. king donnie and princess ivanka hold about 300 chinese trademarks that the communist chinese government issued to them .
      as well ,both king donnie and princess ivanka outsource the manufacturing of their brand name fashions to communist china ..

    2. @socal rocks
      Ivanka Trump gets initial approval from China for 16 trademarkswww.cnbc.com › 2018/11/06 › ivanka-trump-gets-initial-…
      Nov 6, 2018 – The approval for Ivanka Trump’s trademarks — which comes three months after … approval from China for 16 new trademarks—including for ‘voting machines’ …
      Trump announced that he wanted to lift the ban on the Chinese products
      trump also asked President XI to help him to win the upcoming 2020 Presidential election!
      Which President XI refused!
      So tariffs are back on!

  3. What a great deal maker Agent Orange turned out to be. Anybody who researched him before 2016 knew.

    1. @JHK 23 Sorry, America is losing “followers” Trump wants to exit Nato. Just like wants nothing to do with The World Health Org. But MEH….AMERICA FIRST! It will be eventually only be America dealing with China. Since they have become almost narcissistic in the beliefs they “hold”.

    2. @W F and I’ll stick with the 5 eyes over any of their enemies, we won WW2 and defeated the real fascists and Nazis on this Earth, I’m on the right side of history dickhead

    3. @Delekham I want Americans to put their own country first and we will do the same with ours, and if America goes to War no matter who your President is we are there with America till the end

    1. @10th letter he sux Putin’s wee wee at Helsinki. Proof: he sent all US personnel out while Putin didn’t.

  4. They still have masks, for the most part. Still careful. Pompey is full of beans. How are they threatening us?

    1. The latest case reported in Chengdu is 5 month ago but but most of citizens are still wearing a mask under extreme hot weather,I just didn’t get why does it takes so long for Trump and some US people to realize that a mask is necessary…

    1. @Racist Iives don’t matter. ROFLMAOPMP!!!! Not Made In China! So Sowry! Americans Go Home to Your Freedom while we put Our People back in their Cages!!

    2. Pfffttt. China got caught being thieves and had their Houston Embassy closed. this is just butthurt retaliation by the country that provided us with covid.

    3. @Racist Iives don’t matter. no it’s not, and my grammar is far superior to yours. try as well, not aswell soi boi

    1. I don’t blame China though. Like someone said, China is not Mexico. Someone has to stand up against this bully of a president.

    2. @Muhammad Abdullahi , I mean the US does have a childish president, but China has been messing with ALOT of countries. this includes US, Australia, Canada, etc. It started messing with Australia when Australia tried to investigate the coronavirus.

    3. Muhammad Abdullahi totally agree. Trump’s boorish behaviour is the problem as he is causing this deterioration of esteem of his country.

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