‘Catastrophic:’ Bryan Stevenson On Lame Duck Trump Ramping Up Federal Executions | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Catastrophic:’ Bryan Stevenson On Lame Duck Trump Ramping Up Federal Executions | All In | MSNBC


“These executions are being expedited on a schedule for political points,” says “Just Mercy” author Bryan Stevenson on Trump push for federal executions before leaving office. Aired on 12/1/2020.
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‘Catastrophic:’ Bryan Stevenson On Lame Duck Trump Ramping Up Federal Executions | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Whiddledog Jones I’m talking about corrupt, lying, fraudulent, authoritarian Democratic politicians. Not everyday voters

    2. @Maureen Peterson Trump and the Republicans are Hypocrites. Talking out of both sides of their mouths. Trump is a fascist and behaving more and more like one.

    1. Two for one sales. Twenty per cent Tuesday’s. Black Friday deep discounts, Family Fridays. Even Factory Direct. Have YOU got your pardon yet??!!

  1. Nope he is a sadist that’s why he gets a kick out of it the pardons for the crime family are so he can steal as much as possible

    1. @David Miller maybe they don’t but you let the system do it’s job you don’tdo it for ego ,then your no better then your just as bad. A murderer .

    2. @David Miller No. What’s your point? Have innocent people ever been executed? If their guilty i’d prefer they have a long life to think about it in a cell block for life.

    3. @David Miller , did u listen to the discussion. the point is , IS OUR GOVERNMENT TRUSTWORTHY TO HAVE THAT POWER. NO IT IS NOT.

    1. @Kwarkool Two very good points and I agree. But I do believe in the end he won’t have a choice of a conscience or a belief.

    2. @Christine King “me thinks” Trump has a specific intelligence. He is media savvy. He checks and looks at the leading conspiracy theories and beliefs in his base, then replays them and see what sticks. What ever stick becomes his mantra.

      With his base, he has power. That’s why republicans enables him.

      I know it’s unpopular view but that’s what the evidence points to.

    3. @Kwarkool it’s impossible to lie to yourself. Nothing to question there. But You may tell a lie long enough as to you may think other’s will believe it with out doubt…but you will never believe your own lie.

    1. @Linda Hope as the prophet ask King David what would you do King David did not know that judgment was upon him

    2. @David Miller Here’s just an example of 4 people wrongfully executed. https://www.ncadp.org/pages/wrongful-executions
      A study also shows that from 1970 to 2004 ~8000 people have been placed on death row of which 4.1% were placed there wrongfully, that’s ~320 people. Maybe 4% doesn’t sound like much or pretty good odds, but when there have been people implicated into crimes they did not commit and then executed for it hardly seems fair, does it? Had Trump got his way with the Central Park 5 there would have been 5 innocent people murdered by the state. There is just too much at stake to allow mistakes like this to occur, regardless of how heinous a crime has been committed.

  2. promoting political terror does that qualify the death penalty? And the flagrant disregard for death by virus should this this be ignored?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Marshal law is coming. The election is going to be cancelled, due to cyber warfare incoming from China and the Democrats. You’re going into a concentration camp. Pack your bags.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera The Republicans have millions of guns, the Democrats have sticks and stones. Guess who’s going down. Lol

    1. Yes, all the dead because of the virus did not matter to him so it is about time so relatives of the dead people should sue for Trump downplaying the virus he admitted it to Bob Woodward, that is reckless and derelection of duty as a leader and still not doing anything. How many cases would that be. Although it wasn’t his fault but as leader he downplayed it and is still downplaying it.

  3. Trump tried to have five innocent black youths (Central Park 5 ) executed, but pardons white friends who actually were convicted of federal crimes.

    1. Vincent Maldonon. Nobody should forget that when he and his family face court I bet he will sing a different tune what goes around comes around

  4. He tried to get 5 innocent children get killed from a crime they didn’t commit and he never apologize, this is the trash in the wh

    1. Actually even when they were adults, after they were exonerated and cleared of all charges Trump said they should STILL be (jailed or executed) anyway because “they’re probably guilty of something.” I’m paraphrasing.

  5. Trump In drive thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “Thats a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m done here”

    1. haha. Fml. It’s so exhausting insn’t it? He’s so useless and annoying! People are still waiting for Covid relief payments!

  6. Well, there you go, he is going to set it up for us…giving himself the death penalty…for crimes against humanity…go team.

  7. Pardoning himself and his family, while going after death penalties for others. Yep, typical hypocrisy-on-steroids.

    1. We need our presidents and congressmen to go through a mental evaluation before coming into office and every year after. Along with drug testing

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