Catastrophic Damage Across Louisiana As Recovery Begins

Recovery efforts from the destruction of tropical storm Ida are underway in Louisiana. NBC's Sam Brock reports on the latest.
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    1. All of Southern Louisiana will be completely gone within the decade. It will be completely in the Gulf of Mexico by then. Rebuilding, repairing, and restoring are a waste of precious resources.

    1. @INCARNATE Not being a Trump supporter, no it doesn’t. But apparently any and all criticism of Biden bothers YOU so much that you have to invent this entire conspiracy theory involving paid Russian trolls who all apparently know Putin personally. Keep sucking down the blue kool aid and keep on virtue signaling my liberal friend.

  1. Recovery….again. When will people get smart and abandon these areas. They are unsustainable and wastes of money. The area’s elevation is too low and in too dangerous an area due to storms to keep being rebuilt.

  2. Oh, yes, let’s keep re-building more and more in flood zones. Great idea. We’ll see this same disaster again in a few years, when the NEXT hurricane hits. Rebuild in higher elevation areas. No one learned from the Katrina hurricane, I see. Idiots.

  3. Don’t complain about temperatures, there are far more urgent problems there. I’m Dutch and since retirement on 1-1-11 I live in the Dominican Republic, I don’t have Airco and I use a fan. It is 95˚F and I’m fine. We have frequent power fails here, often a few minutes, but sometimes for 6 hours or more and I survive feeling somewhat annoyed and hot.

  4. A non-partisan comment to wish our fellow Americans the best. I am in VA and with the AC running I am still warm. Time to come together as Americans!

  5. You can make gasoline out of plastic, with very few components for the setup. Virtually anyone can do it, with any kind of plastic. But, it’s probably illegal- be self-sufficient? *NO! YOU NEED THE GOVERNMENT!* and, really, TX already told us last Winter, after they dropped the ball delivering power: You shouldn’t rely on the government! But, stay connected to the grid, and pay the fee, even if you don’t draw power!
    In other words, don’t rely on the government, but don’t be prepared and self-sufficient. And give us taxes, but don’t expect anything. It’s the DeRp way.

  6. *I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I whimpered in distress when I walked out of the Houston airport one Summer day.*

    *That humidity was evil!* 😳

  7. When Sandy hit NYC, the Sea-water table in Coney Island Brooklyn was just under 5ft above the Streets. NYC City Housing learned to not put furnaces for heat and hot water and back-up generators, IN THE BASEMENT!!

  8. Oh I know, we can let the Taliban Afghan’s know about this. I’m sure they will send help.
    Sorry, that wasn’t fair. Guess I’m angry that after 20 years it seems no Afghan was willing to fight for their country.
    Truth is that it’s America’s fault for the 20 years of lies about Afghanistan and who the people of Afghanistan are.
    A truth that no one should ever forget – You can’t help nor save anyone who won’t help themselves.

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