‘Catastrophic:’ GOP Pushes At Least 78 Anti-Trans Measures In 25 States | All In | MSNBC

“You can’t tell someone that we will honor your identity, we will respect you until 2:30 p.m.—and then we are going to tell you that you are not who you know yourself to be," says the ACLU’s Chase Strangio discussing legislation that would ban trans athletes from playing on sports teams. Aired on 03/16/2021.
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‘Catastrophic:’ GOP Pushes At Least 78 Anti-Trans Measures In 25 States | All In | MSNBC


  1. Let other people live their life the way choose . Live your own lives . Stop inventing laws to put down people you don’t like . Shameless republicans .

    1. You best believe that if a woman gets arrested that claims to be a man, That they are going to walk that back real quick.

    2. This goes both ways. Don’t force me to watch my daughter’s sports dreams crushed by a transgender athlete.

      Transgenders have every right to play sports…with other transgenders…on an equal playing field.

    3. @HunterBiden’sGun Trans women have been in sport since, what, 1977? Not completely sure but… if it hasn’t happened in over 40 years, is it really worth getting all fired up about NOW? This is more scare tactics misdirection shiny thing over here BS. Careful when swallowing that hook, line and sinker… I hear they can be a little tough on the esophagus.

      Edit: Let me clarify that… They have been trying to make an issue out of trans women in sports since around 1977 or so

    4. @slobnoxious can you please stop making sense. there is no room for that on this platform and you are hurting my brain….lol

    1. @Thyalwaysseek freedom is founded on personal choice. Religious wackos should not be allowed to dictate over personal body autonomy.

    2. Jeremy Backup Name one protection that white Christian men have that nobody else does. The only groups with prorections are minority groups. Nobody should have them to begin with.

    3. @Billy Pardew but there are a lot of people trying hard to ensure it can’t be so. Perhaps spend less time imposing your will on people who don’t share your beliefs and more time appreciating the diversity of the human population. Freedom can’t happen under oppressive laws

    1. Saying it’s Republicans’ fault is a red herring. Most of that legislation is an attempt to protect girls’/women’s sports from the invading force of boys who must be girls pushed by their radical sponsors. If we let boys compete against girls, those boys will erase all of girls’ accomplishments/records and take all of girls’ titles. No more scholarships for ordinary females. It’s the same old effort to trample on and subjugate ordinary people, but this time it’s so obviously driven by the cannibal left. Who cares about Republicans. The real questions are… Do women voters care? Do feminists care? Some feminists do care, but if women voters don’t react fast, it will be decided by our courts. And Congress will do nothing to change that. It’s much more than meets the eye. Don’t be fooled.

    2. Huh? Because we don’t think that biological males should be in female sports? You sound slightly bigoted and ridiculous.

    1. @TRU7H Therion the right are the jedi of fear mongers. Starbucks and christmas, racism towards white people, “socialists”, mr potatohead and dr suess, aoc hillary obama emails Benghazi and on and on. This instance of left nutjobery is accurate however

    2. Each human in this country gets to be either a man or a woman no matter what you try to change when you’re dead and gone you will still be either a man or a woman that is all you can continue with your day

    3. @Jugganuat wow great point, and thank u for letting me continue my day. Condescending assholish people always make the best arguers. None of that makes any sense, but sounds stubborn and simple so in fox news land that works

  2. So the GOP wants to cancel voters, cancel LBGTQ rights, and cancel minorities rights but they spent a month crying about a plastic potato toy? You couldn’t write this stupidity…

    1. @Billy Pardew to be frank I couldn’t care less about whether or not you accept them, just don’t treat these people like criminals for how they choose to live. In the end it’s up to God to judge their choices not us, we can only choose whether or not we treat them with respect in the now.

    2. @Diego A
      I suppose a better question would be why are you projecting your own interests onto other men?

    3. @Diego A
      Umm…Sociology IS a science. Psychology IS a science. Biology IS a science. They all support the concept of transgenderism existing. Perhaps you should try reading some science before opening your mouth again.

    4. @Diego A
      There’s absolutely nothing in the definition of GD that would cause anyone to conclude it was ‘all in their heads’. If you can try to claim that, you know nothing about Psychology.

  3. “We’re running out of people to bully and abuse for our own amusement…how about kids who are already at high risk for violent bullying?” – the gop

    1. This is not bullying. Try being a female who has practiced hard for 3 years in your sport only to be annihilated by a male who may identify as a female but has the physical prowess of a male??? I think the bully is the group that is pushing female athletes off the competitive playing field.

    2. @Sea Goat Lotus Except that’s not a thing…no matter what Tucker tells you. And if you’re really more concerned about the sport than just punching down, you’d be suggesting something like new weight-based divisions. You’re not

    3. @Sea Goat Lotus …oh stfu🖕🏻 just continue watching tucker, laura, hannity, etc & you’ll know what to do next💩

    1. J A Keller – I said it was an opinion and you’re getting all butt hurt about it.
      Why don’t you use your brain which scientists should be good at and formulate a decent rebuttal.
      I live in CA and I know plenty of trans folks that would do that.

    2. J A Keller – so you really don’t think if you are a woman that says she’s a man, and has womanly features and body structure, that that man that looks like a woman still is going to be 100% cool with going to the men’s section of prison rather than a females section?
      It’s not rocket science.
      You “scientists” are the least empathic people ever and can never put yourselves in another persons shoes…

    3. @Crimdor
      Actually, we do all the time. I am part of the Oppenheimer branch of physics after all. My point (which you obviously missed) is whether they would do what you’re saying. You’re speculating without any evidence – just throwing something out there completely. There are men with slight physiques who go to prison. What would they do? According to your logic, they’ll try to claim transgenderism, yet that’s not what happens. The evidence however points to the opposite of what you’re claiming. Transgender men feel like they’re men, regardless of the body they’re borne into, and accept those consequences. Now statistically, there may be 1 or 2 who try, but if you want to try for compassion, you really should consider that such possibilities (of which there are none at present) represent a tiny percentage of the whole, so, Oh Compassionate One, you’re condemning the majority for the theoretical behavior of a handful.

  4. States need to stay out of the doctor-patient relationship. Conservatives go on and on about freedom, but they’re the ones trying to micromanage people’s lives.

    1. @Google User you will pay your taxes regardless of what they’re spent on. Do you think we like our money going to bomb brown ppl for their resources?

    2. @damnjustassignmeone Agreed except feeling a certain way and taking hormone blockers only defines a drag queen with an excuse to use the little girls room. By definition you kind of need the surgery to be a legit trans I think.

    3. @Google User So you’re suggesting men are living their lives as women so they can use the women’s restroom. It’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? People on the right I have been claiming this for years. But roughly half of transgender people are female-to-male. Do you think they’re doing that for access to men’s bathrooms? They’re going to be sorely disappointed if so.

  5. Wow these repugs rant about freedom because they don’t want to wear a mask yet think its their right to infringe on everyone else’s. Why are they obsessed with hating on everyone?

  6. I’m so tired of Evangelical Nationalist pastors, and their followers, who cry about Christians being persecuted when they are the ones who are doing it. Is there anyone they don’t hate? Seems the only things they love is being self-righteous and owning guns.

  7. When the citizens of this country are trying to move forward, why is the GOP trying to push us backwards. Trans rights, Women’s Rights, Voting Rights,….What is the purpose behind these atrocities?

  8. Is America really the land of the free? What’s happening to this country is very scary. What freedom will be cancelled next? This is one of Trump’s terrible legacies.

  9. If people aren’t complaining about skin color they’re complaining about human evolution. A human is a human regardless and should be treated as such.

    1. And thats why women and men should be competing against each other. Teams should be mixed. And everything is equal……

    2. Dude in the video wasn’t a product of evolution he took hormones to change his physical self. But he still has that man head, hands and that awful man smell

  10. When are these people going to understand that we are not in the 16th century anymore. This is the modern era with huge development in science and technology. It’s heartbreaking watching that father and that kid begging for understanding. It’s so sad that the human species are stuck in the dark ages of their own doing.

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