CBP Releases Video From Inside Texas Migrant Facility | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has released new video from inside a migrant facility housing in Donna, Texas. NBC's Dasha Burns spoke to the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council about how equipped agents are to deal with the surge of migrants. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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CBP Releases Video From Inside Texas Migrant Facility | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Democrats collecting future voters Walking on top of poverty, using poor people as excuse. Calculated politics!!

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN #1 lol. 😂 embarrassing, I suppose. I f you socialist got that ability at all, don’t really think so.

  2. Democratic Leadership with compassion is dealing with this nightmare created by Trump administration FAILURES.

    1. Let me fact check you there, these facilities have existed for decades. All American presidents have turned a blind eye to the situation.

    2. @Move on Over I cannot understand your logic.These migrants said they cannot make their way in because the border wall was tightly sealed by Trump.Biden ripped it all out so they rush in like Niagara Falls and grabbing everything they see.

    3. @Lar M no the wall was not finished Biden put a hold to it and invited them in I feel bad for them but we have a thing called Legal immigration not illegal plus there’s a pandemic going on what happened to believe the science you guys don’t care about that now


    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN #1 Guess what he’s coming back as President and you are going to need Dr.Phil to sort you out:-)

    3. @My Cousin Greg Yep and like Hitler Nazis that were JUST FOLLOWING orders trumps ICE workers will have to face the world courts one of these days!!!!


    1. @Move on Over Moron. This spike has been going on for 9 straight months, but you only care now because Biden is in office?

    2. Yes, it happens every single year at this time, just like clockwork. The numbers were worse in 2019, and you might not have seen much news on it in the covid year of drumpf. But it’s nothing new, and not worse than under the last or previous admins.

    3. @Move on Over As hard as I try I can’t think of a single thing that clown ever said that was true and relevant to the subject at the same time.

    4. @Harry Johnstone that’s what you get for thinking when you’re not used to it try Googling it the exact words from Trump’s mouth if Biden becomes our president he’s going to open the borders and that’s exactly what he just did wake up dumb dumb

  3. This is been happening for years now you want to make it seems as if it just happened now that Biden is in office ..He hasn’t been in office over 100 days something should have been done about this years ago!!

    1. “The Donald Trump administration didn’t stop them and what we are seeing today is the consequence of four years of dismantling every system in place to address this with humanity and compassion.”

    2. @423patricias “The best he could” gave us the highest number of border crossings in eleven years, in 2019. Apparently, “the best he could”, sucked.

    3. Numbers show a huge influx since biden took office. And the messages are mixed, don’t come, but if you do…. we will help you…. hmmmm i wonder why they are still coming.

    1. @Hurtarte Salazar Diego Jos� You can get as triggered as you’d like, but your “go and sleep in the floor” and “give up your bed” wasn’t an argument but indeed something a child would say and that you say you are “from there” isn’t you living there nor does it mean you know the circumstances from which these kids are fleeing. I worked for three separate NGOs and, like I said, you either haven’t a clue what you are talking about or you’re making it up. As for decency, I’m not the one dismissing these kids or saying we should turn our backs on them, nor am I some tool calling the current president a POS when he’s anything but. He’s just been in office all of two months, dillweed. It’ll take time to undo everything the previous president did. Surely you’re not blaming Biden for his not having yet found all the parents of the kids Trump separated them from?! Sleeping on a floor is not inhumane. Period.

    2. @SourDoughBill As i said call me a child.. but at least i’m not a hypocrite so i can take that.
      So you’re telling me i don’t know my country? i don’t know my people? I traveled there twice a year, if not more. I just went there in December.. so YOU a nobody would lecture me about my country and my people?
      Working on an NGO means nothing if you haven’t been in the villages, talked to the people, understand their language, their customs. If you don’t understan our culture and our way of living.. how can you understand this problem?
      THAT’S exactly why not democrats or republicans can find a solution.
      Roberta jacobson said they are running ads in Central America… do you think they watch CNN? HAHAHA do you think they have internet access??
      Some of them don’t even speak spanish or don’t watch local news nevertheless CNN.. The government’s of Central America are not even looking for those parents.. that is not news in Central America, actually nobody cares there.. when i talk to my family and friends.. they don’t even know about the problem.. it’s just in the AMericans news.. YOU LIVE IN A BUBBLE, THINKING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS CONCERNED ABOUT US PROBLEMS.

    3. @Hurtarte Salazar Diego Jos� This is a seasonal surge that has occured every single year for decades. Look at “trump’s” numbers for this time in 2019 – the same as every other president. And as far as the BS morning joe is spewing, “It is a not a ‘Biden administration policy’ that allows unaccompanied minors to request legal protection at the border. That is *the American asylum system* , codified into law by congress in the the Refugee Act of 1980.”

    4. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN #1 Deportations mean SEPARATIONS. you’re clueless and brainwashed. We latinos know this already.

    5. @Harry Johnstone According to the data it isn’t. the season for migration it’s in the summer not now. it’s gonna get worse. The Biden policy was to get rid of everything we had under Trump.. the worst one is: applying “catch and release” which means you just let them in without any questioning.
      Many mayors are complaining bc of that and more than 300 criminals who were deported have been release.
      this is a spit on the face for the thousands that come here legally.

  4. We wouldn’t have this huge problem if we keep screwing the countries they come from. Sanctions, war on drugs, Republicans and Democrats not coming to some fix and instead blaming each other and not actually doing anything. No matter what side is in charge nothing has been done so stop saying oh its Democrats fault, oh its Republicans fault.. It’s BOTH OF THEM!!

    1. Obama tried for his last 6 years – he should have tackled immigration in the first part of his first term. Biden is stuck with McConnell’s minority rule (60 votes) so if we don’t nuke the filibuster nothing will get done again and GOP will take the House in 2022 thanks to gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc. Democrats want comprehensive immigration reform, but like in Reagan’s time, we will have to create pathways to citizenship. Blame the grim reaper obstructionist in chief, not Biden

    2. The leaders and minority top elites in these countries are screwing up their own people with people like you supporting a administration in cohort with all these horrible people.

  5. Just stick to the script MSNBC. ‘Ask about the Presidents dogs…then lavish praise…and finish with blaming Trump (now spit)…excellent’.

    1. “The Donald Trump administration didn’t stop them and what we are seeing today is the consequence of four years of dismantling every system in place to address this with humanity and compassion.” put that in your putin puffer and smoke it


    2. Only improvement I see over the last guy is soft mattresses rather than concrete blocks to sleep on.

  6. The Administration says “don’t come”…but in the same sentence says “we won’t turn away unaccompanied minors”. So…this surge isn’t going to stop. Got it.

    1. @Ro G They weren’t told to wait outside; they were asked to remain in Mexico while their respective cases were being processed. All this is the difference between a strong leader like #PresidentTrump and feckless weak person like #JoeBiden

    2. @Mike Steven Dumping grounds? How vulgar. These are human beings, not orange pig worshippers

      The United States Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212) is an amendment to the earlier Immigration and Nationality Act and the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act, and was created to provide a permanent and systematic procedure for the admission to the United States of refugees of special humanitarian concern

  7. Don’t allow journalists inside these facilities or they will turn it into a mess. Stop sending your children to the USA. In fact stop making babies if you can’t look after them.

    1. That’s not true nor was it true when Obama was in office, but then if you knew anything about the situation, you’d know that.

  8. Why isn’t there a program to place these children in loving homes until a solution is reached? There are millions of homes, mine included, that would gladly take one in.


    2. Contact the Office of Refugee Resettlement in Washington DC. They contract with with two agencies who operate foster parenting programs for cases such as this.

  9. GOP: “You’ve got kids in horrible conditions.”
    Also GOP: “You can’t send immigrants to hotels.”

    1. Biden supporters: Trump is inhumane with the children at the children at the border!!!

      Also Biden supporters: it’s okay to house illegal immigrants who might have Covid-19 in a hotel that cost millions even though we’re in a called pandemic. Biden still has kids in cages regardless 😑

      Biden supporters: Trump is coward who will not call Putin out!!!

      Also Biden supporters: Biden doesn’t have to debate Putin after getting called out by him.

      Joe Biden: only dictators will sign that many executive orders.

      Also Joe Biden: signs twice as more executive orders than Trump lol. Which makes him the dictator

    2. The government is treating illegal immigrants better than U.S. Citizens such as our already large homeless population. It’s not a big problem #Republicans have with immigrants as people, it’s the idiocy of these people in leadership that is the issue.

  10. So what active measures are being taken to seek foster parents to temporarily care for the children until such time as their parents can be located?

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