CDC announces new outdoor mask guidance 1

CDC announces new outdoor mask guidance


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced that it's safe for fully vaccinated people to go unmasked at small outdoor gatherings, or when dining outside with friends from multiple households.

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  1. Next summer, when and if things are worse, the solution will be for everyone literally live outdoors for an entire month during the summertime, basically more than 90% not going indoors at all the entire time. The mathematical odds of it spreading outdoors in the summer are astronomical.

    1. @soylentdean Even if you take your statement as true, the Trump administration would have had three years to restore the “bare cupboards” but apparently decided not to. Instead they defunded the public health apparatus.

    2. @Mark Hepworth you know it’s continuing to spread all over the world right now right? In some places much worse than us.

    3. @TheMrZombified because we pumped almost 5 trillion imaginary dollars into the economy… hundreds of thousands of small businesses are suffering, if not closed for good. The economy is an inflationary time bomb.

  2. Like it or not,Mfer’s gonna do what ever the hell they wanna do regardless of guidelines, it’s just that simple folks

  3. hi, i am studying english right now. and she said “they are trying to blabla a message here” at 5:57. what is that one missing word? i cannot hear clearly. thanks very much for the help!

    1. @Dixon Uranus me too I’m American , but my ancestors are from North Ireland I want to visit Belfast and Edinburgh very beautiful

    2. @Doctor James Doctor? what kind of doctor are you Doctor of philosophy? The SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 mRNA injection is not a vaccine. A vaccine is a preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen such as a bacterium or virus, or an inert portion of the pathogen’s structure. Upon administration to an individual the vaccine stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen, but is incapable of causing severe infection. Measles and Polio are RNA viruses and there are RNA vaccines but Messenger RNA has never been used in any injection given to people until now. Messenger RNA is a piece of covid virus genetics called a spiked protein. Our immune system has not evolved to destroy the artificially isolated RNA spiked protein genetic structure. When antibodies try to attack the spiked protein it attaches to the antibody and turns it into a spiked protein factory continually producing more spiked proteins to flow throughout the body corrupting antibodies. This is called the Trojan horse mechanism because it allows a piece of the virus to get inside of the cells and replicate unhindered by the immune system. The compromised immune system no longer protects the body normally and the the covid virus genetics bind to our DNA. The injections being called vaccines are an mRNA pathogenic primer that alters the immune system and human genome. In 2005 an animal study was done with SARS-CoV-1 mRNA injections on ferrets. Two injections were administered in the same manner as the SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 mRNA injections today. The ferrets showed no adverse reaction to the modification of their immune system and genome. After some time the ferrets were exposed to the SARS-CoV-1 coronavirus in the wild. The ferrets died immediately. The mRNA injections had caused a cytokine storm, a fatal cascade of exaggerated immune responses. The same experiment was also performed on cats. They received the mRNA injections and were initially healthy, but died immediately after exposure to the covid germ they were supposedly protected against. In attempting to modify the ferret’s and cat’s genome with the mRNA treatment the researchers had inadvertently discovered the perfect depopulation bio-weapon, the perfect kill switch for life.

    1. @Nick Dionne Dr. Fauci is the only time an anti-masker would use a medical professional to “prove” anything based on a one-time interview way back. What about all the actual nurses and doctors who actually have to work in these hospitals around the world the year since then?

    2. @Nick Dionne I believe it’s more like they invested in making masks …then illegally mandated them… $$$

    3. @xHuntedGunzPCGx Is that your proof from a medical professional? “What about nurses and doctors who work in these hospitals?”

      Wow you got me…

      Even though you conveniently glossed over what I said about Florida v California, and nicely sidestepped what I asked about Texas. Maybe you should go Google a better response…

    1. Was there a particular reason you refused, and based on what data did you conduct yourself? I guess the better question is: Why not follow the science, especially if it’s something as innocuous as wearing a scrap of cloth over your mouth? It’s a fairly easy habit to get into.

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  5. Science for COVID faithful is listening to Fauci… I have an MS Fauciology . Which Fauciology degree do you have?

  6. 한국이 쿼드가입하는것보다 한국 육-해-공-해병대군이 대만에 파병시키고 주둔시켜야 태평양에 중국을 견제할수있다.

    1. @Black Lies Matter I had gonnerah once from plenty of fish lol. That was way worse than not tasting some scrambled eggs for a couple days

    2. @Black Lies Matter I see you have to wipe down your own shopping cart now we’re all in this together build back better lol you need water to clean lol not wipes lol

  7. So you don’t have to wear masks outside unless you can’t consistently keep a safe distance from someone. Kind of like it’s been for the past year. Other than a handful of times over the past year, I haven’t been in an outdoor situation where I couldn’t keep a consistent safe distance from people, so I really haven’t worn a mask much outside.

  8. I wear my mask in my pocket & if someone asks me to wear it on my face, I say .25 cents please. Most give a dollar. Carry Grant did the same thing with autograph hunters.

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