CDC Director On Vaccinations: 'We Are Trying To Make It Easy' 1

CDC Director On Vaccinations: ‘We Are Trying To Make It Easy’


CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky talks with Chris Hayes about getting more Americans vaccinated, following President Biden’s goal to vaccinate 70% of Americans by the Fourth of July.
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  1. Is there any person claiming that their employer is standing in the way of them getting vaccinated? If a person gets called the slightest “bad name” these days it makes national news. I see no reports of employers in the way.

    1. @Doug Steel Not that I believe. I am up and about everyday. I have multiple contacts with quite a few people daily and I have not heard of any people saying they are having trouble with their employer over a covid vaccination. I would have thought I would have heard someone speak up.I live in Tucson. Perhaps you live outside the uS?

    2. @Dan R perhaps, as I’ve already said, you don’t work in those kinds of pressurised environments and neither do your friends. I don’t know anyone who has been killed in a car crash. So, guess that’s another made up political narrative.

    3. @Doug Steel Yes my statements are anecdotal,so. I want to read a article,view a news story,even just get someone to post “my employer fired me because I took time off to get vaccinated.” Get someone to post this statement.

  2. Already in Toronto, vaccinated people are over 72% of adult population, after starting vaccines months after U.S. states started doing. In Ontario, it is around 71.5% and will soon takeover most U.S. states, if not already.

  3. This is ridiculous. The European Union exports 50% of their vaccine production countries in need, the United States “plan to” export 80 Million doses. And then the US say, they want to “set an example”.

  4. I know Dr. Walensky has a difficult job, but I really don’t like how she answers questions. Chris Hayes may come across as hostile, but she comes across as either dodging the questions about numbers or now knowing the answers.

  5. easy translation: we have done nothing for other compear to Europe wich was sending vaccines since day one to other countrys!

  6. Why does Chris care so much about shipping vaccines to other places. We are definitely not out of the woods in the US yet…

    1. Because there is a much greater stockpile than what is needed in the US. Because not vaccinating poor countries keeps the virus circulating, mutating and developing variants that the vaccines may not protect you from.

  7. The US hoarded huge amount of vaccines so many other “third world” countries were not able to buy them. They have been suffering for months, not just because of the pandemic but this situation has helped with the political instability, and we may see the repercussions quiete soon. Glad they are helping, kinda too little, won’t say too late because we all need the help we can get. But they should at least acknowledge the they are part of the reason why so many “underdeveloped” countries were not able to get enough vaccines.

    1. Didn’t/dosen’t the US have the 3rd highest number of deaths per capta? There was an enormous problem rampaging outbreaks. So, the vaccines doses were needed in US as well.

  8. What ever happened to the contaminated test the cdc put out without consequences and the Maryland governor took a foreign plane to s Korea in the middle of the pandemic and brought back bootleg supplies and the Kraft guy took his private plane to China at the height of the pandemic and brought back bootleg possibly contaminated supplies and nobody tracked and traced them so if you voted for Biden you should be somewhere ordering touchless delivery

  9. 3 safe vaccines and you don’t even question her? Tell that to the 15 year old dead in Colorado.

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