Trump's Post-Election Strategy? 'There Is No Strategy' 1

Trump’s Post-Election Strategy? ‘There Is No Strategy’


Ashley Parker of The Washington Post reports that Trump remains obsessed over his election loss and the so-called ballot 'audits' happening that hold no legal sway. She joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss.
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  1. This is all so not normal behaviour time to bring in some sedatives and get it calmed down.

  2. Watching Trump lose his mind – exactly as Fred Trump did – is one of my favourite pastimes! Never in the history of the country has there been a political loser like Trump!!

    1. Why are you guys still talking about him? He’s gone away. You psychos keep being him into the conversation.

    2. @Richard Granati Because they’re afraid 🙂 .. Because they Know.. We haven’t gone away… We the People.. We the Patriots!! there are more of us than them..

  3. Trump is undergoing a slow meltdown….he’s cannibalizing himself in the process and will look like a 90 year old soon if he doesn’t stop.

  4. Same strategy as before. Institute the fascist handbook disregarding the Constitution and rule of law.

  5. Keep on lying it’s what he can
    ” be best at ” that is and always has been his strategy.

    1. How does it feel to elect a guy who committed genocide in Libya? So for you tweeting is worse than genocide. Think about that potato

  6. Chump never had or has a strategy whenever asked about policy or plans he always referred falsely to how great his record is and attacking whomever was on his hit list that day. What a pathetic president he was. A stain our our history.

  7. The orange things strategy is the same as it has been all of his life and that is to LIE LIE and LIE some more .

  8. Trump’s post-election strategy: exploit free trial offers from buggy blogging platforms. Also: whine, cry and lie bigly about losing the election.

    1. MSNBC / Washington Post .. Both loosing Views That they had with Trump in office……. Doing their best to Still Report on Trump.. Cause that’s where they get their money from their Sheeple… Yeah … Trump the Billionaire .. that gave away his PRESIDENTIAL Pay Roll back to the people… Spent 4 + years to help ALL American’s.. and nothing makes you happier that Biden has Ruined.. Our Energy .. It’s sad that Biden has Destroyed So many jobs.. but Thanks to Trump ,there are so many more jobs for Americans that are open… Biden is an Embarrassment .

  9. The GQP will go down beating the ‘election fraud’ dead horse the whole time they continue to loose elections. I hope they feel a huge backlash during the midterms.

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