CDC Director Urging Children Ages 12-15 To Get Vaccinated 1

CDC Director Urging Children Ages 12-15 To Get Vaccinated


The CDC Director is urging children ages 12-15 to get vaccinated. MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel joins Geoff Bennett with more. She served as Health Policy Director during the Obama Administration.
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    1. I got my second shot three weeks ago. Kinda hoping I turn into a vampire. But a werewolf would also be cool.

  1. Meanwhile, the WHO advice is that countries should delay immunising children & teens, so as to get the vaccines to where they’re most needed to stop the pandemic.

    I don’t know what you think cloth masks are going to do against a now fully airbourne virus! Particles are WAY too small to be stopped by anything less than a full respirator & Delta (the variant that arose cause of the lack of vaccines in the developing world & that is now the dominate variant in America) is FULLY airbourne! It’s also changed to be able to impact kids more.

    Could have been stopped with better covid management a year ago & better vaccine sharing!

    1. Suggest reading medical journal regarding VIRAL LOAD. There is a huge difference being masked or going maskless. Hopefully everyone agrees the best protection for all children is to wear a mask until (at a minimum) 2 weeks post-vaccination. Masks protect from Covid-19 Viral Load.

    2. The Covid-19 virion cannot survive on its own, it needs to be in a droplet of moisture. That droplet is large enough to be blocked by a cloth mask. A logical person would conclude masks work. Empirical evidence proves that masks work to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

  2. Happily taking my kids for our 2nd dose next week. Id rather see them get mad at me for taking them to get a shot in their arm than to see their lives in jeopardy on a ventilator.

  3. Friendly reminder that the Commander in Bleach, in a desperate attempt to look smart on camera, asked a panel of experts if we could just use “a flu vaccine, like a really strong one” against the corona.

  4. Biden is amazing! 120 years in the Senate and 10 years as VP. He even said we found the vaccine on Mars. Get vaccinated

  5. The CDC needs to answer to the current charges of funding the Wuhan labs for creating the monster first…

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