Panetta: Russian Hackers In Recent Cyberattacks Are 'Terrorists' 1

Panetta: Russian Hackers In Recent Cyberattacks Are ‘Terrorists’


Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta discusses the recent Russian-backed cyberattacks and the recent UFO report. 
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    1. Muddy Water – That’s what you refuse to understand. It’s NOT the “bottom line.” There are REASONS for things.

    1. @Josef this is only a few officers that were violently injured on Jan 6th. Violence that day left officers with head wounds, cracked ribs and smashed spinal disks, according to Capitol Police Labor Committee Chairman Gus Papathanasiou. Court documents in the federal criminal investigation describe a number of alleged assaults that sent officers to the hospital.

      One Metropolitan Police officer, identified in court documents only as “A.W.” said he was pulled into the crowd, kicked, hit with poles and stomped on by several individuals. He emerged from the crowd bleeding from his head, with a laceration that required two staples to close.

      Riot defendant and former Green Beret Jeffrey McKellop allegedly assaulted four officers, shoving a flagpole into an officer’s face and then throwing it like a “spear,” causing a laceration near the officer’s left eye, prosecutors said.

      Officer Mike Fanone, a D.C. Metropolitan police officer, penned a letter in May about his ongoing trauma after he was pulled into a crowd, beaten and repeatedly Tased on January 6. Prosecutors have said that as a result of being attacked in the crowd, Fanone lost consciousness and was subsequently hospitalized for his injuries

    2. @Crybaby Magalosers… like I said, democrats need the capital riot, they need “Q” . Division is the only tool the democrats have in the toolbox…. you prove my point , nobody mentioned “Q”.

  1. Cyberwar could be nearly as devastating as nuclear war, or CBW, and it’s a LOT less expensive.

    1. @Muddy Water so you want the cyber team to give away what they are planning to do??

    2. @Muddy Water i’m not sugarcoating anything. why don’t you use your brain for a change

    1. @Truth Seeker when was that “proven false”?
      And don’t forget to like your own comment again.

    2. @Truth Seeker Except that you’re lying. Biden has proven that unlike the orange traitor who always got on his knees and opened wide for Putin, that Biden will stand up to him and not back down.

  2. We need to thump putin. For the last 4 years, the administration did next to nothing. Putin will back down if challenged. When he built up troops in Ukraine, biden responded we had Ukraine’s back, he removed the buildup. Everything that cost money comes out of the cronies pockets. To much money, putin will be removed. I’ve been to Odessa, Ukraine when I was in the navy. We need to maintain our alliances and thwart putin aggression.

  3. It’s Not Time to Hack them Back.

    It’s Time to Put those Hackers
    6 Feet Under. Need Some
    Russia Hawks in CIA.

  4. Time to Send a Lethal Message to
    these Russian Hackers and their
    Handlers in Kremlin.

    Trump and his Fascist Base will get Mad

    1. Steve McFarland – that’s the problem with both sides.
      You rather take a snide swipe at Matt Gaetz rather than hear what the current administration is doing to combat Russian interference.
      You must be a pretty sad person.

  5. So Fox had a story in where Biden was going to steal all the meat, but it turns out it was Putin’s Cyber Hackers (Trump’s bestie) who did the crime. Too funny, what’s next Kim Jong Un or MBS?

  6. I’ve the perfect response to the Russian attacks.

    Freeze any assets associated with Oleg Derepaska and his corporations (Russal, En+ and others). I’m sure Moscow Mitch will see that it’s needed to defend our country.

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