Manchin Urges Bipartisan Compromise On Infrastructure Negotiations 1

Manchin Urges Bipartisan Compromise On Infrastructure Negotiations


NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake provides an update on infrastructure negotiations between the Senate and White House after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) says he opposes a party-line vote. 
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  1. President Biden is pushing for Bipartisanship as well, which is why he’s been having endless meetings with Republicans and adding in the bill what they wanted. No matter how much you cave into Republicans demands, they still will block President Bidens overwhelming popular ajenda that helps Americans because all they care about is taking back power.

    1. Biden needs to get Manchin and Sinema in line, they are both being wildly unrealistic. Then change Senate votes to simple majority.

  2. Manchin thinks that we are in the 90s. Those days of bi-particianship are pretty much over. Sadly, there’s such a divide in America. Trump made it worse. I’m still holding out hope that we can unite as a country, instead of hating each other.

    1. The country wants a big infrastructure bill (a majority of Republican and Democrat voters do). It wants sensible gun control (universal background checks, etc). It even wants single payer healthcare. It’s only the corporate sponsored people in Congress (mostly Republicans but some Dems like Manchin too) and on some news stations that do not. Unfortunately Republican voters aren’t picking candidates based on policy, they’re voting based on commercials and facebook pages. Those get made by those with (corporate) money.

  3. It won’t be long before Joe Mancin is made an honorary member of the criminal GOP syndicate.

    1. Let us not forget what happened on the ACA where Republicans made the bill worse through negotiations and then didn’t vote for it.
      Then there is what they pulled on appointment to the courts.
      I have no doubt that when Republicans have the Congress and the Presidency again, they will end the filibuster.

    2. Yeah, we knew that for like 20 years. Yet the dems still insist on all this bipartisan crap. Friggin’ stalker behavior. Like asking a girl out, getting turned down, and then asking every day for an entire year. messed up

  4. Democrats: Let’s pass legislation that is largely popular with the majority of American voters.
    Manchin: Okay, but we need Republicans!
    Republicans: No way! That’s not what we do.

    1. He’s really not a Democrat. His state has a high poverty and unemployment rate yet he votes against everything that could help those people. He’s a dino

    2. @Blue Bird His state is WV, which is extremely red now. If he doesn’t align himself with Republicans 50/50 he will be voted out next cycle and be replaced with a Republican.

    3. @Lakota92 I know I used to live there. You’d think they’d be smart enough to see the democrats are better at doing what’s best for them. I know they’re not all a bunch of backward hillbillies. They can’t all be blind to what’s going on in DC

    1. Because of antiquated Senate rules. They need to move to simple majority votes like in the House.

    2. @Paul Copland And thus we come back to the problem – they can’t do that because Manchin and Sinema are standing in the way. What is needed is a REAL democrat majority, not just a nominal one. It’s clear the people of the US have seen what is happening and would certainly back Democrat policies, but there is no time to wait for the GoP to be destroyed in the mids – if their rampant voter suppression is not stopped now, they will ensure they will never relinquish power again. This is what Manchin is doing to the US, so he is as corrupt and treasonous as Donald Trump, just not as loud.

    3. @NoneOfYour Beeswax People of the US backing Democrat policies?! Lol Go back to whatever you’re smoking head…

  5. Truth be told, it’s starting to feel more and more like Senator Manchin is building his popularity on Biden’s policies by becoming a stumbling block to the democrats.

  6. Unfortunately, when compromising with Republicans, the Republican donors win and the people that need stuff don’t get what they need.

  7. Manchin, you get the 10 votes from republicans, if you can’t, Dems have to do this alone or it looks like you won the election for nothing.

  8. WTF Joe ……what part of Mitch saying he’ll 100% stop of Democrats bills he didn’t understand!?!?

  9. Absolute waste of a human being. Belongs in the Republican Party. Loyalty to his election, not getting policies enacted for Americans.

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