CDC greenlights Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisers voted to recommend the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine for the US, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky almost immediately signed off on the recommendation.
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  1. Saying died is discriminating against the living, am I the only one seeing this, where are all wokies, where is the outrage

  2. Ain’t going into my Arm !!!! Guarantee Big Lawsuits for major Businesses that have Mandatory vaccine policies Huge Back pay lawsuits headed your way !!! 🤣👍

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  3. We really need vaccine to protect the virus , i hope the vaccine is npt expensive , and everyone in the world can buy it , thanks

  4. Why won’t we give one inch on gun control? Remember this all started with two weeks to flatten the curve and now you don’t have a face.

  5. When you’re so early that someone still hasn’t commented that “when you are so early that the one kid hasn’t blessed you yet”

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