‘Sad’: Rep. Adam Kinzinger blasts Sen. Josh Hawley’s CPAC remarks

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) weighs in on Sen. Josh Hawley's (R-MO) remarks at CPAC, calling him out for using fear and lies to generate enthusiasm as he and other Republicans look toward the 2024 presidential race.
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    1. @almost there ya we here him and he is correct…..who supports cancel culture?-the left….who really thinks that changing the name to get rid of the mr. in mr. potato head is inclusive? inclusive to who? how does getting rid of the mr. part bring any kind of inclusiveness? but you see the dems coddle the activists that push these nonsensical issues…NOT the republicans

    2. But it does@Jo Poveromo, the blind faith of his followers, that he is good for the country, that COVID19 would miraculously disappear, masks are oppressive, that storming the Capitol is what patriots do and perpetuating the Big Lie. The cult like lens he is viewed by, granted it is not by all, leads a lot of concerned people to call his movement a cult. And yes, there are several definitions and context applies, but here we are.

    1. @AJL A Uncle Joes first week in office:
      Bombed Syria. Expanded NATO operations in Iraq. Backed brutal dictator in Haiti. Tried to steal Ecuador’s election from a socialist. Opposed 15$ minimum wage. Rejected 2,000$ stimulus checks (which he promised), dubbed Russia an “existential threat” lolololol.
      Got a lot done, huh? Trump 2.0 without the tweets.
      Maybe if you stayed informed of what is going on, you’d think before posting!

  1. Thank God the GOP has a few sane, rational representatives like him to try to save their party. I don’t know if it’s possible, but it’s inspirational to see.

    1. @gladiatrx3 isn’t it sad? I grew up Republican with Reagan as governor before president. I remember feeling like our government leaders would protect and take care of us like family. I don’t know what’s in their heads anymore. Nothing to do with public service, for sure.

    2. @Kevin L. HoughtonTalking about executive orders, I think Chump uses that pen 🖊 the most in the history of this country..

  2. Robespierre-“The secret to freedom is in educating the people, whereas the secret to tyranny is keeping them ignorant.”

    1. @Ferry Seegers nobody uses the “ Putin”. Bullshit anymore they use white supremacy racism fear conspiracies now .. welcome to the club of idiots

    2. Yup..the tyranny of Trump with support from Facebook and Fox talking heads, keep the lies alive. Trump treads on me. Independents who vote either way will decide the future presidencies. We are not ignorant and can see the lies and fraud continue. Keep on this track and keep losing.

    3. @Emsley Wyatt EXACTLY. It’s no mistake that public education in the US is a vastly underfunded and unequal institution depending on where you live. The original intention of charter schools was admirable (Thomas Sowell version) and often offered a better alternative to kids from less privileged neighbourhoods, but has proven to have it’s own brand of discrimination / problems. However, if you can afford to send your kids to private school in the US, the path is paved with gold. So who do you think the future belongs to? Without a healthy and well-funded public school system — there is no equal playing field. What you said is no joke and yes, not coincidental.

    1. @Jason Milton What was so good about the 50’s & 80’s?!!…

      Oh yeah…you’re thinking about racism!!! Trust me, they was nothing great about that!!!

  3. Kinzinger👍🏼.. So young, yet speaks so much sense. He puts all the old republican guys, behaving so badly to shame.

    1. I wish people would stop saying things like wake up America. Who are you talking to? Anyone on here is already paying attention.

    2. @Annamarie Seaman Schlapp wouldn’t know the truth bbn if he tripped over it. He is not even good at BSing. He is just a bigoted jerk.

    3. @Dawn Johnson I believe he is talking to the Trump cult. They have refused to wake up and hear the real truth about Trump for years, and they are still asleep as far as any criticism of Trump is stated.

  4. Lindsey Graham in 2016 on Fox “News”: “Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president. I think he’s a kook, a left wing fever dream.”

    1. @Sunny you obviously have no idea why trump has so much support. He has single handedly destroyed the control a very biased media have exercised over a previously compliant public. Like no other politician he has actually delivered on tired his best to deliver on on all the campaig promises he made. Finally we are in the middle of a culture war and Trump has been a weapon conservatives have been too afraid to use in the past , he is like the MOAB against leftism.

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray wow, great argument there, chief. “I can’t tell you how great it was because you wouldn’t understand.” Basically an admission that you don’t have an argument. You’re pathetic. Drumpf achieved nothing in the middle East, other than giving Russia a decent foothold in Syria.

    3. @Dorian Shades of gray Not worth 500,000 lives, nearly losing our democracy in an insurrection and listening to his pathological lies for 4 years. So glad he’s gone and you folks are the minority.

    4. @Sunny you do realise that the states control how they handle the pandemic, so those 500000 or more deaths would have occurred no matter who was president. Example it was Cuomo who was responsible for 14000 elderly deaths by forcing residents who had Covid back in the aged care facilities.
      As far as an insurrection goes, give me a break. When you have a bunch of idiots wearing horns on their heads leading a group , without any real firepower invading a building , then that is just a protest gone bad, not an insurrection.

    5. @Dorian Shades of gray I only had to step once in my life on a dogturd to think: “Aaah that’s disgusting, but atleast it isn’t donald trump.”

    1. @cooldudecs oh yea right, democracy means making it HARDER to vote so the republicans can win……all that gerrymandering & limiting a county of 4 million to ONE OFFICIAL BALLOT DROP BOX….
      So that’s ok? And that ballot drop box thing was done at the last minute ILLEGALLY …
      And those changes were upheld by THE DAMN SUPREME COURT..:::
      So yea it’s lawful but thanks for your pointless unneeded OPINION.
      It’s illegal cuz you say it is? So?
      It’s legal. Maga maggot deplorables are a SMALL.minority……
      My god you think you can win ANY election with trumpy? LMFAO
      He lost the house, the senate and the White House….yet….so much winning……

      Way to choose ONE MAN over your country……

  5. I sincerely hope that the Q-publicans continue supporting trump and his family. That will all but guarantee a Democrat as President for the next 8 to 16 years.

    1. Actually so is the Democrats. We once believed in genders. We didn’t share locker rooms with opposite genders because the one didn’t know what they really were.
      We believed in America and the constitution.
      As I walked away I can now say they (democrats) do not like Americans anymore.

    2. This guy is digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself… his career is over and he is trying to get a deal with CNN or MSNBC once he is booted

  6. The future of the restorations that become a Republican Party is this young man….and if we are lucky, we may get real opposition party… that maybe is also patriotic. I will remain a Democrat but keep my fingers crossed for the nation, and our democracy, hoping for a decent, opposition party…

  7. “We have to compete for the narrative of this party.” My father was a lifelong Republican and this current freakshow of conspiracy theory losers and culture war snowflakes bare no resemblance to the values and integrity my father had.

    1. @Blacknecro13 the states control their pandemic response , that’s why they all took different strategies, Cuomo killed 14000 elderly people by directing all residents who had Covid to be sent back to aged care facilities, so it would not matter who was president , accept trump restricted travel from China very early ,whilst Biden was against restricting travel , so I suspect there would have been a lot more deaths if Biden was president at the time.
      In terms of insurrection, what a load of crap. A group of morons led by a guy with horns on his head managed to get past a very under guarded Capitol Hill building thanks to Pelosi not accepting Trumps earlier offer of 10000 guards and the Capitol Hill police asking 6 times for more support before and during the riot but being refused.

    2. @Dorian Shades of gray Boy are you ever ate up . Trump called assembled and sent his boys to attack the capital . Then sicked them on his own vp and didn’t call them off for over two hours . Any one that can’t see what happened there is just blind . Then blame it on blm antifa and Pelosi. Smh

    3. @Randy Seay since when is saying “ peacefully” and patriotically make your voices heard ever been an incitement to violence?

    4. @Liz Pedano i am too a reagan republican and wholeheartedly support trump…he is the best thing the working class has gotten in decades…….so whats your version of the republican party?

  8. “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth” – Exodus 20:4

  9. hawley, cruz, et al are auditioning for trump’s ‘the apprentice: potus edition’. cuz trump didn’t want that job- ANY job- in the first place, but he definately wants to decide who will have it.

    1. They didn’t hand out any mask but they did had out knee pads for Cancun Cruz and “They cancelled me! 😭 Hawley. It’s amazing they can stand without spines!

  10. Of course kinzinger is not speaking at cpac: the truth is not welcome there. And kinzinger is right now, but he should have said this 4 years earlier!

    1. @AthgowlA Yup he is trying to save his political life. Democrats better be careful or they will be rolled like in 2012.

    2. @John O’BrienCome on now CNN is the king of Fake news. And I am sure they have the law suits and retractions to prove it. And if it is real usually they just don’t report it. Like that super legit election. Good luck

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