NYT: Second former aide accuses Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment 1

NYT: Second former aide accuses Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment


A second former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is accusing him of sexual harassment, according to the New York Times. CNN's Brynn Gingras has the latest.
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  1. Not having a good time lately is he. Also on a side note, it must have put CNN brother Chris in an impossible situation, how can he possibly report on any of this?

    1. HERE is The REAL SAVIOR

      YaH The Heavenly FATHER was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT this jesus, and “HERE IS THE PROOF”

      From the Ancient Semitic Scroll:
      “Yad He Vav He” is what Moses wrote, when Moses asked YaH His Name (Exodus 3)

      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
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    2. @Noah McDaniel hold up, so we’re demented lunatics if we disapprove of the left calling themselves out, and we’re morons if we approve of the left calling themselves out? I guess the only safe thing to do is not have an opinion about the lefts hypocrisy. Congratulations Noah, you’ve used the power of name calling and social shaming to create a lose lose situation. What will you do next?

    1. they did. it is unknown if the nursing policy resulted to more deaths (you cant prove it as a fact) and a who gave the advice on that policy. he reversed it already in may, so it is old news.

    1. @Vermin Supreme its always been China’s fault but Democrats get all butthurt when people say that crap…so they blame trump for every damn thing they can…

    2. We should be thankful for covid, it killed off a lot of close minded and bigoted old people, or people on the brink of death anyways

    3. This harassment story may be a way to remove Cuomo so that his nursing home Executive Order, which may have led to thousands of deaths, gets buried.

  2. So, him killing thousands of old people by exposing them to COVID; “meh.” Him hitting on a couple of women, ” Off with his head!!!!”

    1. Lol the commenters. If only half of these conservatives held their own politicians as liable. How many people did Abbott and Desantis kill by keeping their states fully open? How many of you just sat on threads defending Cruz when he left all of Texas in the cold?

      Your words would mean something if you held the feet of your own to the same fire. Otherwise you’re just partisan hacks.

      PS: make up your mind. You fault Dems for not holding their own accountable and when we do it’s not enough.

      You fault MSNBC and CNN for not covering “the news” and then fault them when they do.

      How much stuff does Fox and Newsmax not cover or cover with inaccuracies?

      How many times have you written a pass for your politicians? Trump was caught on tape gloating and praising assaulting women. A man who stepped out on two wives with porn stars and public affairs. A man who is on several video interviews commenting about how good the girls look after goin backstage at Miss Teen USA – several years in a row.

      Yet you write all that off as a joke but are here cutting Cuomo down the middle and give people like Trump and Kavanaugh a pass. You people are jokes.

    2. @OnyxLynx6 I know right? It’s terrifying to me what would happen if there was a Republican governor in charge of New York when this hit because the population density of NY is so much greater than any other state that’s why we had so many deaths so imagine if there had been no restrictions maybe even a million would be dead in NYC alone.

    3. @Niko the man made a mistake based on CDC guidance. With an unknown virus killing hundreds to thousands a day, while fighting for supplies and aid the Federal government couldn’t until well into the crisis I feel that’s understandable – but still something he should need to answer for ultimately.

      Meanwhile you have a Cruz who couldn’t even brave a blackout and cold, DeSantis who is actively manipulating Covid data so much so that he seized hard drives from the scientist opposing him and a negligent party who pretty much offered to sacrifice the elderly and vulnerable to keep their economies open.

      Here’s a my Covid rant for Trump fans. If you just stayed at home like the CDC told you to instead of practicing selfishness, which you confused for freedom, maybe we wouldn’t have to still be killing industries like travel, hospitality and entertainment that make up millions of jobs. Two to four weeks. That’s all the CDC asked for – with Netflix, FaceTime and the internet and that was too much for you.

      A thin cloth over your face just while you are in a store or public place (which in the course of your week is what, maybe 8 hours or less) is still too much for you. Here’s how I think about it – if wearing a mask even has a chance of saving someone’s grandma I will do it no matter how much I hate it. Because how American is it to not do one small thing if it restricts the freedom of a whole sect of society (the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions)?

      Guess the country motto should be life and the pursuit of liberty as long you get yours – F everyone else. Man, those soldiers dying overseas to keep us from terrorist attacks have it backwards (said with utmost sarcasm) they should just party in Miami like the rest of you.

      PPS: I know three marines who would love to curb stomp you into the Capitol steps if you try to raid it again. Better make sure your dental premiums are paid up.

    4. @qOmega Cuomo forced nursing homes to take covid patients, even tho Trump had sent a military hospital ship there for that reason. So, is a fact

  3. Well, he got an Emmy Award for his handling of COVID, can we give him an Academy Award for his support of the Me Too movement?

    1. @Eduardo Tavarez Nice try….but you will to do better than that to try and cover for Cuomo, also, try to get your lies right next time….In 2018 a Fed Judge from Los Angeles ordered Stormy Daniels to pay Donald Trump nearly $293,000 for his attorneys’ fees and another $1,000 in sanctions after her defamation suit against him was dismissed, and her lawyer went to jail…..

    2. @Eduardo Tavarez Wow I can’t believe someone actually came on here to defend GOV Cuomo…..you must be incredibly stupid.

  4. It’s looking like his best selling book is going bye bye, like those old folks he killed.

    Maybe he can sell that International Emmy Founders Award, he won for the Masterful Covid-19 briefings. Lol .

    1. @MDMS
      N O .. President Trump sent over a ship and other means of immediate assistance & Coumo refused all of it!
      Oh that’s right, that’s what you’re on here for ..
      Move on!

    2. @SOndra H. Cuomo had the stadiums, convention center, buses, and the subway if need be. To transport and quarantine any infected Seniors.

      But what did he do instead. Sent them back to infect everyone in those facilities. Then he under reported the deaths to the Federal Govt. Real Smart.

    3. @MDMS dude Trump sent red cross to NYC and Cuomo denied it and other places like in Central Park they had hospital there and Cuomo didn’t use it. So no Trump didn’t kill nobody in NY thats all Cuomo

    4. @Ted Poplawski that’s a gd LIE. Doctors have to decide who goes where. Idiots.Your dirty tricks dictator ‘The Don’ is doing this.Typical of his antics his whole miserable life! He’s a jealous peevish, little devil boy who never grew up! Fooled you suckers though. The alt right groomed you ppl for 30 years with bs lies about deep state. Then they’ve targeted and ACTIVATED ALL of you to destroy this country! Good job dingbats!


  6. I was really hurt and disgusted when they buried those people in Mass graves and said “they were unclaimed bodies”

  7. So he claims these were work place “jokes”.

    Anyone who has had to sit thru sexual harassment class knows you can’t get away with “it’s a joke”

    1. Cuomo has butchered the NY economy, betrayed the welfare of its citizens, destroyed almost all businesses, leading to jobless, starvation, homelessness, and looting. The absolute worst governor in NY history without a doubt! We must unite to dethrone dictator, bully, and sexual harasser Cuomo!

    1. @Niko CNN/FOX = Divide and conquer. The goal is “The Great Reset” aka “build back better” (but not better for you). This is definitely happening, and every MSM story needs to be viewed through that lens.

    2. @jay monamay Again hypocritical and trying to change the subject. Also just because I play video games means I’m not entitled to a political opinion? Also I play video games as my job entails me being on the internet a lot and it’s just something people do to relieve stress or do when they are board.

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