Censorship? Revisions being made to books by Roald Dahl

Professor Michael Ullyot weighs in on the revisions being made to Roald Dahl's books and explains why he finds it 'perfectly acceptable.'

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  1. This is just wrong. If you don’t like Dahl’s books the way they are, then don’t buy them. Pollitical correctness and wokeness in this day and age has gone completely bonkers.

    1. Desantis removed material considered pornographic but didn’t demand parents or the authors stop creating or reading stated text.

      See the difference?

    2. @Joe Madden No. Since this is simply removing racism/sexism in current publishing and not demanding that parents stop reading Dahl’s original versions if that’s what they really want.

  2. It’s ironic that revising a book is being debated but some how exposing school children to a shop teacher that dresses in a manner that is less than appropriate is a taboo subject to address.

    1. Wasn’t there a headline recently, where they discovered this shop teacher ONLY dressed that way for class too? Obviously he’s just looking for a severance or to make waves. Society is getting so illogical lately.

  3. Frankly its been disgusting since they started changing long standing words to appease whatever the current nonsense is; Let alone changing a dead mans work.

    1. “since they starting changing long standing words to appease whatever the current nonsense is”
      – They started over 2000 years ago. Changing text (including changing dead men’s work) has been going on since the beginning of writing. Literally every time they find older versions of the Bible they find out some scribe changed something to be more culturally sensitive to that time and place.

  4. Removing words to not offend while we arm a foreign nation with weapons that murder adults and children .
    Be offended by those little words though .

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