CEOs buy 50,000 Mega Millions tickets for employees

Raising Cane's Co-CEO AJ Kumaran tells CNN New Day that the company spent $100,000 on 50,000 Mega Million lottery tickets for its employees. Nobody won the jackpot, so Kumaran says they are doing it all over again. #CNN #News


  1. This is why CEO are over paid, stupid ideas and wasteful spending, except when it comes to paying employees, that’s when there’s no money to spend.

    1. @Zeff T. F it’s only flushing down the drain if no one wins anything. People can still win some money with those lotto tickets

    2. @Nicholas de Barros But they won’t. The chances of winning are astronomically low, that’s how lotteries work. I don’t know about you, but my rent increases by a few bucks every other month or so. It would be nice if salaries could also reflect that every once in a while, instead of having to gamble on your boss feeling charitable sometime.

    3. He could’ve at least gambled on investments and then they could’ve used the investment gains for future yearly bonuses, maybe birthday bonuses, whatever they may be, it’d be better than the likely nothing they’ll get now.
      Well… maybe they’ll get more sweat for the same pay now, what with all the publicity, things are sure to get busy for a few days there.

    1. Cause it is. It’s about bringing attention to himself and his business. He calls it “having fun” but I’m sure his employees don’t find it fun to be working class struggling every day to pay bills. Just give them the money.

    2. @It’s All Good // Spread that out over tens or hundreds of thousands of employees and it’s nothing.

    1. Sure some are, if you are the Ceo of a trillion dollar company and you manage to raise the profits by just one percent more than other ceos could have you made the company billions so you are absolutely worth a couple million

  2. Deciding what to do:
    Company team building picnic-no

    1. @Breakfast Tacos
      I’m just so glad that Old Joe is cleared of Covid. Now he can ride his bike again, but let’s hope he remembers to put his feet down when he stops next time.

  3. Instead of gambling with your employee’s money how about just give them the money they need instead of false hope on a rigged system.

    1. Gotta be rigged….50,000 tickets and didn’t win nothing lol. Some people win over and over “miraculously.”

  4. This is so wholesome from this guy, sure it would have been easier to give money that don’t have any risk in winning but what a man

  5. Oh, yes, the benevolent leadership is giving out gifts with no guarantee of any value whatsoever. How inspiring.

  6. Each? I’m curious just how he’s going to write this off, blatant PR stunt though it may be.

  7. He could’ve distributed the money as a bonus for his employees but instead he’s encouraging gambling and giving his employees a false sense of hope. 🤦‍♂️

    1. He dang sure slashed everyone else’s chance of hope….50,000 tickets didn’t hit?! Kind of glad they didn’t…but it would be nice for the average folks who buy A ticket and don’t gamble to win.

    2. @M J You would need to buy literal hundreds of millions of tickets to guarantee a win. Buying 50,000 tickets doesn’t really increase the chances by any significant amount, you might as well just buy one, that’s how low the chances of winning are.

  8. This is what we’ve come too. CEOs and corporate board members and execs make 15 to 30% more than what they used too just a few years ago. It’s obscene. And at the same time cutting employee benefits and services. And now the flashy distraction of lottery tickets. Truly no regard for humanity and all about the money. That’s the era we’re in. And it’s only gonna get worse.

  9. Wow. He gave them a worthless piece of paper instead of a raise/bonus. Let’s all praise him and act like this isn’t an attempt to get free advertising on the “news”

    1. He says he’s given over 200 million I’m raises in the last two years. But I’m sure a whole 2$ per employee (now 4) would have meant so much

    2. @Ashhong1 It would, to someone with little money. Certainly preferrable to flushing it down the fucking drain for a stupid PR stunt.

    3. And it’s encouraging gambling which may already be a huge problem for some of the workers. Work hard, earn money and help others where you can, which he could have. This was a complete PR stunt.

  10. i would imagine if one of them was a winner that he would turn around in a heartbeat and sue them for the ticket that he paid for.

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  12. wow, he seems really irresponsible, if I was a stock-holder I’d sell immediately.

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