CFIB: New measures before the holidays will have 'devastating impact' on small businesses 1

CFIB: New measures before the holidays will have ‘devastating impact’ on small businesses


Ryan Mallough, Senior Director of Provincial Affairs for Ontario with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, says pandemic restrictions right before the holidays will have a 'devastating impact' on small businesses.

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  1. As the pandemic and our understanding of it evolve, it is increasingly clear that short-duration contact – like retail shopping – is low risk. We can afford to leave stores alone and not impose measures.

  2. Like all legislation that is past by the fed is kicked down the line right to the local level….. 2 years in and still no consistency on direction or resolution of the “vid” …. look at all the things pasts by the feds.. it’s like a dictatorship… definite and finite penalties for vague , loosely explained initiatives and “laws” without consistency…. is this the new norm we will have to navigate from this point forward ???? I don’t recognize my country any more!!!! Very saddening!!!!

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