1. He’s not a joke, he’s a disgrace. During his mandate as libéral PM of Québec the corruption was at his maximum.

    1. he looks completely rattled. Pierre Poilievre is just what Canada needs….a strong leader. One that doesn’t sit on the fence.

  1. Pierre stated he does “not” support blockades in the press.
    He Pierre said he supports the truckers to protest but not blockades!
    Charest should get his facts straight!

    1. Also politicians are here to CHANGE the law. Even if he said he supported the blockade he did not take part of them himself. That would be the same as Trudeau saying he supports making canabis legal, it’s not breaking the law to support changing a law…

    2. Jean Charest was leader of Liberal party and Premier in QC for years with well known ongoing construction industry kickbacks to Liberal party scheme. Big provincial contract, portion back to QL party. That is motive for disqualification. I will vote for Pierre if not I will vote for PPC.

  2. If we are going to cancel Pierre are we going to cancel Justin next?? Cause boy, the things he has done so far he should be in jail already.

  3. Really…a conservative pulling the “cancel culture”? Go away Mr. Charet … you are way out of touch.

  4. 1. Brian Peckford who helped draft the Charter said nothing in the charter was broken with the trucker protests.

    2. If this is Charests big talking point…he’s already lost the nation and Conservative leadership

  5. If that’s the case, Justin Trudeau needs to be cancelled because of his conflict of interest over the WE charity scandal.

    1. Not to mention violating the Charter, any other country, he’d be in prison or dead.🤬🇨🇦

  6. I would never vote for “Liberal” Charest. Plain and simple. O’Toole tried his approach, and look at what happened.

  7. Jean charest is the embodiment of the status quo. Absolutely nothing would change under his leadership and that is not what we need.

  8. Your wrong sir. Trudeau does it all the time. Pierre doesn’t support illegal blockades. He doesn’t support illegal activity.

  9. You’re done before you even began Charest. We can’t afford another sniveling QC politician … go Pierre!

  10. I think Charest has been drinking the Kool Aid, he’s running scared and I would hope Pierre ignores this nonsense and pushes ahead with his campaign .

  11. “Yes to peaceful protests. No to blockades ” Poilievre told reporters on Parliament Hill. Published in The Star . Charest you Liebral you need to be disqualified from the CPC leadership.

    1. And the blockades in Coutts ended in the most Canadian way with police officers and protestors hugging it out.

  12. This interview has driven me to join the Conservative Party. I will use my vote to try and keep Charest from ever becoming leader.

  13. Pierre is the guy

    nice try though. we didn’t just “forget” that you were the leader of the Liberal party in Quebec.

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