Charlie Sykes: When GOP Talks Of Violence, They ‘Literally Mean Fighting’ 1

Charlie Sykes: When GOP Talks Of Violence, They ‘Literally Mean Fighting’

Editor-at-large at The Bulwark, Charlie Sykes, and Washington Post national investigative reporter, Carol Leonnig, discuss the growing threat of violence stoked by the Republican party to maintain their base and keep their voters believing in The Big Lie.

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    1. @David Hale The stupid part here is that you don’t understand what antifa stands for. WWII vets were antifa, go tell one of them that they’re a cult.

    2. The threat of terrorism would be a lot less if they arrest the January 6th insurrectionists that are returning to the capital on September 18th. I’m absolutely positive it is all the same people, including the ones that FBI are posting photos of, that are “wanted”.. the FBI need to be ready and waiting for them..

    1. @Albert Mas But the real issue has always been PROOF!
      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence which you people just cannot seem to cough up. How much longer do you think the charade should be tolerated?

    2. @Albert Mas Where is your evidence? Trump doesn’t have any. If you do please do Americans a favour and send it to the supreme court.

    3. @Albert Mas Evidence?
      yeah crickets.
      some 80 lawsuits all tossed out even when the judge was a Trump appointee, due to…wait for it…lack of any credible evidence. Yup.
      then the lawyers that filed those bogus lawsuits got themselves disbarred. very nice, except this didn’t go far enough up the food chain to those that called for the bogus lawsuits.

    1. @Tee Dogg They’re not murdering people and trying to kidnap governors and running over people. Antifascists are heroes. Fascists are murderous thugs.

    2. 100% Like Antifa & BLM. White liberals are most of the problem. Look at Minnesota just the last year or the past four in Liberal cities across America all the looting, rioting,and destruction of public property. Innocent people being shot and killed and many executions of police officers. Ok Media…

  1. If the Proud Boys and other neo facist groups want to protest on the streets of Washington, I say let them come. It might help identify the remaining insirrectionists yet to be arrested so justice can be served.

    1. Canada has OFFICIALLY classified The Proud Boys as a Terrorist Organization based in the United States of America, they are right, check it out.

    1. @Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples I don’t know, why are you using an inversion of Igonaked as part of your screenname, and why did you refer to on of the Cherokee blue clans? It’s interesting, I’m curious about why.

    2. @dark14life Bloodthirsty monsters! I bet you would be just like King George too and force your children to watch!

    3. @Scott Davis I hope they send you back to Afghanistan where you came from, no real American would want to treat another American that way!

  2. Good for Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming. She’s a very tough cookie. Yup! She will do great as a select committee member! It’s what …she does best. Being a good lawyer. She loves this stuff!

  3. US Capitol Businesses: Take a page from what Newnan, Georgia did. Shut down all shops, rest rooms and stores within a five mile radius of the demonstration. Block off your parking. Shut down the hotels. Make it obvious that you don’t support racism or white nationalism. The Proud Boys left after half an hour from Newnan, not even staying for their entire 2 hour allotted demonstration. Yes, Newnan is tiny compared to DC, but if you organize now, it could be worth your effort.

    1. @B Lee you do know that antifa stands for anti fascist because if you’re not anti fascist you are a fascist. My grandfather went to a huge anti fascist beach party years ago. It was in Normandy.

    2. @G definitely! they want to start trouble, so they’re really hoping counter protesters show up. Don’t give them the fight they’re looking for!

    1. @muuuuuud I really hope people come to their senses before the 2024 election. Considering what some seem to plan for this month i have my doubts though. About time political discussions come back to a “ok, we don’t agree on this one. let’s have a beer and get over it.” instead of the threat of violence.

    2. @Peter Pain it isn’t happening as long as partisans chose to ignore the clear offenses they only see in their opposition… which is bothersome insofar as I don’t see how someone far on any linear scale can represent reality in a world defined by more variables.

    3. I think Director Wray made that clear. He’s one trump appointee I’m glad stayed in his position. Trump very nearly fired him after his appearance. Because he told the truth

    4. @Peter Pain Hey there English person; don’t think for one minute us colonists have forgotten Henry the 8th or King George and how evil they were. Lol. I meant to say we colonists. Stay safe and well over there.

  4. Let’s hope tens of thousands show up. There are plenty of prisons in America.
    Let’s put people in prison who actually deserve to be there for a change.

    1. @Grant Johnston Science is awesome. If years of alcohol abuse can do all that, imagine what using meth till your teeth rot out of your skull can do. One of the weirdest things is how Trumpos can be on meth and be seriously obese at the same time. Boggles the mind I tell you.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo
      Lol. And you can’t destroy much of their gray mass because they have very little in the first place Lol.

    1. @Allan Pattison that’s never going to happen. If you did that you would lose. You are afraid of guns remember?

    2. Artillery is so 20th century. Two words: helicopter gunships. These Rambo wannabe’s tough guys have no idea what’s in store for them.

    1. If we start randomly arresting people we will become fascists ourselves. The Constitution must guide the way.

    1. @Lazarus Jones My “ilk”? If you know of another like me, please let me know!
      In the meantime, socialism historically controls all means of reproduction. I’m not a socialist.

    2. @George B. Wolffsohn Nope, you’re confusing me with your communist friends. I don’t use drugs or condone drug use. Don’t worry your delicate little head about me dem, you have enough problems of your own. Orange man bad!

    1. How very, terrifyingly, true. And in the current ambiance of our nation, we are watching it slowly, though more & more boldly, unfold its self.

    2. @Federalist Papers The BBC is not unbiased. Voltaire was smart. The socialist says anyone can be wealthy but nobody should be poor. The US is rapidly moving further to the right and has more in common with Hitler (Trump has his book “My Struggle” on his bedside table … aka Mein Kampf) and the Taliban than Jesus. Reading the classics would do you a lot of good and as well as Voltaire, I suggest George Orwell, who did a book review of Mein Kampf and also wrote Animal Farm and 1984.
      What sort of books do you read?

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde half?? Man you people are delusional . Let me put it this way. At least 99% of returning servicemen would like nothing more than to eradicate Biden and the whole Democratic Party

    2. @Lazarus Jones where are all of the interviews on CNN/CNBC of returning and ex military who served on the ground in Afghanistan – not behind a desk in DC with a bunch of buttons on the side of their coats and every military contractor on speed dial – who have publicly come out and stated that this was a brilliant tactical military move by Biden and his bunglers ? They ALL hate his guts even more now than when he was (s)elected

    3. @Sam Iam in both 2016 and 2020 primaries, the candidate who got the most donations from servicemen, was Bernie Sanders. And it wasn’t close

    4. @Dean Romanado if that is the case, then no wonder our current military is the laughing stock of the world and no wonder no more allies want to “play war” with us any longer. but hey, at least we are woke.

    1. I don’t believe that they will. Both are passionate conservative voices, and decidedly to the right of most. Independent voices to date are way left of most (Bernie Sanders I-VT).

    2. @Catrasho 1 congresscritter (Andy Briggs FGS) has requested that they be removed from the Conference. Slow down, already!

    3. @The Doctor Libertarians can’t decide where to sit, let alone why. So I don’t see them in that crowd, although politics make for strange bedfellows.

      After all, the etymology of politics comes from poli, a prefix meaning many, and from tics, nasty little critters which have no beneficial purpose.

  5. Much as I may not like Cheney’s politics, at the moment I’m glad she at least is holding to some principals and is actually trying to hold folks accountable for their actions.

    1. If you are BLACK or NOT a Chumpanzie.. OTHERWISE it looks to me like TRUMP “is the chosen one” as he stated his first few months in office.. He can do ANYTHING>>>and WE (DEMS) do nothing!!!!!

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