ChatGPT: Schools struggle to deal with AI technology | CTV National News

Vanessa Lee reports on schools across the board being on high alert, scrambling to deal with students using AI technology such as ChatGPT.

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    1. Unlike @warampschamp I will share what I’ve seen teachers doing to combat ChatGPT, for free of course.

      -Use tools that are able to detect if the text is AI generated. But these are easily bypassed by changing a couple words around. These would filter out the laziest of cheats.

      -Check potentially AI generated assignments with material from in-person exams. If there’s a large enough discrepancy between the two that can not only show that an AI may have written it but potentially another person catching two types of cheat. There’s likely software that can do this, but transcribing the written exam into a digital format would definitely increase the time markers have to spend on each student. Still not foolproof because an AI generated prompt could very well just be paraphrased in the authors own writing.

      -Last resort would be to force students to work on assignments exclusively inside of the university where they could be monitored and treat everything handed in like it’s a big midterm or final.

      -A better version of this is to shift the weights of exams to be like 80% of the class grade so even if a student was to cheat on the other 20% it wouldn’t have all that big of an effect. But then again there’s probably a reason why a written paper is worth 30% of some class’s grades.

      But basically, nothing has been thought of that’s foolproof and they all have some sort of cost in time, money, and workload.

    2. @Jay Kay no, if you can’t figure it out yourself, you’re a dummy, like the teachers who can’t figure this out. Pay me.

  1. They may have to restrict homework to pen and paper written form to ensure the students at least have read the compositions. If they just print out AI offerings then they will not learn.

  2. Teacher arent necessary anymore. You can learn anything with a few google searches and a healthy dose of cross referencing.

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