U.S. President Biden makes surprise visit, pledges $500 million in military aid for Ukraine

U.S. President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine, pledging an additional $500 million in military support. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.

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    1. @shoryukenpowerthey’re talking about the train derailment and they need help but they give it to someone else. I’m not sure if you know about that but if you do then sarcasm isn’t welcome.

    2. Governor DeWine needs to stop playing politics. It is a State Issue, he is the one that classifies it as an Emergency, yet he didn’t. FEMA already offered assistance, but that assistance requires DeWine to declare it an emergency. Separation of powers and whatnot..

    3. Too bad the Republican Governor rolled back safety regulations and controls that led to this derailment!
      Yeah, I think Biden had better things to do than interfere with Republicans…!

    1. @Rioga Photography Exactly which set of these crook do you trust? Both Republicans and Democrats serve the Military Industrial Complex and Corporations while the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio suffer.

  1. Just delivered more $$$. But im sure there’s 10% for the big guy. Bet y’all he doesn’t even know where he is!

  2. East Palestine gotta rename itself to East Ukraine if they want some attention, might get some crumbs at least

    1. This is money laundering 101. Jewish do it best 😉 They have vision.. and they only deal in big numbers lol

  3. training is the most important, if you have dumb men in your army, you will fail even with the superior technology you have.

  4. $500 million more after already providing over $100 billion?? and yet he cant use any of that money to help americans at home struggling. disgraceful

  5. Usually a ruler go oversea and do things meaningless outside when things go sour inside 🤨 historically proven.

  6. The main story we have here is that the usa team had to ask Russia if they would stand down for Bidens trip to Kiev. This makes Biden and the usa look weak. It says things are not going well in ukraine

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