Manitoba First Nation turning sea cans into mould-proof houses | CTV National News

Jill Macyshon reports on a Manitoba First Nation’s new project turning sea cans into mould-proof houses to help overcrowded areas.

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    1. One difference is likely climate but another would be the restrictions of the Indian Act. The story doesn’t cover this, but as I understand it anyone living on reserve cannot legally own land. Anyone wanting a home would have to pay 100% of the construction costs up front: they can’t get a mortgage from any bank because they do not own the land on which the home sits. That makes it difficult to build a quality home. I believe that would also be a problem maintaining the home because there would never be any equity to borrow against for something like a renovation loan.

    2. That’s not the issue…The ones they are in now were prefabricated temporary houses that weren’t designed for longevity. Same with these. It’s something immediate and that’s what’s needed but the government is responsible for this to begin with. Stop victim blaming.

  1. A perfect solution for the housing crisis in Canada. And these can be made stackable. But there is no will except for greater & greater obscene profits lead by our politicians on the take. “Let them eat cake’ is all they say to the poor & low middle income earnings.

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