1. So it’s everyone else fault but the police who say they were fearful of the crowd. Yeeeeeeah riiiiiiiight.

    1. @LotWizzard my opinion is evil and yours is what righteous? It was drugs buddy don’t worry there’s gonna be plenty of riots anyways just like you want

    2. @Stephen Chason the jury system is a failure. both autopsies( including hennepin county minneapolis) says homicide, Not drugs. and i never claimed to be righteous. the ambulance team had to pull the pig off of floyd. chauvin is a high level of evil and you are evil for defending him

  2. This woman is a strong witness, don’t let that biased cruel judge disrespect you or intimidate you! Keep talking, the truth will be heard!

    1. @Mario Basler Women can be honest or dishonest like men, and have a grasp of reality or not like men. People, have that ability in them. We are not some fairytale mystical creatures like Unicorns who are capable of human capacity. We are people lol.

    1. I wouldn’t waste my time with the Minneapolis police chief. He was a police officer since 1989, then in 2007 sued the police department for discrimination until he got a job promotion as the Head of Internal Affair Response Unit, and became the chief of police in 2017. From 1989 to 2020 the kneel training was stilled being trained for police officers until Chauvin used on Floyd- now it is excessive force. That is bs! Minneapolis needs to hire a new police chief – someone who wants the job and can do the job.

    2. @W Jones I respect your point, but Chauvin is a 19th year vet with the police department, probably has done the kneeling with other suspects in his tenure but no one died. Let’s keep an open mind, could the other suspects were not on drugs, but Floyd was?

    3. @c boomer Chauvin has a rap sheet himself and how do you know people didn’t die during his arrests? The only reason this tragedy came to light was because of bystander video capturing the whole thing. Stop bs’ing

    4. @c boomer Oh my fucking god. “Well he has more official complaints than years on the force, but it’s not like anyone DIED before, so it’s totally not his fault if every single medical examiner says he definitely killed the one dead guy on his record, right?” Fucking lol.

  3. Lol defense 🤣 “we were distracted so I didn’t know I killed the guy” moving the goalposts.

    1. @The Orovŷr Nope. Sorry. Won’t wash. The Hennepin County Coroner’s report was incomplete, shallow and biased, as one might expect from the very agency paid from the city coffers.

      Two other independent autopsies were done and BOTH found that bone was splintered from the C3 through C6 cervical vertebrae, cartilage was crushed and protruding, which would have damaged his spinal cord, probably rendering at least partial paralysis from the shoulders down (had he lived) and possibly causing cessation of breathing.

      Mr. Floyd was also found to have severe soft tissue damage to the neck muscles and major veins and arteries, likely prohibiting blood flow to the heart and the brain.

      You cannot put approximately 170 lbs of weight with direct pressure behind it on a person’s neck for nearly ten minutes and expect them to survive, drugs or no drugs. That person is going to die.

    2. @bryanatwku The problem with that is that every other cop and police chief or police commissioner or FBI agent who has reviewed that tape has said the opposite. They all say it was excessive force after the first minute of two and that police officers are NOT TRAINED to do that. Period.

      My husband, who is a retired Navy SEAL and currently a homicide detective agrees. When we first watched the tape, my husband kept whispering, over and over again, “My God… he’s killing him. Get off. GET. OFF!”. He was horrified.

    3. George Floyd died from ingesting a lethal amount of illegal drugs. He is a career criminal that did this to himself.

  4. They were so “afraid” of the crowd, that 3 of them remained to sit on a handcuffed man, while the smallest of them stood with his hands crossed infront of the 12 ppl who begged them to check for the victims vitals. GTFOH

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis dude you’re not even reading anything factual. He overdosed on fentanyl because he was a criminal addict. The cop only aggravated his condition. Chauvin is innocent no matter of much a lousy cop he is.

    2. @Parker Hawkins imagine being so racist that you finally get caught by the same ones you dislike… you dislike black people but fantasize about them… another transparent idiot

    3. @Parker Hawkins who cares …. the police are not suppose to kill suspects . The pigs should be shot for murdering a man go was innocent till proven guilty . A criminal is still a person …. Just as a pig in uniform sadly still is too… it’s ok tho pigs are gonna get their karma if they keep hurting the public… people are gonna pay them piggies back 10 fold 🙂

    4. @John Johnson you are part of the problem labeling people and making threats. This shows everyone what kind of person you are.

  5. “People were saying ‘GET OFF HIM!!’ so much that my client never considered it, your honor”

    1. @Video Games its not just willful ignorance, there is a complete absence of any basic morality with the majority, people are evil.

    2. $27M buys 90,000 speedballs, which is one speedball per day everyday for the next 246 years. I did the math in case anyone was curious about that.

    1. @Nate List You and your buddies was at the capitol building muh freedum crowd. Drug overdose lies from the capitol critters again.

    2. @Edgar Poe What person you know overdosed on a sedative alert and able to interacting with someone. The lies and stupidity is real…

    3. @Meek & Lowly More like entitled hypocrites lol. They saying he overdosed on Fentanyl I am like what person you know overdose on a power sedative alert enough to interact with the police. Goodness they are such liars are just desperately reaching for dumb excuses.


  6. “Your honour the victim begged me not to shoot them and i was so distracted by their pleas that I shot them”

    1. Sounds like that one case where that white kid got away with murder cuz his family was rich so he sufferd from affluenza

    1. @Charles L Jones you mean the other officers who were kneeling 1on his legs and the other on his chest or the one trying to stop and block people recording Floyd’s murder!? They’re all responsible particularly Chauvin the 1 who was kneeling on his chest, which also makes it difficult to breath.

    1. George Floyd held a loaded gun to a pregnant womans belly, and died from his own negligence. Sorry not sorry.

    2. Philip Doenau Nothing, all CNN can do is report on BS. So can we 🙂 … They should report on the mass murder of little children at the Mexican border. Instead they are broadcasting on something that irrelevant! The BLM is gone and will only come back in 4 years! Everything is pathetic and it’s time to take back America !

  7. For someone who non chalantly had his hands in his pockets he certainly took me looked terrified of the hostile crowd Smh.

  8. Dude had his hands in his pockets as he was killing that guy and his defense is he was afraid from the crowd?

    1. Not forgetting he had his hands on his pocket to put more pressure through his legs on Jorge neck

    2. Unbelievable how insensitive and totally clueless this biased people are. They don’t care about evidence. It’s simply “us against them” mentality.

    3. @BodgeAttack it might as well have been, it made no difference. The point is, he was resting and relaxing on a subdued man’s neck.

    4. Isn’t their main argument and the crux of their defense rests on causation and that George Floyd didn’t die from asphyxiation?

  9. It’s amazing watching this trail for the last 3 days a consistent theme is emerging. You will notice ALL of the witnesses feel a sense of guilt. While the guy on trial for the actual murder of Floyd feels nothing.

    1. @Thomas Benck Your free education failed you if you can’t tell the difference between the flag of Norway 🇳🇴 and the confederate flag. 😆

    2. @Lon Don I told you dude i live in Germany. There have been quite a few groups in this country who’ve played the same kind of games.
      So don’t take me for the kind of sucker you guys have shown yourselves to be and just STFU.

    3. @lonny W Nah, don’t think so actually. The fact that we are holding a conversation in what is YOUR native language, not mine might be a good indication of that.
      Falls es gewünscht wird können wir die Konversation ja auch gerne in meiner Muttersprache fortsetzen.
      How about that?
      (If you don’t get it and aren’t too lazy to use google translate you might actually be able to work it out)

    4. @Thomas Benck I was born and raised in Texas, but my ancestry is from Norway. I am not going to be holding a conversation in Norwegian. 😆

    5. @lonny W Yeah right! How transparently convenient Mr. Ionnvald W.sson, i believe that without question.

  10. My favorite comments have been, “I was too distracted from people telling me to get off his neck to get off his neck”
    I really want the prosecution to say this

    1. @toronto daddy you lying for what? You not getting paid… you gone cry when they find this shitty cop guilty

    2. @robotron17 about 50 murders per day in this country and national news doesnt report on every single one. thats your big gotcha moment huh? i too, am so upset that MSM didnt report that my old high school didnt win last friday.

    3. $27M buys 90,000 speedballs, which is one speedball per day everyday for the next 246 years. I did the math in case anyone was curious about that.

    4. Just another criminal off the street. They’re only covering this in hopes to bring the blm trend back.

  11. I have COPD and sometimes it can be so hard to get air into my lungs. I sometimes make the same sounds Mr. George Floyd made. It’s early in this trial but I pray a conviction on all charges.

    1. May God help you, ma’am. It’s no fun, I know like two individuals that have it. I pray for a conviction as well. God save mankind 😪.

    2. This is why we have trials and a court system. Not a bunch of emotional cripples who don’t know all the facts.

    3. When I’m walking against the wind I get out of breath , it puzzles me because I thought the air would be pressured into my lungs.

  12. the cops didn’t look distracted in the slightest. and after Floyd’s last gasp, they still looked quite relaxed as that knee kept in place for another several minutes.

  13. A family member with a PHD in Education use to say this to me all the time. Once you learn the rules, and begin competing in the game, they would rather be manipulative cheats & change the rules than let you win!

  14. So traumatizing 😱😭 this takes me back to when I watched Alex Haley’s Roots tv series long ago. Humanity hasn’t made any progress since I watched Roots. Unbelievable. Traumatizing heartwrenching this is. Roots Kunta Kinta I think was the main character in Alex Haley’s tv series. Same thing.

    1. Get your head out of Hollywood, this is reality and that druggie and criminal Floyd was no Kunta Kinta.

  15. Derek is trying to hide under the guise of being busy writing notes ✍ and he’s doing that only to hide. He knows he is guilty.
    The saddest part of this footage of George being choked to death was when the MMA fighter witness and several other witnesses told Derek to take his knee off of George, and to check his pulse… George’s body was lifeless and dead.
    What a sad sight…
    And then when Derek finally let’s go of his knee when the paramedics come Derek is putting the body into the paramedic car and looks at George’s dead body and looks terrified. His eyes say it all… he knows he has just commited murder.

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