Chauvin Defense Team's Focus On Floyd's Past Drug Use May Backfire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Chauvin Defense Team’s Focus On Floyd’s Past Drug Use May Backfire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As testimony continues in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, his defense team is focusing a lot of attention on his past drug use and the actions of the witnesses to Floyd's death. We discuss that and more with Melissa Murray and Joyce Vance. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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Chauvin Defense Team's Focus On Floyd's Past Drug Use May Backfire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. They aren’t talking about his use of drugs in the past they are talking about his drug use during this event. Also notice how the didn’t show the cross examination where the same guy who says it was excessive force also said it wasn’t really excessive force

    1. @Daniel Adams I have watched the entire trial live, the girlfriend and the dealer have already admitted to floyd’s drug use. The dealers lawyer already stated that he is pleading the 5th because he doesn’t want to incriminate himself for selling floyd the drugs he overdosed on because he would get murder 3. Are you telling me that you knowo more than the actual lawyers?

    2. @No Comment you have no proof of that. O know you dont because the defense would have already said it. Youre spreading false information because you are gullible and want to believe it

  2. The state paid this dude $13000 to add his name to 400+ premade slides/manuals.

    Then he admits he doesn’t know policy numbers, doesn’t know the nature of use-of-force variance by jurisdiction, and even said that jumping past a restraint to use of a TASER would be appropriate.

    Really think Floyd would have survived a tasing?

    The defense owes this dude $13K

    1. The probability of surviving a taser is much higher than surviving a knee into your neck for 9 minutes.

    2. The point is that DC used a lower level of force. Also you want see that the “MMA” guy was being held back which forced a much smaller officer to lock down the suspect. All legal and within protocol. Propaganda. DC will be acquitted. We haven’t even seen defense witnesses and the case is falling apart. Reasonable doubt.

  3. I hope everyone is watching this trial. Because it’s not looking good for the prosecution. The media is painting a completely different picture than what is actually going on.

    1. The defense doesn’t look great. Nothing has shown a percentage of cause of death. MSNBC is an openly biased news outlet. What do you expect?

    2. I agree with you in the post Mortem examination does not bolster the prosecutions case. I think you are very correct although I believe the officer is going to be found guilty of something. Mother Theresa could come back to life and testify For the defense and she would be rejected.

    3. @Duramax Dad This gimmick that everybody believes exactly what the media tells them is getting so old. It’s now just become weaponized, something to say to shut the other person up, shut down there opinion. It’s been being used and is being used by politicians as weapon with great success.

  4. Pressure is on the jury to side with the juror of public opinion…or else. Media controls the narrative.

  5. Now you should do a report on the other use-of-force experts they questioned, specifically the one the prosecution brought forward and then ended up helping the defense so much they requested him return for more questions LOL

    1. @Keith Williams Rewatch it, they had flashlights when they approached, they drew their gun because he started acting erratic and refused to listen to the commands of keeping his hands on the steering wheel.

    2. @Jesse Richards
      It was a suspected forge bill. Erratic wasn’t threatening. They drew their guns. Do you drawn a gun and don’t intend to use it? I’m not sure I need to say again it was a suspected forged bill. He never made an attempt to attack any officer or use threatening language. It’s nonsense.

    3. @Keith Williams you need to go attend the “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” training dude, the footage shows him being extremely uncooperative & not keeping his hands in plain sight.

    4. @Jesse Richards
      He’s done nothing to suggest guns should be drawn. He has no gun and he’s made no threatening moves. He acted like some one startled by the way the police approached and quickly escalated the encounter. It’s you that should attend an academy of how to interact with the public. If you pull out a knife or a gun prematurely you increase the likelihood you will need to use it by default.

  6. Media outlets are just PROPAGANDA machines. Remember Lester Holt said that news shouldn’t give both sides of the story. We are living in a country that is controlled by the corporations.

    1. Shouldn’t give both sides of the story? What sense does that make? If you don’t have both sides of the story how do you come to the truth? That’s how “fake news” became a real thing. One man saying one thing, denying what’s in front of everyone’s face and bands of people repeat the lies. That’s the history of this country but no longer. The entire world saw and heard this murder playing out right before its eyes.

    2. The media make people stupid. Trump broke all of them. They no longer deal in facts just pushing lies.

    3. @CRC Singleton bruh don’t even it’s a stupid argument they’re mad that in the end of this all there was some fault on the white man and not the black guy

    4. @888drpepper it was the gop not the Dems that fought to have corporations be a person=because they get their money

  7. they know the defense hasn’t even called a witness yet right
    like we haven’t even seen the good part yet

    1. @Cc Roberts Well, the defense attorney asked the prosecution’s star witness to come back for more questioning since he outright admitted he thought Chauvin should’ve used his taser

  8. I’ve been watching the PROSECUTION’S own witnesses absolutely destroy their own case. No joke, at one point the prosecution looked like they were gonna vomit when their own witness said that Derek Chauvin would have been perfectly within his rights to use a Taser on George Floyd. He then suggested that by not using the Taser, Chauvin was trying to PREVENT Floyd from being hurt. That takes everything but manslaughter off the table.

    1. Yeah the Prosecution’s witnesses are better for the Defense than the Prosecution. I think the ER doctor did the most damage by not giving a straightforward answer on the cause of the cardiac arrest. He was using terminology like “possibly” that suggest he has doubts on the cause. If the state’s medical expert who actually worked on Floyd has doubts, how can the jury not?

    2. @DS TRUCKS, I haven’t heard that. I definitely think the Prosecution has a case worth being heard, I just think they need to do better if they expect a conviction. I was thinking murder when I first watched the viral video. I was at manslaughter when the trial started. Now I’m at not guilty of any of these charges.

  9. I’m confused how this can be an isolated fair trial there’s so much coverage on it the I feel like it would be impossible to get no bias jury members

    1. Members of the jury are held in isolation cut off from the public not allowed to watch TV use their phones or interact with the outside world. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work in high-profile cases like this.

  10. The MSM makes regular peoples’ lives into a drama series. They’re competing with Hollywood. They need more clicks. They will devour anyone in their way if they can get money from it! They prey on other people’s sorrow for cash!


  11. Most people are more upset with what happened after Floyd’s death.
    That’s seems to more of a issue with people. Because it affected innocent people that had nothing to do with Floyd’s death

  12. “I ate too many drugs” ??
    Defense team, how many people do you know “eat” drugs? Sigh…

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