Feds Probe Gaetz’s Bahamas Travel For Possible Trafficking | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Feds Probe Gaetz's Bahamas Travel For Possible Trafficking | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. “That’s what I love about these High School chicks man, I get older, they stay the same age.” — Matt Gaetz

    1. @yusuf ibrahim If not, it does sound like something that would come out of his mouth (or 45’s).

  2. He is just the creepiest guy ever. I think he should be new new benchmark when trying to describe what creepy means.

    1. @Ray Bin I don’t necessarily agree with you…. out here in Colorado we have Boebert. Creepy and dangerous.

    2. @K. McKee
      Oh yeah…Boebert…how could I forget! She’s a tough ol’ battle axe…I believe the 2 are neck to neck tho! Both are some real loonies…😄

  3. Bahamas . . .? Isn’t that just a hop, skip and jump from Little St. James (Epstein island) ???

    1. Oh, that little place the locals called “Paedophile Island”?

      Cant be near the same vicinity now, can it?


  4. Matt is as toxic and radioactive as that pool of waste water in Florida. Ain’t nobody trying to get any of that on them. 😄

    1. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII idk, ask Gym Jordon or Anthony Weiner or countless other current or former congress members who have done inappropriate things in their life time?! And yes, that includes the Kennedys and Fords and Nixon and Clinton and, AND, AND!!!

    1. @Lucio Martínez To be honest, I have no opinion of Gaetz’s guilt or innocence. The media has made its decision though, prematurely. If you are have ever involved in any sort of legal issue you would know that those outside must remain neutral until the court decides.

    2. @albert b. jamanila the proof is clear. You are an imbecile to think that cheating for Biden didn’t occur. You have your head in the sand.

  5. Fantastic. Possible paper trail with the use of airlines, passports by a Gaetz and a ‘minor’. If that’s the case…he’s screwed!

    1. He’s more screwed than that
      His wingman on those little adventures is facing a string of felonies and has flipped

    1. It’s a disgusting statement. If the narrative was Gaetz “dating” underage young men, nobody would find that statement funny.

  6. I don’t know am I the only one seeking the similarity Matt Gaetz looks like the villain “Buddy/Syndrome” in “The Incredibles” is there something prophetic that we have overlooked?

    1. Looks like butthead from Beavis and butthead. Hair , Half oval upper lip, big head on scrawny body

    1. ” As the alpha males of the country, we have a duty to wet our willy by any means necessary and that means even if we have to pay for it! We are helping Americas economic opportunities and keeping ladies(of the night) employed!”

  7. this isn’t just about Gaetz…this is about the entire Rep party.
    Gaetz is just the first domino

    1. So Cruz and MGT and DeSantis and Graham and Giuliani and Kemp and McConnell and that Ron guy…are in the line up of dominos?

  8. Whats best about fratboy matt’s troubles: Rump dumped him like a sack of *#%& after all the sphincter kissing 🤣

  9. If you dig into the Geatz story there’s so much dirt on this guy you could fill a lorry, the level of corruption and depravity goes years back into his activities when he was in local Florida politics.

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! Of course not! What woman would want to come forward and prove that she had such bad taste.

    2. Kind of like Ted Kennedy….who enjoyed a loooong career. So……
      Or maybe long serving Robert Byrd Democrat from W Virginia who was a ‘ a former organizer and member of the KKK.”. So…..
      We’ll see what pans out

    3. @The Truth Hurts You! let’s rephrase that. Not one girl has come forward for a public television interview…yet….likely because they can’t or are still minors. You bet your orange lips they’ve come forward to the FBI…blanket pardon anyone?

    4. @John Quarter Klan membership was not at all uncommon for “respectable folks” in the south so that’s hardly a scandal in that rotten culture.

  10. You reported it wrong, as Gaetz said it himself “it was a 17 Year old woman” 😆😆😆 bruh his level of stupidity is staggering

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