Chauvin trial: Forensic doctor calls George Floyd's death 'undetermined' | USA TODAY 1

Chauvin trial: Forensic doctor calls George Floyd’s death ‘undetermined’ | USA TODAY


Chauvin trial forensic pathologist testifies that George Floyd's death is 'undetermined.'

A medical expert testifying for the defense in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin told jurors Wednesday the manner of George Floyd's death was "undetermined," contrary to various prosecution witnesses who labeled the death a homicide.

Dr. David Fowler, former head of the medical examiner's office in Maryland, said he believes that Floyd, due to his underlying heart issues, had a "sudden cardiac arrhythmia" while being restrained and subdued by police.

Several witnesses for the prosecution previously said Floyd diedfrom low oxygen due to law enforcement restraint. However, the chief medical examiner for Hennepin County who conducted the autopsy told jurors Floyd's heart disease was a contributing cause of his death.

"The law enforcement subdual and neck compression is just more than Mr. Floyd could take by virtue of his heart conditions," Dr. Andrew Baker said last week.

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  1. Now they are saying Carbon Monoxide from the vehicle killed Floyd which begs the question why was he there in the first place. Chauvin again due to negligence and indifference caused his death.

  2. Right trying to blame it on everything but the cop if it were the other way around though floyyd would be thrown under the jail

  3. I’m sure the fact Saint George ingested enough meth & fentanyl to kill a horse had nothing to do with his death

    1. Even if he had drugs dripping out of his pores
      Chauvin still knelt on him for 9 minutes and 29 seconds until he couldn’t breath and died

  4. It doesn’t matter if there were other factors that may have caused Mr. Floyed’s death, there was a knee on his neck for two minutes after his death. Mr. Chauvin could have helped to save Mr. FLOYED’ s life by getting off of his body and let the paramedics, who were witnesses, do what they know how to do. Floyd’s life could have been saved. Chauvin purposefully stayed on the man’s neck. He knew what he was doing. You could see a slight smile on his face for a split second, that anyone would miss, but I caught it. Chauvin is a murderer.

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  6. Medical examiner admitted there was no forceful asphyxiation as no evidence of trauma. Fentanyl and meth in conjunction with heart disease and a self inflicted stressful situation caused this criminal drug user’s death.

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