Chauvin Trial Juror Had ‘Stress-Related’ Reaction, Declined Medical Attention | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Chauvin Trial Juror Had 'Stress-Related' Reaction, Declined Medical Attention | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


  1. I cannot imagine. Having to relive this tragedy and trauma all over again, having to see that video more, it’s understandable.. I feel so bad for everyone that has to go through this again and suffering because of this low life POS cop.

    1. @I.M. Greg exactly, but yet you have supporters of Chauvin who are pretty much saying the typical BS when it comes to cop killings, since George floyed resisted being put in the back of the patrol car his murder was both warranted and justified smfh

  2. It’s hopeful to see at least one juror has enough empathy that they are physically affected by the testimony.
    Empaths are rare. Let’s hope she can continue through to deliberations.

    1. @Kryptonarie 63 it’s also a response to trauma don’t down play the trauma involved in this case – it’s not the place to discuss who knows what about empathy it’s murder the trauma is real for every single witness that’s why the froze

    2. @Joel Actually, according to Science, physical reactions are very much an indicator. That doesn’t mean everyone has the exact same amount. This is not really a difficult concept you know.

    1. Yes, they wouldn’t even dare treat a dog that way. If they did, everyone would be outraged. However, black people are treated like they’re just supposed to keep accepting it!!!

  3. I’m shaking by watching that videos helpless and desperate calling his dead mother out of desperation george sorry

  4. Well when you have to watch a man being murdered over again, I can see how it could cause problems. That’s what PTSD is.

  5. Having to watch a man be executed over and over must be horrible. This should not only a jury trial, 3 judges and an arrogant cop,thats all they need.

  6. I hope she is recovering and is afforded stress counseling provided by the court. If you have never sat on a jury for a violent crime I can tell you it brings out every emotion; anger, fear, doubt and sadness even in the strongest person. God bless the brave jurors who serve, it can be a thankless task.

  7. I’d seen the Video and Couldn’t believe my Eyes , a Police Officer with his Knee on a Man Suffocating him , on the Ground , Handcuffed , I had to see it again and was Shaken with Tears , Now the Juriers are Seeing and Experiencing it for Themselves . . . .

  8. Many years ago I had to serve on a case that involved armed robbery. We were in that courtroom for 6 weeks. I can tell you it was stressful, especially since the indicted man was connected to the mob in NYC and he had a high power NYC lawyer. When the trial was over we were all ushered out through a side door that none of us had previously noticed and taken down a nearby elevator with armed guards with us. Once out of the building they escorted us to the parking lot, made sure we all got into our cars, watched us start our cars, and drive away. They did not leave the parking lot until we had all driven away.

  9. This is the first time in my lifetime that I have watched a live stream murder by a police officer in my lifetime. I am 45 years old and I cried while watching for the first time the video from chauvins body cam during the initial contact and communications. I watched the footage of a man pleading for his life as if he knew the officer had already sealed his fate.

    This is a moment in techonlogical history that we finally get to see live police MURDER in real time.

    I will never forget this as much as I will never forget 911. To say this is a moment in history is an understatement.

    No words.

    1. @Louis Lee Don’t get too complacent. It’s happened before. Even though he got fired, the police are still funding his defense.

    2. @SDIGF3 I did not know that…
      However, letting him off, I do not think is possible.
      This country will erupt in rage, and they all know it.

    3. @Louis Lee That’s happened before too, and it didn’t change anything. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen again.

  10. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video so I feel the pain of the juror and what the family must be going through. I pray GOD give them strength and they prevail in the case.

  11. Even after no movement by george this chuvin was still knelling on his neck and had a proud look on his face then of course any one with conscience will be affected

  12. The new video put the nail in their coffin, it shows them holding his hands behind his back so they knew he had no pulse they knew they killed him, so see u in 50 years fellas

  13. I’ve been stressed and crying several times today. Not sure I can continue to watch the rest of the trial.

  14. Any person watching the videos or listening to the testimonies, who are not effected somehow, I have no words for.

  15. I shed tears when I saw that video and was so shaken I had to take off from work for a day. Chauvin should get life in prison ,that is for sure.

  16. This case is having a very, very deep impact on the entire country but my goodness that poor jury. That jury has the absolute worst job in the country right now.

  17. It seems strange that arrangements for more alternate jurors was not put in place for a major trial during a pandemic. If one of them gets sick they could spread it to most of the jury.

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