Cedric Richmond: White House Wants GOP Support For Infrastructure | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Cedric Richmond: White House Wants GOP Support For Infrastructure | MTP Daily | MSNBC


White House Senior Adviser and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Cedric Richmond discusses President Biden’s infrastructure plan. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Cedric Richmond: White House Wants GOP Support For Infrastructure | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Good to see tax $ going back into our nation instead of corporate welfare for stock buy backs to executives bonus

  2. Why bother getting their input? The only thing their provisions would do is benefit corporations and the oligarchs that leech off of us.

    1. @darena12
      I think this plan doesn’t benifit corporations, which need to pay more taxes, but benifit American labors, because more infrastructure jobs are created.

    2. @Rebecca Wu then I’m misreading your first comment. It sounded like you think it’s a bad bill because corporations will have to actually pay their (still lower than it should be) share.

    3. @darena12
      When corporations have to pay more taxes, eventually working classes have to pay that price as well. For example, corporations might save their budgets by reducing employees’ salaries.

    4. Businesses don’t pay.
      They pass their costs to Employees and Customers.
      Not support tax hikes for businesses, but support Individual Wealth tax.

  3. The only thing the GOP would support is Biden stepping down and Baby Cheesus going back into the Oval Office.

  4. I noticed that GOP states got monies fairly easily the past 4 years. DT held up monies for California when we had all the fires going for months. I hope there are funds released to democratic states, that need funds, sooner than they were under GOP and DT.

  5. That would make good sense that what the people need and they should ask and if they say no do it with our them

  6. I love all these armchair geniuses spouting reasons why this is a bad idea. If the democrats said air was good they would all hold their breath until they died, just to be defiant.

    1. @R1GAMBLER President Biden, Has not and will not raise taxes on the working people..He is not even raising taxes on corporations, as much as Bush Sr. raised to 52.8 % and Jr. dropped it to 35% Obama raised to 39.6….trump dropped it to 21% Biden is raising it to 28%…Corporations have already said, they can deal with that…The people is paying 22% that has not changed since Bush jr…and will not change under President Biden…..

  7. It is time to re-build and modernize the Infrastructure. It’s going to start failing. It needs maintenance, as well. It is time to spend or be unable to compete with with the poorest of countries.

  8. Expect NO support from the GOP … they have been on the campaign trail since Jan. 21st. This is absolutely necessary and the right thing to kick the economy back into life. Biden should be looking for partners in the corporate sector who see the benefit of these kinds of programs. The flood of negativity from Republicans will need to be drowned out.

  9. How about we all stop having open discussions, build up resentment, and just get on with destroying each other.

  10. Congress passed a 1.5 T infrastructure Bill July1,2020, Trump said don’t send it to him he will veto Bill, so of course Moscow Mitch would not send to trump….

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