Dr. Hotez: Covid-19 Origins Needs Outside Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Dr. Hotez: Covid-19 Origins Needs Outside Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Dr. Peter Hotez discusses the World Health Organization's research into the origins of Covid-19. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Dr. Hotez: Covid-19 Origins Needs Outside Investigation | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Redfield I don’t trust. China I don’t trust. Dr Hotez I do trust. Let’s get an international team to go into China with UN peacekeepers.

  2. “…heart slogging, shoe leather epidemiology…!!!???” WTF is this guy talking about!? I really don’t mind anyone educating me on these terms….please be nice

    1. @Buddy Mckimmey
      You act like government is going to MAKE you get a vaccine passport. Obviously not.

    2. @Buddy Mckimmey oh dude, you are the typical braindead trump supporter. just ramble random nonsense that you dont even understand.

  3. We need to sponsor and send teams to all the bat caves we can find, not only in China. We need to learn everything we can and the origins of SC-2 will probably pop up in the process.

    1. We know it came from bats. I’m not sure knowing which cave is all that important. But clearly we need research on bat viruses, and much is already happening.

    2. @Jock Young pretty much on every virus that can be transmitted by animals. i mean the population keep growing, so people have to move into undiscovered areas where new viruses can pop up

    3. @Jock Young
      It wasn’t clear from my comment that the origin of the current virus would be a bi-product?
      It’s the next spillovers we really need to worry about. We need to learn everything we can in order to prevent future outbreaks.

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