DOJ Investigating Rep. Gaetz For Possible Sex Trafficking | MTP Daily | MSNBC

NBC News investigations correspondent Tom Winter breaks down the Department of Justice's investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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DOJ Investigating Rep. Gaetz For Possible Sex Trafficking | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Gaetz?!?! I knew he was dealing in something illegal. His demeanor speaks volume. Gaetz can now “Shut up!!!”

    1. @Nate Herrick No we did not trust Smollet. But we have to compare apples to apples. We did not believe Trump we dont believe Cuomo. Politicians.

    1. But no problem, seven buffoons have ticked you up to date, so your inane comment beats my logic.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 Lol. Never underestimate the sheer stupidity of the average dedicated MSDNC viewer.

    3. McLovin, I’m going to back my own assumptions before anybody else’s here. I bet he doesn’t sue.

  2. Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Justice Dept, and Matt Gaetz is on the House Judiciary Committee.

    The House Judiciary Committee is charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITIES.

    This is a huge CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    1. @ruth depew Lol. With no proof of anything? Meanwhile, a democrat can sleep with a Chinese spy and no problem.

  3. It seemed to be a generally Gaetz kinda thing to do when he was THE ONLY congressman to vote against new human trafficking legislation a couple of years ago. I gotta say this news adds a little perspective to it

  4. When a man says “17 year old WOMAN” and he’s not her dad, at least my red lights start blinking. The Tucker Carlson interview is pure GOLD.

    1. Sklat, that’s my entire modus operandi, by schtick. Man, you’ve sussed me. Don’t tell anybody!

    2. I found this statment weird when he called this young lady a 17 year old woman. My creep meter went off.

    3. Chris, if that’s true and he has been inappropriate with kids, you won’t find much of an argument from anybody, I’m sure. My point is that he should be charged, tried and found guilty first, rather than being hung on here by this kangaroo court.

      As for the rest, I’m half serious, half joking. I’m not a troll, I don’t think, but if I am, could people please regard me as a high-class troll, and not one of your common or garden trolls?!

    1. Once again the ‘Comments’ have been turned off in the FOX/ Tucker Carlson clip. He’s a real ‘Free Speech’ champion ain’t he. 😉

  5. Gaetz calls her a 17 yr old woman. Gaetz says he took her to a dinner with Tucker Carlson, 2 yrs ago, so that makes her 15 at that time. Tell us Gaetz, was she a 15 yr old woman then?

    1. Good. Take Tucker Carlson down with him. Those are are the type of ppl that would spill all the beans if they think it will save themselves. With a bit more pressure, I think we will see that pizzaGate is really pizza Gaetz and all the player will be revealed.

  6. The Q-Tips were so focused on trying to find child molestation in the Democrats they never noticed PizzaGaetz giving his boy and girl the pepperoni.

  7. So much for those Christian conservative family values that always gets preached about but never practiced.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 I think you are very clever and that you have wit and charm. People laugh at me all the time but I think it is because my foolishness amuses them.

  8. His super weird story about the wholly unrelated teenage boy he’s been (cough) raising was a giant red flag that Everyone ignored,

    1. @Big Boomer
      Yet there’s no corroborating paperwork that backs up his “adoption” claim so then he moves on to calling him his step son except one needs to married for that distinction. He’s all over the place with his stories. I just hope his new fiancé is smart enough to walk away.

    2. Where are the adoption papers and where is the boy? We need answers.When i first heard about this quote man/boy living with him I had a feeling that something was not right.

    1. @Dan Chanquin ouch….pizzagate was always projection from the gop. Who was trumps close friend and neighbour again? Ah yes J. Epstein.

    2. @McLovin That was 30 years ago. Who threw Epstein out of his resorts for assaulting an underage employee and banning Epstein from all of his clubs?. That was Trump. Who was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? That was Ghislaine Maxwell. Try again.

  9. Gaetz looks like the kind of guy that would completely turn on all his friends to sit with the “Cool Kids”

    1. Is it Greenberg who has turned on Gaetz?
      McGee could have claim for defamation?
      Gaetz needs friends, not like McCarthy who’ll be happy to see his overly ambitious ego dented?

    2. Exactly, he would drive into the high school parking lot in an expensive sports car, because his peers think he’s a loser.

    1. I thought the official story is that Gaetz adopted Nestor, who is the son of Gaetz’s dad’s cleaning lady – or are you referring to another teen boy in Gaetz’s vicinity?

    2. @Aranyani Green so adopting children off the book, no adoption or social services involvement, with no prior knowledge of raising a child, and keeping it entirely secret, doesn’t seem odd to you. Guess you order a lot of pizza and hotdogs

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