Former Federal Prosecutor Says Rep. Gaetz 'Grasping At Straws' Amid DOJ Probe | Stephanie Ruhle 1

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Rep. Gaetz ‘Grasping At Straws’ Amid DOJ Probe | Stephanie Ruhle


NBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner discusses the Department of Justice's probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) into a possible relationship with a teen girl after he claimed that it's part of an extortion plot. The former federal prosecutor tells Stephanie Ruhle he has heard this "nonsensical word salad from targets, subjects, suspects many times" before. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Former Federal Prosecutor Says Rep. Gaetz 'Grasping At Straws' Amid DOJ Probe | Stephanie Ruhle


  1. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Tucker said he doesn’t remember the woman ..

    1. @James Ricker Or doesn’t want to testify against him. Loyalty. Maybe that was a cue for a bribe to remain silent?

    2. @James Ricker – Agree but by that logic, everyone at MSDNC would have been in jail for the transparency in their reporting.

  2. real question is – will you the people keep voting for them — they do not just get these jobs THEY ARE ELECTED BY YOU THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. People that are just like them or weak kneed disgusting people who don’t have the money and moxie (balls) to pull this crap off. That’s who votes for them. I live in a district in Ohio where people have bumper stickers that read “We know __________ (representative’s name) is dumb, but he is one of us.”

    2. Chances are, the truth is not what we think it is and they most likely have no case against him. They have been working on this case for months and if they actually had something on him, they would have just gone after him instead of leaking. The fact that they anonymously leaked it tells you they had nothing concrete so they went after him the next best way by leaking it to the New York Times. People don’t break federal law and leak information like this for no reason.

  3. Thank you for bringing Glenn on your news show. I have been watching him for the past year & he is great.

  4. The one thing I find funny is, Gaetz admitted to it on Carlson’s program. In doing so, he implicated Carlson.

    1. @Jay Savage 100%. Plus he said ok national TV his daddy’s wearing a wire. Very savvy! I’d never want him on my team if I was doing crimes.

    2. @David Clarke it did. “This is one of the strangest interviews I’ve ever conducted”. That is one of the only sincere statements I’ve seen tucker give. I wish he’d said “uhh, leave me out of this, pervert.”

    3. @Bill Burgess Andrew Cuomo has been accused by old grown women Republiblicans go after children! Matt Gaetz has also a young immigrant man living with him that he took to his home when he was a young boy!!

    4. @PN Westerner Carlson was just made a witness, and so, now, is a person of interest in the investigation. (and so will have legal fees …)

  5. We thought Trump was dumb as mud when it came to doling out soggy excuses for this myriad law-breaking activities. Is it possible there’s a high ranking Republican politician even dumber? Yes.

    1. Tranja Vanadbia I’m sure children have seen mammary glands before. Especially if they have mothers.

  6. “Young girl, get out of my mind
    My love for you is way out of line
    Better run, girl,
    You’re much too young, girl!”

    1. @Trailin’ Annie Look up Barney Frank. We gave up a good one who resigned out of respect for his office, and his on;y fault was being associated with an adult who turned tricks behind his back. Are you just really really young? Or were you not in America?

  7. I can explain the Carlson/Gaetz interview. Gaetz was reminding his good friend Tucker that they’re in it together.
    Maybe he could have chosen a less public forum.

    1. I think you’re right. I think though that the choice of public forum was intentional ala I go down you go down

    2. If his lawyer was any good, he/she would have told him to keep quiet about an ongoing investigation.

    3. @TheChiefEng Did u see how fast he tried to distance himself when Gaetz tried to drag him into it? So funny. Tucker was serious saying, “honestly I don’t remember her.”

  8. I definitely believe this, just look and listen closely to the clown, you can tell he’s no good, lets see daddy get him out of this. Embarrassment!

    1. He was hoping his buddy would win and pardon him. Looks like he gambled on a Kentucky hay burning nag horse that refused to even leave the starting gate.

    2. Whatever happened to the witness intimidation Gaetz was guilty of? He was being investigated for that.

    1. CORRECTION — A person with authority knows how to use resources quickly, effectively, and fairly. He on the other hand, just occupies an important chair so that he’s in a position to stop the flow of those resources.

    2. That’s what psychopaths do. They have no consciences, so they rise rapidly through the ranks.

  9. Subject versus target: means that they stumbled across his potential crimes,while looking into the crimes of someone else (the target).

    1. Yes, his crimes didn’t start the investigation, they just found his crimes while investigating other crimes.

    2. Like the Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg. You gotta check out his indictments they are a mile long and buddies with Gaetz

  10. QaNon, you need to look under yalls own nose to find the child predators you’re so obsessed with catching.

    1. Shhh but please don’t look at the Blue Anon in DC or New York. Don’t know but maybe women are not to be believed…Thoughts????

  11. The funniest part was when he told tucker they went on a double date and tucker was basically like “Huh? I don’t recall”.

    1. Yeah. That was the best. I normally hate watch his show but I think the fact that he was rebuked by Carlson means he’s boned. I don’t think he’ll be invited back and I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they went to commercial.

  12. Tucker to Gaetz: “No, I don’t remember the girl”… “Stop bringing me into your S-ht Bro”.

    1. @bartside “That was my side chick, dude. You know that wasn’t my wife.”
      That’s why Tucker came back from commercial and roasted him live on air.
      That was truly television gold, comedy wise.

  13. “Don’t you remember, Tucker? She ordered from the kids menu. She got the Giddyup Burger and the Buckaroo Fries.”

  14. I really wish Tucker would bring back Matt tonight for a follow-up interview. I’d like to hear more about how his day went!

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