Fetterman Says Biden's Infrastructure Efforts Are A 'Slam Dunk' Ahead Of Pittsburgh Speech 1

Fetterman Says Biden’s Infrastructure Efforts Are A ‘Slam Dunk’ Ahead Of Pittsburgh Speech


President Biden heads to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today to discuss his new infrastructure plan. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) tells Stephanie Ruhle it's "absolutely no accident" the president is returning to the state and says Biden is delivering on infrastructure week. "The president should be credited for driving it home." Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Fetterman Says Biden's Infrastructure Efforts Are A 'Slam Dunk' Ahead Of Pittsburgh Speech


    1. How would you dress a mountain? He’s just a very casual guy. We’re happy he’s from our area, Pittsburgh.

  1. Infrastructure is what has made China so powerful. It’s what made America great during the industrial revolution too. A country is always doing good when performing infrastructure upgrades to their space.

    1. @billinsf88 U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg ruled out plans on Monday to increase in the federal gas tax or charge drivers a fee based on miles driven to pay for the Biden administration’s $3 trillion infrastructure plan.

    2. @billinsf88 I’m with ya. Wasn’t concerned about it either. There are so many knee-jerk reactions and hair-on-fire critics around though. Stay well

  2. Pennsylvania I want this guy in the senate and I hope you guys will help him reach there . Vote him in and make the senate better so that Manchin and Sinema don’t cry foul during major legislations .

    1. Consider this: Fetterman needs to be elected Governor for a term, then head to washington and future president.

    2. @Michael Appel Fetterman has so many good ideas and an executive quality. I’m not a Pennsylvanian so whadoo I know but I say send the lawyers to congress and the broad action based folks to exec positions. Seems like Fetterman would get bored in the Senate, pontificating and reading/writing legal mumbo jumbo, lol.

    3. @Suze Fetterman is just like the guy who is running for Senate in my state (Missouri) who is running the same message as Fetterman and his name is Lucas Kunce and he is proposing a Marshall Plan for the Midwest most specifically Missouri. He also might be running against Eric Greitens who resigned as Governor of Missouri because he tied a younger aged girl to a pole and blackmailed her.

    1. @David Guelette don’t forget John cornyn and representative Roger Williams whose net worth in 2016 went from 16 million all the way up to 64 million in 2020.
      I knew Congressional wages were high but didn’t know they were that high .

    2. @David Guelette Please tell me how many people suffered and how many died from the grid failure in Texas last month and the crisis is in Texas leadership ! it’s not the border it’s the whole state of us the leadership…

  3. I am so thankful to have Fetterman as my acting Lt. Gov., and will be voting for him when he runs for Senate. He really is an amazing man who cares for and fights for the best interests of our people.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera You keep dreaming, they will never get rid of the Electoral College. HAHAHA HAHAHA

    2. @J M M I own a 13 room 19th century farmhouse on 2 acres paid for, in beautiful Pennsylvania. And you live in your moms basement. Lol

    3. @J M M You are so jealous of me. You have been for months, since I am successful and you’re a nobody and a troll. Lol

  4. Greetings from Scotland again to a great guy you need a senate like him watch him so much woops no a stalker lol grt politician grt man

    1. @Catherine Kenny l was raised to display Good Manners. Thank You and the same to u and your Family.

    1. @Joe Lin Tommy tried to vote for Trump but the process of voting was a bit too complicated for him.

  5. I love PA, it’s beautiful and have plans to move there someday… I can’t wait to vote for Mr. Fetterman in the future.

    1. @Richard Barber He won because they cheated in corrupted Philadelphia. It won’t happen again.

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 How about you actually provide proof.
      Don’t tell me to look it up myself.
      Don’t ghost this thread all of a sudden. Actually provide proof of fraud.

    3. @The Truth Is Out 777 lots of people did. 60+ court cases did. The cheating was a myth. The two dead people that voted in Georgia voted Republican. Trump had to go after letting, helping, half a million Americans die.

  6. Infrastructure puts people to work and makes the country better. It’s nice to have a President who doesn’t just bring up “Infrastructure Week” when there is a scandal. This is another bill for everyone, but again the GOP will refuse it…

  7. Yes, it’s good to have a competent administration doing things again that benefit everyone, and not just the wealthy. Keep it up!

    1. @spymaine89 Here’s the real reason why he resigned: Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover

    2. Yes, can’t wait for the illegals to show up in my area! Me and my hardworking middle-class community will be so much better off!

  8. I cant WAIT to Vote or John for Senate !! He is a Really Great guy, I net him in person in Dunmore, PA… He knows his job and he’s straight up Honest !!
    He HAS MY Vote for Sure !

  9. I’m considering moving to PA just so I can vote for Fetterman.
    *That’s* how much I love and support this incredible man.

    1. @Ja Loux No one from out of state said they are voting for him they are SUPPORTING him and DONATING to him to HELP his campaign.

  10. Always glad to hear from Fetterman. This is why the rich should stop hiding all their monies and pay their fair share, this wouldn’t be such a big issue.

  11. I really like this guy. I’ve been an Independent all of my adult life, but I live in PA once again, so I need to register as a Democrat so I can vote for him in the primary.

  12. Read his proposal on infrastructure today and I like everything about it. Help Fetterman PA, get him in there. Supporter from AR!

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