Cities Weigh Criminal Justice Reforms As Chauvin Trial Captivates Country | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Cities Weigh Criminal Justice Reforms As Chauvin Trial Captivates Country | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


    1. @Joshua Sharrock From the people who invented ‘cancel culture’, you people sure aren’t consistent in what you like and what you don’t like

  1. “Pay attention to this race bait so we can keep violating your rights using covid as an excuse. Oh and don’t look down south, nothing going on with kids there. “

    1. @Dennis Harrell We don’t need fox or Q-anon to see that the democrats are vile scum out to destroy America.

    2. @Dennis Harrell Yeah, “dude”, what’s not to like about open borders, race baiting, sexualizing our youth, gun confiscation, and MSM propaganda, propping up a demented brain dead president?

    3. @Dennis Harrell No sheep 🐑, I know a few hard working Americans that are no longer Democrat supporters because Biden cancelled their jobs in the oil industry when he shut down the keystone pipeline. Take your CNN education elsewhere. 🐑📺🇺🇸

    4. @Dennis Harrell if you aren’t a bot, I hope you know that nobody actually believes qanon but you. It was a controlled opposition started by leftists to make us look stupid. They take one truth and throw in so many lies that the one truth becomes indistinguishable. In this case, the truth is that the elites of America and the world really do use children for adrenochrome in horrid ways. The lies are that trump is a secret hero, or runs the country still from some bunker, etc. Do you see the method now? They take one truth, bathe it in lies, and conflate all of it into one movement. Then, they can obviously just discredit the movement, and now anyone who talks about the leftist elites or the children at the border is a “qtard conspiracy theorist”. I hope this comment helped you

    1. Nothing.

      Google/youtube have decided that statistics and scientific facts about their pet demographic/eternal victims are too dangerous for young minds.

    1. @Cookie Cutter there is obviously more of a child trafficking problem than a racism problem not just in the US but in the world.

    2. @Grace PorterIf the top law enforcement, called white supremacists the number one threat to my country, I’d take it seriously. Crimes against children are despicable and most countries try hard to get justice for both types of victims. Epstein was tried years before and the prosecutor failed to remove a dangerous pedophile, because he was a rich, white man. Are you seeing the problem with racism yet?

    3. Both issues need to be talked about and have been. Neither one is worse or better. Both scandals are threats to public safety.

  2. What he is not saying is that now people can just walk into a store, steal stuff, and get away with it. The crime is still being committed, but it makes the numbers look good. “Look, we stopped throwing criminals in jail, and crime went down!” That is not criminal justice reform that is just criminal.

  3. Stop the courts from being used as a cash cow for counties and thatll be a start. I know where I’m from they will milk a person for all they have and if they can’t pay it’s back to jail, then after if you still can’t it’s back again.

    1. @Trump2024 thank you for your support No one is arguing that people who break laws should not be punished. Its not as simple as how you put it when you take into account how the system works. I would agree that someone should pay consequences if they break the law but unfortunately the system takes it up a few notches just to make more money. That’s the issue.

  4. It’s a start, why ending immunity for police is not a federal law across all of the states I don’t understand it’s a basic decent notion, safe and it’s the same standard for everyone when it comes to injury or death. Maybe ok for emergency response to speed but not hurt someone else.

    I’ld really like to hear more improvements made to policing.

  5. Watching and listening to these young people testify is so painful. Their lives will never be the same. Chauvin has caused so much damage.

    1. The police department policies should be what’s on trial! Chauvin was following the training that is official protocol. I’m not making the “he was just following orders” argument. What I am saying is that there needs to be training and procedural reforms. Ands actually more funding going towards training, not defunding! If the police were defunded or abolished the law abiding minority communities will be disproportionately affected. The lilly white rich liberals will be able to hire private security while everyone else suffers!

    2. @CShield You sure? Because him saying “I can’t breathe” long before there was a knee on his neck, and acting crazy, are all symptoms of a drug overdose. You sure it wasn’t the drugs that killed him?

    3. @CShield Wrong, there were two autopsies. The family one won’t be admitted for obvious reasons. The regular one does not specifically say it was the knee on the neck.

  6. ‘Qualified immunity’ undermines the philosophy that the entire concept of ‘justice’ is based upon. If the designated guardians of the law are not required to FOLLOW the law themselves, then the whole idea of ‘law’ is meaningless.

  7. Do they have an issue with the police now reducing the number of arrests they make, and if fact ignore arrest situations.

  8. It is grossly unfair that one trial is the emotional place holder for dozens (hundreds) of other police crimes against citizens. There should be a dozen trials happening all at the same time for other similar crimes. Then one trial would not be the one that gets all the attention, but many trials across the country getting more equal attention.

  9. Start by comparing three known and publically available demographics.
    Persons killed by Enforcement/Died in custody.
    Demographic of persons killed by Covjd-19.
    Persons denied their vote by Republican Party’s Reconstruction Era “Jim Crow Laws.”

  10. “Qualified immunity” is an insane concept that would be impossible in any country with a half-decent constitution.

  11. I still think Chauvin is getting special treatment. Third degree murder is sounding so ridiculous to me right now

  12. Here in the UK tickets for traffic violation comes through the post. Police are focussed on other criminal offences. Much more efficient use of their time.

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