Cheney: Jan. 6 Riot Will Be A ‘Cancer On Our Constitutional Republic’

During her opening statement, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney criticized the GOP leadership for voting against an independent Jan. 6 commission on the Capitol riot. She said that no member of Congress should attempt to defend the indefensible, and that if there is no accountability “this will remain a cancer to our constitutional republic.”

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Cheney: Jan. 6 Riot Will Be A ‘Cancer On Our Constitutional Republic’


    1. Larry Richards That’s too bad because just like all your supporters you like to ban people but are in fact a coward…just like hiding in your house won’t save you from the Coronavirus…your self-hatred shows your hate

    2. @Perry Berman as oppose to the guy who aided and abetted the same terrorists we were going after… yeah I really do.

    1. @Noreb Why do you say that? Are you a real person? You can google it or wikipedia it. These events happened.

    2. @Larry Richards She is now, but she was part of the authoritarian movement in the party that took it over beginning largely with Gingritch in the early 90s. She has pushed big lies and nasty political investigations plenty of times in the past. She helped drive the ship into the iceberg, and History will remember her for this. She even voted for Trump both times when the second time there was no excuse.

    3. @Uzair Rauf When have riots ever been investigated by Congress, something totally separate from the federal government? What happened January 6 happened to federal government, just like 9/11 just like the Kennedy Assassination hence why it’s being investigated by Congress.

  1. Republicans were hoping and praying that everybody would forget all about the insurrection, drop the whole matter and move on— but that’s not going to happen. LMAO!

    1. @j b You may have a point, but watch the full bodycam video on Floyd’s death, no criminal no matter what they’ve done deserves to have a knee on the back of their neck preventing them to breathe for 9 straight minutes, Chauvin refused to to move even after Floyd stopped moving and after the paramedics arrived, there’s many instances of this tactic that is NOT enforced by the police, and all of them have been applied on people of color.

      The US is broken and divided, and pointing fingers at each other won’t make it any better, Americans need to take a long look at themselves and see what’s wrong, the solution is not within a president or even politicians, but within yourselves and remove the people who aren’t helping things one bit like Trump and the other ones who deny these tragic events.

    2. Like Comey? Like Hillary? Like Hunter Biden? Like the Missouri Ejected official saying assassinate Trumo? All or no one

    1. @Barbara Guido if you read the feed its quite clear, however if you are still struggling to understand let me know and I’ll attempt to support you

    1. @david cottrell I appreciate the question. And I’m going to definitely answer it.

      First I must tell you the paradox. And that is, I also reject the premise of your hypothetical question.

      Because it assumes or ignores two crucial realities.

      Donald or Putin?

      I say to you without any degree of reservation, that in nature of character, there is absolutely no essential difference between Donald & Putin.

      Donald is & always will be Donald first, and the American Constitutional Democratic Republic last or not at all.

      The virtues of our Constitution is the greatest creation America has ever produced, and that’s notwithstanding it’s historical flaws.

      Donald Trump is the worst of America’s creation. He was elected & protected because of the American demographics that are suffering from the paranoia that:
      Christian privilege is an endangered entity.

      And there are those who will slither in the gutter, subvert sabotage America to preserve it.

      The second part of your question’s disregard of “realities”, is, it is not hyperbolic to say, that Vladimir Putin was already in a vested partnership to the presidency of the United States Of America for four years ~ to think otherwise is abject naivety .

      Until 81 million pro Americans stripped, rather than validated Putin of that distinction.

      Carl Bernstein had it right, when he said Sunday that Donald Trump was/is our on “War Criminal”.

      And all an American has to do is ask themselves:
      Did Donald J Trump do more to help the American People thrive during the pandemic, or did Donald J Trump do more to help Corona virus to thrive??

      How protective of the January 6th mutated maniac maggots have Donald Trump been??

      I say to you, that Donald Trump is the Jim Jones, Robert E Lee, Charles Manson, John Gotti, Pablo Escobar of American presidency.

      So, to answer your hypothetical question my fellow American.

      Having an American born Putin (as we know of him now) is absolutely the same as an American born Donald Trump as president.

      Donald Trump is thee worst public servant emergence (tied with Covid 19) to come into existence in America in the last 100 years.

      Hope that satisfies your curiosity my friend & fellow American.

    2. @Teru Fascism was defeated back in WWII. It was defeated again on Jan 6th 2021 again. We still have True American Patriots that put Country over one treasonous man. The Big Lie is what he’s peddling from Mar-A-Lago and it stinks. Its all recorded on video for all to see!

    3. @IHC Terra You are right. Most Americans are very naive and don’t care what’s going on as far as they have enough money to go to Walmart and buy a bigger TV. Politicians are very naive too, that includes the Democrats and the few Republicans that maintain integrity and whatever values they say the have.
      I totally disagree with her political views, but she maintained her integrity and is standing up for democracy. Perhaps as some other she thought they were able to maintain trump and trumpism under minimal control.


    1. @omik redarhcs Exactly! That’s why Republicans fought hard for an independent (9/11 style) comission that would have brought all her failings to light! But the coward Dems blocked it!
      … What? Who blocked it? …. Nevermind! …

    2. @omik redarhcs Yet the only person who can call up the Nat’l Guard is the president. STFU and sit down.

  3. Donald Trump will have to testify before this committee too. He will have to answer for the role he played in the insurrection. I hope they lock him up!

    1. @Calm N Sense Beautiful response. The attitude of gratitude is sorely lacking in far too many…

    2. @Zeus Zeus there will be no need this all for show more then have the country kno the real truth on Jan 6th the msm watchers are to brainwashed to comprehend

  4. All because trump doesn’t want to be held accountable for his numerous crimes, he starts a coup with some hillbilly republicans

    1. @L Banbury How true, I wonder where Republicans goon vacation IF they were TOURISTS on January 6th? Americans have fought and died for THEIR Country (not always just wars neither), such are the dynamics they were bi-partisan but that’s irrelevant to the born spur generation?
      A lie is still a lie regardless of your affiliation!

    2. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII – His charity was shut down. The head of the Trump Org. has been indicted. His university was sued out of existence. He’s under investigation in Georgia for election tampering. The feds are looking into his inaugural committee and indicted at least one, I think two members. Robert Mueller detailed 10 instances of obstruction of justice that he can be charged with now that he’s out of office. Two of his personal lawyers have been indicted, one convicted, of crimes they committed for him.

    3. @J Groovy soooooooooooooo what actual criminal charges has Trump HIMSELF been charged with??? 🤷‍♂️

    4. @odell daniel And then you have Twice Impeached IQ45 who stood on a world stage and sided with Russia over his own
      country. Sided with the Saudi Crown Prince over his own Intelligence Community. Laughed at
      on the World stage while addressing the UN in 2018, a first for a US President! Solicited a Foreign Government to investigate a US citizen which the last time I checked is still illegal based on the US Constitution. His handling or non handling

      of the Corvid 19 pandemic response is pathetic at best (500K dead on his watch) That’s why 80M+ voters made him a one term President!
      . And your group thinks the Election was Rigged & your upset at Gas prices?? What a laugh. Please, Please point to a Democrat in politics with that track record without using Alternative Facts.

    1. @GOPCapitalFugatives Again How about indicting him on those 10 counts of obstruction of justice, then subpoenaing everything he was trying to hide. No more pussyfooting around by the DOJ.

    2. Let’s arrest Hillary, Everyone involved in the Russia Hoax at the FBI. People are p/o about how the swamp & the media colluded to over-throw his presidency. Then they sent in the Planned-Demic, to cheat in the 2020 election. For Demonrats it’s all about the power & the control.


    4. Trump for 202020 – Twenty years for fraud, Twenty years for Obstruction, Twenty years for VIOLATION of the Oath of Office

    1. He has admitted to speaking to Trump as the insurrection was happening, so he definitely needs to be called to testify.

    1. @J M M As is usual for a tRumpist, they are seriously misinformed – I’m talking about you, Haver. Please listen to these proceeding.

    2. @Bob Garlick Out with the GOP – in with the GNP – Cheney and Kinzinger will be the two leaders.

    3. @André Fasset It was okay, learned how to tell you leftist straight up to shut ya’ll up. When you answer with an insult, I have learned well.

  5. The R’s thought they could stick her in a corner. lol *Nobody* puts Liz in a corner!
    This is what patriotism looks like

  6. Imagine how far gone the Republican Party is when a CHENEY is the voice reason and accountability.

    1. @Shark Theory07 That wasn’t Liz Cheney’s dad. It was Megan McCain’s dad, John McCain. A true American

    2. The only reason you think she’s the voice of reason is because she says what you want to hear.

    3. @Chris Dupree … What do YOU wanna hear? Because anything outside of Trump not being responsible is a lie…
      So what do YOU wanna hear?

    1. @humbugs100 l what are you smoking,?- get back to us when that happens, the same crap your ilk was babbling when Donnie was hitting up Georgia for more votes cuz he couldn’t handle the fact you lost😵

  7. What’s equally horrifying is the support the GOP and voting Repubs are giving to these domestic terrorists.

  8. Don’t like her stand on politics, but love her stand on the Constitution and NOT hiding from the truth.

    1. That’s how it used to be. Republicans and Democrats didn’t agree on their politics, and often didn’t like each other’s stances. They’d debate, argue, and even fight on the House and Senate floors. When adjourned, they all went to dinner. (In the Judicial Branch, we had Justices RBG and Scalia personify this kind of relationship.)

    2. Maybe a bit like Darwin and Pictet de la Rive both searching for truth, though separated by a difference in worldview?

    1. Actually its what a professional politician looks like when they are trying to make us believe something. And the only reason you say that about a republican is because she’s confirming your already pre conceived notions… i guarantee if the actual truth were known and jan 6th DIDN’T happen like msnbc and cnn told you it happened, you still wouldn’t believe it.

  9. If Cheney hadn’t spoken up – this whole thing would not have moved forward as much as it has. Truth shall prevail.

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