Officer Fanone Condemns ‘Disgraceful’ Indifference To Jan. 6 Victims 1

Officer Fanone Condemns ‘Disgraceful’ Indifference To Jan. 6 Victims


DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone recalled the traumatic violence he faced during the January 6 riot and condemned the indifference some lawmakers are showing toward those who protected them during the Capitol riot.

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Officer Fanone Condemns ‘Disgraceful’ Indifference To Jan. 6 Victims


    1. @Nomen Clature yet Bidens plan to fight violence in the country includes additional funding that can go to police if the states allow it.

    2. @Nomen Clature maybe some Democrats voted to defund the police for other potential ways of protecting citizens. Now you think that one, two or three or so people represent the entire Democratic party opinion? You really are ignorant.

    3. @Cody at least democrats dnt hide their colors or agenda. You either agree with their agenda or not. You guys say you support the police but only when it comes to killing black men but when the police have to protect the very foundation of our democracy? Traitor. Sheep. Not woke. Trump leader and savior.

    4. @Cody no they don’t. Democrats do NOT have a policy of defunding the Police.
      The Democrats have a stated desire to work with Republicans in a bipartisan manner.
      The Republicans have a stated policy of blocking anything and everything on the Democrats agenda.
      Which side seems more reasonable?
      Hint: not the Republicans.

    5. @Cody But it was not democrats who tried and FAILED to overthrow the government. It is not democrats who deny that the 6th happened it was republicans like you who distort facts with lies. Cause it was just a normal day according to republicans. It was not democrats wearing Biden shirts beating that officer and rendering him unconscious, it was maga hat and shirt wear, confederate flag-waving republicans. It was and still is republicans whose party is not longer what it use to be when I started voting back in 1997. However I left the republicans party and glad I did before al this. Now it is is simply the party of trump. A party built on lies, hate, discrimination, and indictments among other horrible things which is truly too much to mention. The so-called party of Law and order tried to over throw the Constitution of the United States. The only part that they know is the Second Amendment anyway. None even know what article 2 section 1 of the Constitution says nor how its applied. So yes go ahead and blame democrats for wanting to stop cops from killing unarmed people. To stop America for becoming a police state. We independents see that the only thing the republican (trump) party is good for is giving money in the eyes of tax breaks to the rich and making those in the lower class think that it will help them, throwing insults at any one who opposes their misguided ideological beliefs, and insuring that the people in thier respective states stay under paid, under educated, poor, and died, all while putting more and more taxpayers money in their pockets. Because trickle-down economics, right?

    1. @Pablo Pichardo this was so horrible .I feel bad for the police officers . they must feel discouraged .

    2. @Fletcher Reed over 2 dozen proud boys have been held and their leader is protecting their treatment. So as normal, your information is incorrect. I also repeat you claimed I was uninformed being Scottish, well, I am better informed than you it appears.

    3. @Your Wrong Interesting you say I should take an interest in the Ukraine, I have been there several times in the two years prior to COVID and have friends there. So yes, I do know a bit about the place.
      Ok, we are talking about nepotism then? Hunter is offered a job he is unqualified for and receives payment due t who his father is? Rather insignificant compared to Ivanka getting handed Chinese Trade Marks (I think it was 26 but don’t quote me on the number). Trumps “family run” hotels getting foreign patronage far in excess of before – rooms/suites no even being used but paid for?
      Are you sure this is a rabbit hole you want to go down?

    1. @nicholas ellis
      This is why people hate the left. Telling people who agree with you to shut up. I am agreeing with you. He was responsible. You must be such a shameful human being worst than Trump. I simply want to know what his endgame was assumed you were a decent human being unfortunately not
      no time for unstable people.

    1. @Shane Brimble Compassion. Why comment if you don’t want to have a conversation? Seems, like a waste.

    2. @POPULATION-_-420 Wasn’t it MAGA fans who helped save his life as he attested to here! Without doubt antifs, blm and other arganisations infiltrated Jan 6th to make it appear to be trump supporters causing violence and trouble, however behind the curtain is what you fail to see.

    1. @Krystal Learn the chain of command for DC National Guard, preferably from a .GOV resource instead of facebook. Stop pretended the Speaker of the House, who’s third in line after Pence for the President, has some sort of say with the National Guard.

    2. @Tony Montana – By ‘research’, Krystal means…watching ‘infowarzez’ videos and rabbit-holing evangelical prophecies.

  1. That is the correct level of anger that should be directed at the supposed “Law and Order” Party. The GOP is nothing more than fascists at this point.

    1. The United States of America
      legalized Cannabis Sativa
      to defeat Fascism during World War II.
      Watch the 14-minute 1942 USDA film, *Hemp For Victory.*

    1. I won’t be surprised if these officers are considered as traitors to America by some insurrectionists and politicians, unfortunately.

    2. It’s time to categorise the the continuing corruption of the GOP as Radicalisation in the same class as ISIS. Trump and his enablers are waging their own jihad. This is a Cult , not a political party as recognised Constitutionally. And they threaten violence with intent continually . They are an internal Terrorist Cult.


  2. If this doesn’t break your heart you don’t have one. This man, all of them, have my love and appreciation.

    1. Their words fall close to my heart. Come from a family of law enforcement officers and many who served in the military. Shame, shame on anyone who thinks this is okay and who try to sugar-coat it. “It is what it is.” You can’t change their words or the videos of what happened that day. Pity for your soul if you think you can spin it another way.

    1. Sadly most Americans don’t care because they were trained to be stupid and are poorly educated. Yes, the Republicans.

    2. @Anita Bruton too many Americans know NOTHING about history … sounds like the classic Nazi Reichstag fire ploy in ‘33 which they started, blamed any/all remaining parties who opposed them, and then used the whole thing as a ploy to take absolute power and end democracy in Germany…this is why Americans of good conscience must protect our democratic norms … vote, vote, vote – local elections, state elections, dog catcher – whatever it is – and be knowledgeable @ history so you can form your own opinions about what flavor of the month politicians say…

    3. @Yesterday’s Fool Nihilism is the redoubt of immature or ignorant people … the gov’t is US – we vote out leaders who we no longer want to represent us…that’s how our country works…what am I missing?

    4. @steel celt please neither side holds a monopoly on who is a ‘real American’ … we’re all Americans trying to figure out what’s best for our country…so stop with the real American line – we don’t buy it…

    5. Why? I watched the Democrats turn their heads to BLM riots all year. I can ignore ONE trespassing indiscretion on Jan. 6th. No harm no foul.

  3. Imagine protecting people who then turn around to betray you. The GOP is a disgraceful unpatriotic party. Never again.

    1. @No mo Silence well considering bill bar lied about the muller probe to your and every americans face. That thier WAS russia interference in 2016 and trump had the DOJ cover it up.

    2. @Animal1nstinct where was your blue lives matter when your magats where attacking the capitol police

    3. @David Merlo – And we *still* can’t get GQPers to tell us *’WHAT’, exactly,* they think those MAGAs *were going to do WITH* Pence’s *terrified wife and daughter* on January 6th, *AFTER ‘the hanging’…?*
      ‘Gently pat their shoulders and escort them from the Capitol’ seems… *’bigly’ improbable.*

  4. When he banged his fist and raised his voice at ‘disgraceful’, we need more of that! Let’s put an end to this madness!!

  5. I felt that when he screamed. He should be furious how the Republican Party is down playing what happen.

    1. Many may be GOP but some are just anti-government period. GOP or anti-anything, Trump is a user and he used them like he does everyone/anything else. Stupid people for listening to Trump. They will pay for this and he will just say “It was a love fest.”

  6. The fact that he and his fellow officers had to fight off fellow American’s, trying to break in to the capital, IS an absolute disgrace.

    1. Not republicans… trump loyalists. MAGA sheep no longer, and haven’t for a long time, fit under the Republican ideaology. They aren’t conservative, they don’t like the constitution, they are against the rule of law.

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