Chicago Requiring All City Workers To Get Vaccinated

The city of Chicago will require Covid vaccinations for all city employees this fall, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot joins Morning Joe discuss the new mandate, which takes effect on October 15.

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Chicago Requiring All City Workers To Get Vaccinated


    1. Well go party in Fla. Or Texas or Tennesee. Sure they let u have your selfish idiotic dumbed down way. Let’s keep it rolling till ?

  1. So disappointed in humanity. It’s the perfect test scenario of giving people the choice of the obvious solution in an era where information is freely available and yet people will still willfully choose the path that is harmful to themselves and to others. Well, I now understand how people can vote for things that are clearly against their own best interests despite all evidence now.

    1. @Joni DiMaggio imagine choosing not to be around a ton of people so you don’t get sick. The idea of being responsible for your own safety and having to think for yourself must be terrifying.

    2. @Micah Johnson Boxing your freedom to shadow box is constrained by the proximity in which we live together. If you hurt me while exercising your fists you have abused my right to live freely!

    3. @That One Lake Bum the right of the state to enforce public health orders to stop the sick infecting the healthy is well established and supported by the US Supreme Court since 1905. Go check it out!
      It’s time to start locking up the UN-VACCINATED for the benefit of the nation!

    4. @Arash Jadidi Productions What a ridiculous argument. Just because people are more oppressed than you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight against oppression in your own country.

  2. Addressing the “first cause of death among first responders”. Before we dropped into this alternate universe, that would have been a no-brainer.

    1. yet another weekend will show 20-30 murdered and 70-80 injured by violence. LOL beetlejuice like Biden weak and ineffective

  3. Could you imagine if the left was doing this . Banning mask 😷 or lying about the vaccine. Just Imagine. All the repukes think they are doing is they really believe they are owing the libs

    1. @Catherine3385 how about you show the evidence. So far unvaccinated are dying, vaccinated aren’t.

  4. Then a signing of no consent for hospital protection on blame !! For personal records let say refuse so treatments are clear!!!

  5. In the early 60s some businesses did not want to serve black people. They said it was their business and they should be free to serve who they chose. They said it was their business and they did not have to hire black people if they did not want to. Freedom you know.

    Today, their political descendants claim businesses cannot mandate mask wearing. If only they had the self-awareness to perceive their own hypocrisy.

  6. Bring back our rights to have our children suffer from POLIO and SMALLPOX! Let out children be disfigured by MEASLES!

    1. @Max Plank doesn’t matter. They are both deadly. The vaccines for both mostly stop the spread. Nothing is absolutely 100% effective, but they have absolutely both saved lives.

    2. @Carolyn Edwards we all lined up and got the polio vaccine and something else, I can’t remember what it was. It took all of probably a half hour to protect our lives. Our parents knew how deadly and crippling it was, every single Summer. It did mutate some, and did start affecting adults. We and our parents were so grateful to have something that could prevent polio. In fact polio is almost eradicated off the face of the earth and that is because of vaccines.

  7. I’m all for vaccinations but I’m against the mandate. This is a unique situation where the vaccine became available very quickly. People have a right to be concerned and make a decision that best suits their lives.

    1. What a reasonable comment. Most people against the vaccine just want to know the longterm effects of it since it was released so quickly. Social distancing still seems like the best solution to me but people just want to argue I guess.

    2. @That One Lake Bum If people would actually do some research, they would know there is no long terms effects. Thanks for all the miss information that has been posted. It was released quick, because we needed it quick, people were/are dying why doesn’t any one get that? Wait for years and most of the worlds population dies?


  9. Almost 3000 US Postal workers lost their lives last year to Covid with 40,000 who were out sick with Covid and this was not the Delta variant!

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