Pentagon Confirms Explosion Outside Kabul Airport, Casualties Unclear


    1. @Florida Man just pointing out that trump waned to leave Afghanistan way earlier than Biden, so just imagine how much more would’ve been left if we left in May.

    2. @Florida Man no their not. The Taliban is responsible for their deaths. That’s like saying Bush is responsible for everyone who have died so far in this pointless war.

    1. @Abraham Lincoln I will add that Trump began pulling out US forces in May 2020 and did not start evacuating any civilians before he left office, either. He wasn’t in any rush and he was positive he’d be re-elected. Biden failed in that as well. But both Trump and Biden relied upon the Afghani troops to stand willing to defend their own soil and rights, too. Neither of them could have predicted the cowardice and readiness to capitulate of those troops.

      He and Biden also both erred in relying on the “honor” of the Taliban to refrain from violence, too. and both failed to enact a plan to provide evacuation documentation in a timely matter for our Afghani assistants and their families.

    2. @Bird Brain ”why there might not have been”. I’m quoting facts, you’re adding conjecture, which is non-productive.

    3. @Bird Brain Trump had them scared of our remaining 2500 troops, and they dared not attack us. They arent scared of Biden, who pulled out our troops without consulting with our allies and left a huge void in which the Taliban came right on in and took over Kabul with no resistance, and also took billions in our equipment. What a disaster. Trump was going to leave a small U.S. presence at Bagram AFB to stay as a deterent to the Taliban and give air support to the Afghan army. Biden fked this up in so many ways its shocking. LoL…you so cant win this argument, so give it up now. Trump had a plan that was working….Biden just yanked the troops out and caused a catastrophe.

    4. @Abraham Lincoln So, you’re essentially blaming Biden for the cowardly withdrawal of 300,000 Afghani troops who graciously handed over the equipment supplied to them by the United States.

      Got it! 👍🏻

      Oh, and Trump started pulling out troops in May 2020 while simultaneously agreeing to the release of 5000 militant Taliban fighters. What could go wrong? 🙄

  1. Wow. The first thing the C.I.A. foresaw and reported correctly in advance.

    I hope there were no casualties.

    1. @delr merti WOKE for being aware of the death all around me? I love how you people resort to insults when you have nothing else

    2. @delr merti Stop exhaling because I’m killing the planet? This is why we’ve been telling you all to wear a mask for the last 18 months because when you breathe out, you breathe out cvd which has killed 650,000 people. Even in your insult to me, you admitted to what science hs been telling you for the last 18 months, and yet you don’t care about any of the dead Americans, but here all you 🔔🔚s are, outraged that at couple of people died in a country thousands of miles away. Woke? If you woke up, you’d be disgusted at rightwing America right now! I love how you got the obligratory “commie” insult in there when you have no cliue what a communist is. You reichwingers are pretty clueless. Now, go catch cvd, and don’t forget to pick your dewormers on the way out the door 🤣🐏🤡

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Why was Mike Pompeo photographed last year with the now leader of the taliban? Why did trump release 5000 prisoners?

    4. @Dave Gilmour lol that’s laughable dude. You claim to care about dead Americans while trying to use 600k dead Americans as a political club to smack conservative values. Oddly enough you seem to forget there weren’t even 600k dead from Covid when Trump left office. When Trump left office, 400k were dead. However, if Joe keeps letting in the unvaccinated along the southern border then he will start to exceed Trump in deaths per day. Joe is already at 200k plus and rising fast and this is only in 8 months, with 50% of the population vaccinate. Additionally, there are no republican governors putting delta positive covids into nursing homes to make the numbers look worse.

      And if you are called a commie, maybe it’s because you are, because any sane person wouldn’t blame Trump or Biden for something the Chinese unleashed on the world, and they’d be telling Biden to do whatever he has to do to get our people home from Afghanistan.

    1. Joe Biden’s Afghanistan speech was the worst speech I’ve ever seen a President give. It was full of lies. – Ben Shapiro 👍

    2. Wow it’s been several yrs since war was on the menu,now it’s a Democrat special, served everyday 😂😂😂

    3. I GAF what the previous administrations did. THIS administration said they were going to fix the broken American back and RIGHT the WRONGS. Be BETTER than we were before. BUILD BACK BETTER. I’m not seeing that happening. They had plenty of time to head this off. There are no excuses for RIGHT NOW. NO excuses for “COULD HAVE…WOULD HAVE…or SHOULD HAVE.” WHAT are they doing now? Nothing. They’re doing fuhk all and our, OUR Americans are paying for it.
      Valet park your high horses because NEITHER of the parties did anything to fix or prevent this. They’re all equally useless and now we’re going to pay for it…again.

    1. @Michael Biggins How did Trump cause the deaths of 13 US Service men / women today? Joe is the one that got the intelligence. Joe is the one that didn’t extend the perimeter at the airport. Joe is the one who claimed to plan for all inevitabilities when clearly he did not.

    2. @Bob Habib …. and Trump and his lackey, Mike Pompeo, “negotiated” leaving Afghanistan (with his usual “nobody knows more about …. than me” bs, swallowed completely by his imbecile followers).
      How are we doing with Trump’s “it’s 15 cases now, soon it’ll be none” forecast, by the way?

    1. There were years worth of “talks” going back around 2017, many of that group released from prison by that same guy, and constant praising of that group by that guy. There’s even proof he said he set it up so that Biden wouldn’t have much choice in any of it…that’s premeditated, we should get all of his records “executive order” to hide or not, Biden has that ability as well…what a mess everyone is in now…all at the hands of our own country’s extremist group…

  2. I already knew that this was going to happen.
    There is no reasoning with those people NONE.

    You have to fight fire with fire.

    1. The bomber blew his/herself up. It’s impossible to hit terrorists back unless they do something stupid like seize territory and declare a caliphate.

  3. These wars have went on since I remember. I have never seen in my lifetime, the Mideast at peace. Too many warlords there

    1. Exactly. Arabs cannot get along with each other let alone the rest of the world. Like the American native Indian tribes, if they could have banded together they would have been an unbeatable force, but divided they were easy prey for the white settlers and Army.

    2. The Middle East has been at war with each other for over 2000 years. Not about to change for us or anything else.

    1. @maria schultz was supporting the man who took the military out before the people and weapons worth it?

  4. Lord please cover all those people and the families here in the US be encouraged everybody & continue to pray for one another y’all have a blessed day…

  5. Inevitably it seems we’ve been drug into a war with or against the Taliban blood has been she’d ( civilians of Afghanistan ) and active duty soldiers. 🤕😞 🙏 Praying for families losses of loved ones.

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