China announces sanctions against Canadian MP Michael Chong 1

China announces sanctions against Canadian MP Michael Chong


China imposed sanctions against MP Michael Chong in response to sanctions imposed by the United States and Canada over Uyghur genocide.

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    1. Both of you are WRONG!! if you actually hear how Uighurs pronounce it, its actually closer to how she pronounces its pronounced “Ougors” not WeeGers”. The latter is the English version.

    2. Exactly what I thought. Where has she been in the last year , Mars,? That she just read the teleprompter & didnt know how to pronounce it. ???

  1. Trudea does nothing about it Nothing speaking doesn’t save lives and who else in that women’s family wing whatever We reward her with family members coming g to visit her JOKE

  2. Been waiting for it. Great. 3 days ago, Eu, 2 days ago h&m and Nike, yesterday UK, now Canada. Yay!!!

  3. Why would he not suggest that if the liberal government were doing their job, it should be Freeland who is being sanctioned not a foreign affairs critic? Why is the conservative party always stopping short of saying what needs to be said? Now is not the time for political politeness!

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