N.L. Liberals under Andrew Furey win slim majority after prolonged campaign 1

N.L. Liberals under Andrew Furey win slim majority after prolonged campaign


Liberal Premier Andrew Furey was re-elected Saturday in Newfoundland and Labrador’s pandemic-delayed election.

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    1. Anyone who argues that one party is grossly better then the other hasn’t been paying attention. They only really differ on the margins. Fundamentally, outside of social issues, they are pretty much the same.

    2. canada 338 says the libs would gain 16 seats if an election was called today, toronto, montreal, vancouver and the east coast would vote for a mannequin that looked like trudeau

  1. We went into level 5 lockdown the very day the election was to be held but yea keep believing this was a totally fair election.

    1. The chief electoral officer made decisions on how the election was to proceed which appear to violate the letter of the election laws. Why the opposition parties weren’t in court hammering on this point straight away is mystifying.

      A possible preview of what’s to come in the next federal election.

    1. @James Rideout Why have you chosen this particular forum to display your immaturity, ignorance and immorality? Confessionals all filled up?

  2. Congratulations Newfoundland on electing a do nothing leader who will absorb 6 figures a year of your tax money and do nothing with it.

  3. I thought Newfie’s were old school? From the mother land? Wtf happened to em? FAS tainted the well. For real.

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