China Censors Chloé Zhao's Historic Oscars Win | MSNBC 1

China Censors Chloé Zhao’s Historic Oscars Win | MSNBC


Chloé Zhao became the first woman of color, first Chinese woman and the second woman to ever win the Oscar for Best Director for her movie "Nomadland." Despite this accomplishment, the Chinese government has censored mentions of her win from the state-controlled Internet. 
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China Censors Chloé Zhao's Historic Oscars Win | MSNBC


  1. It’s such a beautiful feeling inside knowing the Democrats are putting an end to racism in America

  2. so, what happens if you search on the internet for the the Academy Awards 2021 in China now?
    Are they going to censor any site that mentions them?

    1. They already attacked her because she issued a statement about how much the CCP lies to it’s people. Which is awful considering she’s from Beijing so you would think they would see this as a celebration.

  3. China blacklisting Chloe Zhao’s big Oscar win is just another piece of the usual Communist Party agenda of lies.

  4. China is so dangerous, dang! If this happened in the Philippines the people would be parading Chloé Zhao in the streets!

    1. I can already tell you have never been to China. So stop commenting on something you don’t know.

    2. Thank God we are not censored here in the states. Oh wait, election fraud? Anything that goes against the msm narrative. I guess we are.

  5. I cannot wait for The Eternals! I hope she stays over here and doesn’t go back home or we won’t see her for a while like they did the other well known actress…

  6. Was there any white people there?… after all the complaining about not enough black people being there…

    1. Don’t be silly ! This planet isn’t just made up caucasians ! Get a grip ! If White people was the only race on the planet…they will find some way to discriminate against each other.

  7. Ceremonial President Biden ordered Harris to solve the border crisis, which she named political game that she wouldn’t play.

  8. The hypocrisy: MSNBC refused to tell America of Donald Trump’s alarmingly close connections to those who perpetrated the events of 9/11 owing to, you guessed it, idiotic censorship.

    1. I believe it’s because she called the Chinese gov out in 2016 when she said they were liars. Good for her.

  9. What difference does it make? The Oscars plummeted to 13 million viewers down 50% from last year, you could say that watching the Oscars is only for losers.

  10. Well, in 2013 she wanted to make enemies of the Chinese. Congratulations! She could try apologizing.

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