1. @KOK BOON SHIN the major powers are not equal by any means this post is about Americans and Chinese that’s why I agreed…… because WE are not to be trusted. If this comment dose Not get deleted again. You proved my point we take land that’s Not ours and point fingers when other countries do the same thing. We fight amongst ourselves with conspiracy theorists and real scientists. Mask wearer’s and people who claim they are not sheep. You brought up genocide on our part and guess what China did the same thing. We are controlling our citizens with nationalism and make other world powers beneath us. But when you open your eyes and look at the way the rest of the world views us as hypocrites. We claim to be the land of the free but in reality we deport people who practically served in our military, people who farm our crops, and people who don’t look a certain way. We tell non english speaking Americans to go back from where they came from even though they were clearly born in the U.S.A. Where is your patriotism when we say to people who don’t boost our fragile egos about America. Right now our death rates in America has the highest count and you wanna bring up genocide.. We are killing this nation by not seeing the irony of not watching how other world powers are keeping their covid numbers down. But yeah keep living where ALL citizens of this great land are the best of the best or just tell me to move somewhere else because you can only blame the world and not see faults in our own democracy.

    2. @losting3700 hold up there son. China lied and covered up the virus for weeks allowing it to spread. You know damn well that it was in the US before we knew about it. It is not easy to stop a virus that is spread through the air.

    3. @Divamarvalous O’Neal you clearly are not an American. If you are you need to get out. Countries were founded on conquest in those times idiot. China is trying to claim land from its neighbors and the South China Sea.

    4. Vlad the Inhaler you are so out of date, I’m tired of educating people, do you own research. Research I mean read scientific report and peer reviewed paper, not Facebook and trump brief

    5. @losting3700 out of date? No it isn’t. They are still putting them in camps. You aren’t educating anyone. I am not on Facebook, and Trump has nothing to do with this. You are schilling big time for China.

    1. Better than any LNP turd that’s come about since. You think Scomo will have any better insight other than wishing to speed up the rapture through a pending war?

  1. ‘activities that do not match it’s status’ What the hell does that mean?! And since when did China stay in their lane on anything?

    1. When has Trump ever told the truth? Remember when he said that covid would go magically go away by April?

    2. @Chris Yeh China behaves every degenerate act it does as its Birth right. The world is busy US with whatever fighting wars for Israel has finally changed its focussed to where it should have been always.

  2. War. War never changes.
    Since the dawn of humankind blood has been spilled in the name of everything from God to Justice to simple psychotic rage.
    In the year 2077 after a millennia of armed conflict the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation, but it was not as some had predicted the end of the world. What merely happened was the prologue of another bloody chapter in human history, for man had succeeded in destroying the world but war. War never changes.
    In the early days thousands were spared the horrors of of the atomic Holocaust by fleeing in the massive underground shelters known as vaults but when they emerged they only had the hell of the waste to greet them ,all except for those in vault 101. For on that fateful day when atomic fire rained down from the sky the steel doors of vault 101 slid closed and never reopened. It is here you were born and it is here you will die because in vault 101 no one ever enters and no one ever leaves.
    -Ron perlman, Fallout 3

    1. @Event Horizons Yes I know, and you make a fair point. I don’t think, however, that I’m alone in feeling pretty overwhelmed by the events of the last half year, or so. Of course, obviously, we all need to do what we can, as Joan Baez once said, “Action is the Antidote to Despair.”

    1. Stephen Averbuck do u even know about the CCP? They gassing and beating citizens in the streets just bc they dont see eye to eye with the govt! Do you even know what happened in Tianmen Square? Go ahead and vote for your dementia biden and pray he doesnt get stroke soon cuz hes def showing those symptoms 🙂 MaGaAaAaAaA2020 and #Taiwan NUMBER ONE!

    2. @Verizon Nabozny this ain’t a pisshole in the snow compared to 1815. Or 1863. Or1918. Or 1942. It’s just the worst you’ve seen.

    3. @jc3553flute I bet you’d do as well as Joe and I wouldn’t vote for you either. I just have no illusions that Republicans are better, whichever one happens to be in charge the contracts are honored. There’s only gridlock when the public needs something. When their campaign money is on the line lawmakers on both sides of the aisle provide excellent service for the special interests. For what it’s worth I probably know more about them than you. Have you read the Gulag archipelago?

  3. If we are going to declare war on China, we better make sure we can manufacture all our prescription and non-prescription medications ourselves first.

    1. @Josh Edmonds Also 1. they devalue the yuan to gain an economic advantage, that is why the US marked them as currency manipulators. Bad for us, for them its a strategy, I find that odd you bring that up, I thought you knew what you were talking about. Also, as far as a recession we the United States are already in one (by literal definition) so to speculate on a Chinese Recession makes no sense from the standpoint that they aren’t economically stable because at the moment they are doing better than us, for growth.
      The article you posted was just recently, the trade war policy just put in place affects us American as well, and is no indication of a recession because it just happened and no quarter reports have even been released to see how it actually affected them, will it? sure, but a recession no. That is a lose-lose situation because they said they will impose economic sanction on the USA as a result (which furthers out recession) thanks Trump a real genius he is
      3. You cite 3 million Jobs, but the Us has closed 20 million, what your point my original claim was this trade war hurts America more than china, and so far that is true.
      Were most of those jobs lost because of COVID, YA. But, with the new sanction and taking away Hong Kongs privilege where many Americans hold jobs and is bad for us, not to mention the amount of jobs that will be lost in the process as a result

    2. @Josh Edmonds Also, I posted they owned US debt as an example for how we are tied very closely economically

    3. @Vlad the Inhaler okay, so what does that have to do with me, you made it sound like I directly profit from that when I speak to my manufactures over messaging

    4. @Josh Edmonds You said because they devalue there currency it was an indication of a recession, when its quite literally the opposite, I highly doubt you write reports on this because you clearly have no idea. They make our medicine kid, we do need them just as much as we need them. In fact, if they ever wanted the debt we owe them it would shatter our economy.
      You have no idea what your talking about, and its evident

  4. That was actually quite informative. For once a segment where they aren’t just mindlessly blaming everything on China or Trump but giving some good info and view points on these issues. Please for the love of goodness do more of this.

    1. They don’t have to say that Donald Trump is an incompetent failure who doesn’t understand international trade but blundered us into reckless trade wars anyway.

      Everyone understands it already.

    2. @J Mulvey … Trump is an idiot, that is all true… A Russian asset as well.. But a trade war with China is glorious, China needs to begin its Civil War soon so that Taiwan can take back over. Thankfully the end of fake China is near… only Taiwan is the real China…

    3. @Event Horizons So… you support the trade war because you think it will provoke WW3? Most people would consider that a bad thing.

    1. He wants to remain optimistic, and give us the benefit of the doubt. It’s good diplomacy. Something our current administration seems to have no clue about.

  5. China controls 85 percent of all the drugs in America and the ingredients to make drugs in America
    I’m just saying people

    1. How much ever Any country is dependent on China shouldnt come at the cost of sovereignity every country has the right to act.

  6. Remember when Russia did the same thing in San Francisco. How come no one talks about that. Vote 😷.

    1. @Hassan Hooshmand lol yeah those 30 Florida counties that got caught falsely stating COVID positive test rates by 90%. Funny how the mainstream media doesn’t mention that after running with the false narrative that the positive rates were over 98%. COVID is a fucking joke at this point.

    2. @Dulcie Gray 😂🤣 Oh, how I wish this were true! 🚽🧻💩 Butt he’s actually quite dangerous (pun intended).

    3. @The Crafty Annapolitan yeah, the maga tits were sooo ‘be best’ in voting his ‘person, man, woman, camera’, ‘brain” in office. I think it was a flashback to a 1990’s porno he may have watched with perverse buddy Epstein.

    4. @Big Boomer Trump on mental fitness:’person, man. woman, camera’….what is that 1990s reverse porn dialogue?

    5. @adsfafad Putin still got what he wanted the INF treaty not continued. and No world press barely pinged about it, so whose enemies and friends really? the nepotistic swine push the button.

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    1. ​@AminatO O From my perspective you have made the mistake of treating an art form as an objective science. I have noticed people spend their lives angry and in intentional frustration because they do not wish to be adaptable nor are they willing to recognize novel uses for words, mechanics, or tone of voice; treating linguistics like physics. Language is ultimately about conveying one’s meaning, not about the forms in which one’s meaning must be conveyed. Societally agreed-upon convention and authoritatively imposed formats are necessary for (in modern times distant) strangers to convey meaning. Yet such formats constrict and are balanced by the ever-changing uses people have for language and all the convention-breaking that comes with it.
      The way people in the United States speak may be a joke among Europeans, but it certainly is an ignorant and unenlightened one. “The originators” of the English language would certainly be 1950’s English or British conventions? No? 1940’s conventions then? Are “the originators” of the English language a particular group of people from a particular part of England? Perhaps how the English language was spoken in 1715 in some small village is its truest, most ‘original’ form. The concept of an actual “originator” of the English language surely must reasonably follow dialects back to the origins of spoken language or written word. Even if I were to attempt to label some time or place or group of people who are “originators”, they would be among the first to speak and write, yet their speech and writing patterns would resemble nothing of ours today. From this it can be concluded that language has constantly been evolving and changing. we are merely in a time and place where information about the current and recent past can be objectively recorded so easily that it’s tempting to put abstract ideas such as language into unnecessary and largely unhelpful boxes. Unless dividing and isolating oneself and narrowing one’s way of thinking is the objective.

    1. Timedout 101: exactly, evil knows no color. The drug epidemic spread like wildfire. They weren’t able to harness the evil. Anyone who has tried will never win. They have even sent your children as a sacrifice for the continuation of earnings. Think about it, you can get drugs faster in the street than a loaf of bread. That’s effective PLANNING and MARKETING.

    2. Do you even know how many foreign companies that is here in America? Just a couple examples Toyota, Honda, Kia, Nissan, etc. Many more… and the jobs that is going overseas believe, me you wont want to do it

    3. @legend
      Rather than paying the living wage that the International
      Ladies Garment Workers Union
      (ILGU) was asking for, they all packed up and moved to 3rd world countries. Pure Greed.

  7. WW3 is on the way! Time for those who won’t lose children or siblings in war to declare another war of convenience. 💵

    1. charles allan if american politicians didn’t go to war with them when 11 Saudis flew planes into the twin towers, or condemn them for murdering a journalist they won’t go to war with them now. Oil protects them, we fight for money not freedom and what’s right.

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