The new space race between the United States, China, and the United Arab Emirates

CNN's Ivan Watson looks at the the race to Mars between the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and China.
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    1. @Don’t drink The kool aid wait didn’t you try to insult somebody with your previous post? Talking about hypocrisy!

    2. @Dumpty Humpty so your main point is hypocrisy? How about reasoning, unplug, and become human again. Btw I’m not a trump or biden supporter. But I always check both sides

    3. @hacked yo AHA in the first place I’m no biden supporter either (independent)
      Yeah maybe hypocrisy is a large issue
      Trump accuses biden of mentally ill but trump can’t speak a coherent sentence
      Trump accused Obama for being responsible for the 2 Ebola pandemic death but doesn’t take responsibility for his take ( or lack of action) in the covid-19 pandemic
      Trump held Obama responsible for not ending the wars and bringing back the troops but trump increased the troops in the middle east
      Trump accused Obama for increasing the deficit and national debt ( during a financial crisis)but trump increased the deficit and the debt under economic growth
      Trump (and the gop) talked how horrible Obama care is but dont have plan of their own after a decade
      I didn’t vote back 2016 ( because both candidates were bad ) but now I know the difference between bad and worse

    4. @Don’t drink The kool aid sure you can’t counter even one part but its okay!
      Probably nothing will change your mind about trump!
      Keep safe the virus doesn’t care if you vote for trump or biden

  1. I love how space exploration is a “Race” and not a collaboration of the human kind. We’re silly creatures.

    1. I dislike the CCP but I feel better about humanity when more and more countries enter this advanced stage of human development. This is the right kind of competition.

    2. As greats as this would be we could never trust giving our space findings to all other countries, it is very dangerous.

    3. @sherry Tony If China could actually replace the US as a superpower through collaboration , maybe US shouldn’t be a superpower in the first place.

    4. @sherry Tony it’s your silly American media calling it a race. Last I checked China and United Arab Emirates never called it anything of the sort

  2. Space is unlimited, so I think it’s better for human race to explore as much as possible, so it doesnt matter which country, as long as it’s human.

    1. @charles macy….lol, that’s too funny. You do realize that even if Trump wins the election, it’d take an act of Congress to change the two term limit for presidents. But that’s a non starter since Nixon has a better chance of rising from the dead and winning in November than Trump does.

    2. @socal rocks Beijing Biden, Hidin Biden, Creepy Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe Biden, Uncle Touchy Joe Biden, Plagiarist Joe Biden, Quid Pro Joe Biden, Uncle Sniffy Joe Biden, Dirty Grandpa Joe Biden and/or Yo Ain’t Black Jack Joe Biden.

  3. “were going to build a space wall and make the moon pay for it with it’s massive cheese supply ” – trump

    1. Roy Dodgy – “I had nurses that would whisper in my ear… they would actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move.” Joe Biden

      And speaking of “racist presidents, “You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without a slight Indian accent.” Joe Biden

    2. @Matt Foley trumps rose garden rally speech
      Donald Trump: (41:41)
      End solitary confinement. Free federal housing for former inmates. So federal housing now can go to inmates, former inmates. Rejoined Paris climate accord, and seek an even higher level of restrictions. Oh, I didn’t notice that. Oh, I see. So they want to rejoin the Paris climate accord and they want to seek an even higher level of [inaudible 00:42:09]. In other words, make it worse than it was. Mandate net zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, and all new buildings by 2030, that basically means no windows, no nothing. It’s very hard to do. I tell people when they want to go into some of these buildings, “How are your eyes? Because they won’t be good in five years.”

    3. @Roy Rodgers there’s nobody left now according to Joe Biden, who claims 120 million Americans have died from the Chy-Na flu.

    4. @Matt Foley quotes aside nothing will ever make me laugh as much as trump drawing a hurricane path with a sharpie on tv 😵😵😵😵

    5. Roy Dodgy – Or Joe Biden creeping us all out with his story of young black kids playing with his leg hairs drying in the sun? That was awesome!

  4. Just imagining them all in martian orbit at the sametime and having to queue for parking. lol

  5. Please make travel to space possible.
    We’re tired of living on earth .
    Sincerely, *ANYWAY LIVING IN 2020*

    1. What competition? We have relied on Russia’s RD-180 rockets to get into orbit for decades now. Despite NASA’s pleas for funding, it has never been a priority for some reason. It just boggles the mind. Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave.

    1. I think it’s too late and no one privilege to that information wants to confirm it with the masses…
      For whatever reason.

  6. Nuclear powered robot the size of a car, versus a toaster made in china and an oil prospecting satellite.

  7. In my 52 years, I’ve literally never heard Sputnik pronounced, “Spoot’-nik.”


    It’s, “Spuht’-nik.” Get it right.

  8. I’m a retired astronaut myself and let me tell you it’s not all that in space. There’s nothing to do

  9. China 🇨🇳 is thinking 10 30 50 60 years ahead, trump still has no idea how to fight a pandemic

  10. USA: “we don’t have the mental capacities to hold up against the Soviet Union. Let’s get a Nazi SS-officer to build us a space program”😁😅

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