1. When two of your friends are fighting, the only thing you should do is to drag them to calm down and talk. No adding fuel to fire.

    1. @Ramschat “English happens to be…”
      NO! It’s not as “random” as you thought. English became the “world language” because the English people colonized more land on earth, and won the 2 world wars. And one of their most successful colonies AKA USA won the cold war and sent human to the moon.

    2. @qi zhu That is irrelevant. Old treaties, and Taiwan people themselves do.
      The way General Mark Milley keeps feeding the CCP military information I wouldn’t be surprised if many U.S. politicians were on China’s payroll.

    3. @Igor Bukový Lol!! US social/media monopolies censoring information & spreading propaganda is democracy?? UNO VETO dictatorship is also democracy & freedom? If you don’t do what we say dictatorship bla bla is also freedom & democracy??!! American/European interests are NOT everyone’s interests or that of humanity!! Period!!


    1. России и Китаю не нужны доллары.
      Мы не используем уже доллар.
      У вас стоимость бензина будет за 20$.
      Так что учите Русский язык и Китайский язык.
      Скажите “спасибо” внешней политике и бомбардировкам других континентов.

    2. @martengly jean Америка проиграла во внешней политике.
      Слишком много бомбардировок за 30 лет.

    3. @gin ho Америка пытается продвигать всем доллар, но Америка проиграла в этом.
      30 лет бомбардировок других стран, привела к ненависти к Америке.
      Россия и Китай не будет использовать доллар, как и другие страны.

  3. China’s stance on Russia was crystal clear during the Olympics or were we just not paying attention???? they said it’s a new era and the support is strong..

    1. Apparently China sides with Russia, in order to have that capacity to fight against USA. China won’t say it but just is doing it. From now on this fight won’t end until either USA side fails or China/Russia side fails. Have you ever heard Chinese Communist Party’s ultimate goal is “to liberate all mankind in the world!”? It’s just like what Russia’s propaganda of liberating Ukraine people. Be prepared for the fight.

    2. @Capt Ng Russia receives a lot not only from China …) All contracts for the supply of oil and gas to Europe continue to operate for another 5-10 years … And Europe sends Euro-dollars to Russia …

    3. @Capt Ng do you really think people in Russia will suffer from Mac Donald’s absence ? And other chains ? Clothes food etc . Most of that was real sh. Of bad quality

    4. @faraut farautto that’s absolutely silly that Russians would likely not miss eating McDonald’s.. it had nothing to do with the food other than that was the first fast food to open in Russia and brought two cultures together.

      It’s my understanding that Russia has the manufacturing and supply chain to create a better product in the name of McDougal’s using the same restaurants.

      After all in order to supply their McDonald’s their supplies were all created and processed in country

    5. @Владимир Михайленко looking at the international currency exchange it appears the ruble has gained significantly to its pre-sanctioned $1 equals 108 rubles 3/16/22.. that most certainly would appear that the sanctions are hurting the US taxpayer significantly more than the still cheap prices of Russian goods.. and it’s a fact Russia doesn’t need Western goods to survive

  4. I’m not surprised. It’s all about leverage in whatever way they think it’s going to help them in the long run

    1. Важная новость!
      В Украине есть город Нью Йорк!
      Вам будут рассказывать о нападение на этот город.
      Найдите его на карте!

    1. @Maxgambol TV  you are right…i have grow sick and tired watching zelensky’s videos,which are coming out from his studios every minute as the war is raging outside ….zelensky made a foolish attempt by trying to get a membership from nato…this is due to his lack of experience as a president…could be due to the fact that he is far too young and used to be a comedian…that is one reason that he jas resorted to his meaningless filming and cinematography .he could have avoided the war had he jad dealt the situation diplomatically from the very onset.

    2. @Andrew Millman What is Pakistan created by British/US/West in front of India?? Learn power equations before opening your ignorant mouth!! India’s problem is with China’s expansionism & revisionism; same as for US!!!! Did that get into your tiny brain??!!

  5. Sometimes the US style of talking with other countries is downtalking and the diplomats don`t even notice it. Stupid.

    1. @PeepersT Oh ye!! America is the angel of the whole block which eliminated natives & stole their lands!!

    2. @Annabelle Lee  China has not been significantly improving African countries’ stnd of living. They are trying to exploit them like the rest of the world. They start companies in African countries and fill them with Chinese nationals so the money never reaches the people.

    1. @ThaliaCrafts Today I checked my dell and LG monitors and there were all made in China. that’s how much we need China

  6. Russia has proved one thing for sure… You don’t need expensive state of the art military equipment as long as you have nuclear weapons.

    1. Putin is a sociopath though. He’s not going to use nukes knowing he would be nuked. They don’t commit suicide.

    1. @J LMAO China and Russia don’t trust or like each other. They use each other. It’s not about respect. Both of them without the west is fucked economically, but China is a lot smarter than Russia. They care about their economy unlike Russia. They aren’t about to bite the hand that feeds them, which is the west. Not Russias poor fucking pile of cold dirt.

    2. @Dave Hibbs Well, yes … I recognized you … When I hear the words “the rest of the world” – I immediately recognize the Ukrainian bot … You haven’t changed your training manuals for many years …) But I will answer you, nevertheless … Why this “rest of the world” did not hold the United States accountable when they destroyed more than 1,000,000,000 people in many countries in 30 years …? Not even bordering the US…? You list the names of these countries…? Bot, have you heard about these countries…? I think I heard… So your “rest of the world” will remain the rest…)

    3. @Dave Hibbs 181 countries BS!! I bet 90% of humanity doesn’t care about the US or it’s European slaves!! It’s just that they don’t want to be impoverished again by the same people who are rich because they killed their people, enslaved them, robbed their lands & wealth!!

  7. Stop provoking other big countries. Especially China, just let them be. If China is helping Ukraine and also not putting sanctions to Russia so be it. Don’t start a conflict that can leads to provoking CHINA.

  8. letting the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money; and moreover to be held in office at the head of government, to rule and do according to their wills, that they might get gain and glory of the world, and, moreover, that they might the more easily commit adultery, and steal, and kill, and do according to their own wills—

    1. Важная новость!!
      В Украине есть город Нью Йорк!
      Вам будут рассказывать о нападение на этот город…
      Найдите его на карте!

  9. It’s like 2 friends having each other’s backs behind closed doors. It’s obvious that this is the start of something bigger sooner or later. We, the USA will probably be in Ukraine’s situation in the future.

    1. @Joe Cater oh Some Bad Decision They Messed Up The Whole Middle East And Backing Israel For His Occupation
      And Pushing Ukraine Into War With Russia And Then Stop Helpings Them

      Surely We Will Get Our Revenge With No Mercy

    2. @I’m me All day everyday Everything is calculated business decisions, if you would pay any attention you would see that they sent their recruits into this war which is 18 year old guys and 50+ old men out of shape with equipment from the 80’s. Why should they waste quality into something that doesn’t require it? Ukraine is far away from super power and therefore it’s not required to go in with full force and waste money. If Russia really wanted to destroy whole Ukraine they could, but they won’t… There’s nothing to even argue about. Of course their will be losses on the Russian side but it won’t be anything major to their business plan.

    3. @Harry Rag Read Daniel 11:40-43. The passage highlights the rivalry between the king of the north and the king of the south. As foretold by Daniel, in the time of the end, the king of the south would engage with the king of the north “in a pushing,” or he would “lock horns with him.”​—Dan. 11:40

    4. @I’m me All day everyday this is what you see in the news . The reality is far from that. They took over most Ukraine ,the operation is coming to end

    1. The Anglo-Saxons have a perverse logic … They also asked Venezuela and Iran for help …) Probably, they will soon remember North Korea …)

    2. China is blows hard about territorial integrity and not interfering in others internal affairs. Until it suits there interests to do otherwise. See Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea.

  10. China is trying to stay neutral, let’s see if manage to accomplish that at least.
    Besides, they now have more COVID cases and that doesn’t help them fly the “biological weapons” speech.

  11. The only upside in this tragic situation is that China hasn’t openly shown their support for Russia. Cause if they did, or if they decide to, that’s a big problem.

    1. @Владимир Михайленко I don’t know what you’re talking about. I talk to Africans all the time and they love the USA. They listen to our music and love our culture. They love our democracy.

    2. @Eric Bogar

      I am all for abandoning reliance on Chinese products, but this is not possible. At least not in next decade, if our government announced that all American companies have to come back home or move elsewhere than China, this process would take years. USA is now so deeply rooted in Chinese dependence that getting out of it would be gigantic task.

      Meanwhile Chinese nationals are consistently buying American assets on American soil. China owns roughly $1.5 Trillion in assets, on US soil.

      Western countries need to gang up and take decisive measures to abandon Chinese industry.

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