1. @Dorian Shades of gray You just tried to dismiss the attempted violent overthrow of government with “but executive orders” ok buddy

    2. Long-term it is not a battle we can win, China simply has more people. As every nation eventually industrializes, they’ll rapidly catch up in technology, because computers have an inherently lower barrier to entry than energy infrastructure and factories. So, long-term, GDP will simply become proportional to population. Whether this will happen in 10 years or 100 is anyone’s guess though.

    3. I’m Sure the Chinese people enjoy/should be controlled as Jackie Chan Stated. I read that book of the Three Communist Chinese Generals from the early 1990’s. Well played.

  1. I hope this not another fabricated story to start a war. I feel this is same like another similar Iraq fabricated story of weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. Until now today we cannot find Iraq weapon mass destruction, Saddam Hussein and thousands of Muslim have been killed as result of the story.

    1. Live there yourself, and you will know more before you talk. And remember not to live “under arrangement”.

    2. ​@Me Alien it’s 50 cents army, get the name correct. I guess a person suck at counting like you only need 5 cents

    3. This is how to fabricate news, keep asking interviewee “You know this is not fabricated.” and all evidences are “someone said”.

  2. Just have 20 more kids in Italy …. Forget the First Batch !! Start over Overpopulating the earth !!! 🤓 Problem solved !!!

  3. The United States has its own problems without trying and failing to be world police. They’re not very good at being police in the US anyway

  4. As a Xinjiang native, it was the first time I heard that there was oppression in Xinjiang. hahaha is really interesting fake news. I dare not go out in the United States after 10 pm, but I can drink all night on Road in Xinjiang. America is really a disgusting country

    1. Of course you have never heard about it, you are a chinese citizen. Welcome to the actual internet and the freedom of information that comes with it.

    2. America will forever remain great and powerful and there is nothing you can do about it. We will police you forever, ok little nugget

  5. here is another one from Daniel Dumbrill The Xinjiang Genocide – an excerpt from the “Genocide” panel

  6. 1:07, looks like the parents are reading off a script on a macbook with (probably) CNN asset tag. Is this an interview or a staged show?

    1. Bacause the CCP did not use gun and bomb to kill the muslin as what the western world did.. CCP took the hard way, develop Xinjiang and solved the social problems. 👍👍👍

    2. @drtwewe does putting innocent people in camps for “re-education” as stupid as it sounds, solve this fictional problem that you are so proud of solving? No.

  7. I want to listen to what the neighbors’ opinion and what were the care givers for the children saying. Only one side story is missleading!

  8. boy, this ambassador isn’t even a skilled bullsh!tter, isn’t being able to believably lie the #1 skill required to an effective ambassador?

  9. I’m quite surprised that cnn is showing “”ethnic minorities”” in any sort of negative light

  10. This is how to fabricate news, keep asking interviewee “You know this is not fabricated.” and all evidences are “someone said”.

  11. ha ha, they forgot the Mexican border, children are separated from their parents.
    America don’t allow reporters go into interview.

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