Why this former anti-vax influencer is getting the Covid vaccine 1

Why this former anti-vax influencer is getting the Covid vaccine


Heather Simpson had a following online due to her anti-vaccine beliefs. Now, she worries the anti-vaccine misinformation she promoted hurt other children. She explains her change of heart to CNN Business’ Donie O’Sullivan.

Producers: Richa Naik & Zach Wasser
Supervising Producer: Logan Whiteside
Reporter: Donie O'Sullivan



    1. @Nate List his booming economy which he inherited from Obama, then crashed under his watch. Peace in the Mideast, are you joking. Syria is still in a civil war, so is Afghanistan, and then there is the mess hat is Yemen. And last time I checked, it was trump that was losing it, not Biden

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Economy mostly crashed in blue states where dumb people vote for dumb politicians. My 4 years under Trump was great and the wife and I just built a brand new house. Thanks Trump!

    3. Shattering news: People who call others stupid on a regular basis are stupid themselves. It’s to hide their insecurity.

  1. What these people need to do is find something to do other than keeping up with other peoples drama and live outside the computer

    1. Let me Tell you what Chinese News Network CNN, You are not going to fool us withs these Phoney stories, Believe me, ! Btw this Report should lose some weight .. I mean my god

    2. Everyone should just turn off the news. Fox, CNN, ABC, etc. Regardless of the political bias they put out they are all in on this together. It is nothing but a tool to divide and conquer the American people, to keep us too busy fighting amongst ourselves over 2 hypocritical parties as a way to “keep the children out of the parents plans”…. as long as people keep playing into this 2 party political theater, then nothing will ever change.

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more. People are consumed with social media to the point were its detrimental to their well being.

  2. U must take some responsibility of the misinformation u spread to ur social media followers and this time make it right.

    1. Does that include fake news CNN and its years of lying about Trump/Russia collusion and all kinds of other things?

  3. So a mom with no science or medical background realizes she doesn’t understand science or medical topics? Stop making stupid people famous.

    1. Ironic isn’t it that they point out how ignorant a person is and then use her ignorance to promote their own position. Whether pro-vax or anti-vax, her position is rooted in ignorance, but they promote her to get other ignorant people to take an experimental vaccine.

    2. Did you know that there are ALOT of doctors and scientists who are against vaccines-ESPECIALLY these new COVID vaxes?

    3. She actually used to be a surgical tech, so I don’t think that would constitute as “no science or medical background.”

    4. @wilb6657 I do not know that, because I don’t believe it. I think if a doctor is opposed to the COVID vaccines it’s more likely for political reasons, how any credentialed scientist or doctor can be opposed to the body of work that has gone into these vaccines collectively makes me immediately suspicious of those doctors ability to think clearly.

    5. @Daniel Verberne ” how any credentialed scientist or doctor can be opposed to the body of work that has gone into these vaccines” This happens when they realize Big Pharma does *not* care about your health at all, and they want to make money off of sick people. The drugs they sell are no different or better than the vaccines they administer, they treat one problem but create 5 more in the blink of an eye.

    1. @Mellow Rebel the rioters are idiots and the blm rioters are idiots ant Vax are idiots people who wear cloth mask and idiots everyone are just to far lost

    2. @Long Way there were certainly bad faith actors in the blm protests, that doesn’t invalidate the entire argument. And masks, even cloth, demonstrably work to lessen the risk of spreading covid. Read more books and peer reviewed papers written by the actual experts and less facebook

    3. @David Griffin If you look at the charts of covid cases in the real world, the shape of the curve has zero correlation with mask mandates and lockdown orders. That’s a much better “study” than the ones that supposedly prove masks slow transmission (it involved dozens of hamsters, pieces of cloth and fans, not exactly a simulation of real life).

    4. @Eran Riblo new Zealand begs to differ. Mask mandates in the states were not effective because people like you, from day one, chose to ignore them

    5. @David Griffin Here in the NYC metro area 99% of people are following all the mandates. If masks and/or mandates stopped the spread of covid, then people out in the rural area or down in florida should be dropping like flies in comparison. NZ has few cases because it’s an island and they shut down travel. They also have a more sane testing regime (testing only people with symptoms and no PCR tests up to 50 cycles where the results mean nothing).

  4. I have not had a vaccine since the early 80s when I was in the navy . I got my first covid19 shot yesterday . I was not an anti vaxxer thinking vaccines are dangerous . I just thought I did not need them . The last true symptomatic flu experience was in the late 80s . The last 20 years I have had few experiences with colds and intestinal viruses . I figured my immune system was pretty good but being in this pandemic it may have been more about not being around sick people as I dont work in an office and dont normally go to mass gatherings . Even going out to dinner is rare . So in a way I may have mitigated contagions without making a conscious effort .doing so . Now why get the covid Vaccine ? I think the big factor is my body has no immunity to it so its a crap shoot on how it will react . I have grandkids now going back to school and playing little league which makes me more vulnerable as kids are the mosquitoes of contagion spread . I will be abit more aware of the grandkids in the future if they appear to be symptomatic with an illness and may avoid them until they are well . Just getting a cold sucks and if I can avoid that I will .Mitigation does work as they have not been sick this hole pandemic . Not even a runny nose .

    1. I think this pandemic has made many of us more aware of how basic hygiene can prevent transmission of viral and bacterial infections. Also perhaps more appreciative of those vaccines we’ve been using for years with huge global benefits (polio, smallpox, rubella, mumps, yellow fever, etc).

  5. This is all a religion whether you’re of Satan or God only two ways to choose from Hell or Heaven lies or truth

    1. @Eran Riblo ok first: What does have to do with your first comment?

      And second: Where are the statistics and where do they cone from?

    2. @Floyd Bourne  Are you talking about the NATIONAL CHILDHOOD VACCINE INJURY ACT that was signed in by President Reagan to block lawsuits after a 4 billion dollar lawsuits were paid out.

      Then the America Disability Act that was signed right after for the reason the government would continue to disabled and kill by unethically pushing vaccines?

  6. “I learned to be skeptical of science by watching videos on my handheld computer that’s wirelessly connected to a global network. Why would I believe scientists?”

    1. Because being a scientist demands that you are sceptical of unverified claims, and use the scientific method to critically examine them.

    2. Scientist Al Gore told us NYC would be underwater by now. How about we think critically about what scientists say (and who is paying their salaries) before we just believe everyone with a PhD.

  7. The US of A’s education system is failing its population to be able to understand facts and reject false opinions.

    1. That’s why so many people think the last election was perfectly fair and no fraud whatsoever occurred.

    2. Once you see the evidence though Robert, you realize these “facts” are not facts at all.

    3. @Love is the most powerful force in the Universe Wow! So facts are meaningless and opinion rules, right?

    4. @Robert Evans I said exactly that in my comment, that facts are meaningful. You just like to be cynical and offensive.

    1. The flat earthers are just the same. Even if they’re proven wrong by their own evidence. They fail simple science and even basic math.

    2. You’re basically saying it’s insane to have a different opinion, especially on something as complex as science.

    3. @Love is the most powerful force in the Universe It’s insane to be so arrogant as to simply assume that one would know more than professional scientists after watching a stupid video. It’s okay to have a different opinion, but dumb to assume your opinion is a better one, without considering one’s training and experience. If that didn’t matter, you just ask a butcher who has a strong opinion on medical science to operate on you.

  8. *BRUH THAT TETANUS TALKED GOT ME!!! LOL yoooo get that baby Tdap!!!.. the dad gonna look even more goofy when his baby girl is stiff and has lock jaw and cannot drink water*

  9. Respect to her for speaking out and facing what happened. There will inevitably be lots of hate but it’s so positive she’s admitting all this happened and she no longer believes it. Her husband needs a kick up the arse though, and a shave.

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