Chinese and Indian soldiers clash along disputed Himalayan border

They fought with fists, stones, and bamboo poles with nails in them, in a bloody brawl that left around two dozen people dead.

More details are emerging about a clash late Monday night along a disputed border between India and China high in the Himalayas, which has ratcheted up tension between the two nuclear-armed neighbors and left officials on both sides scrambling to deescalate.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has responded to the violent face-off, in which at least 20 Indian soldiers died and many more were injured, saying that India does not "instigate" and will not compromise on "integrity and sovereignty."

China also suffered casualties in the confrontation, the Indian army said, though neither side has released any figures.
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  1. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”
    -Albert Eienstein

    1. @Jobanpreet Brar You can be in your bubble world that the The western world made for you,Your country has a history of Blame China every time casualties were more on their side

    2. @Harsh kumar the hated part china doesn’t care about 20 Indian killed just similar to west philippines sea Fisher men CHINA OURS IS OURS YOURS YOU NEED TO SHARE f.. Ck china

  2. “I dont know what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”- Einstein


    2. @Evil Sexy666 that is the world highest militarized zone in world.

      If u get some injury that also can be a reason of ur death and some of soldiers also fall from hight in pushing each other.
      And one more thing china just sucks they uses bamboo with sharp wires on it and sometimes iron roads.

  3. This just a bad timing for China to pick a fight when more half of the world currently mad at them. 😁

    1. There isn’t one. Let’s just dig in, be prepared with what we can control, and at peace with what we cannot.

    1. Idoorku was munaafiqiin xanuun Sanaysa. Wuxuu taageerayaa hindi lays dadka muslimiinta ah. ” NACALADDU KUWAY FUUSHAY BAAD NABIYO MOODEEN, NAF HADDAAD LEEDIHIIN GAALADA AYAAD NICI LAHAYDEEN” …. gabaygaas waxaa tiriyay SAYID MAXAMED CABDULLE XASAN .. 100 sanno ka hor. Idoor waligii is bedeli maayo

  4. How about we take a moment to honor those 20 soldiers that were so viciously murdered.

    In most cases between two Nations even if there is a verbal dispute most nations are able to settle problems in conversation but some Nations can’t seem to think about anything else besides viciously murdering people.

    I love the people of Indian and I love the country of India for many reasons one reason is because they have been so very kind to the country of my origin and because the people from India have always contributed to American society in so many positive ways that I can only be very thankful.

    So I want to conclude by saying that I stand with respect and honor for those 20 soldiers ever so viciously murdered and I applaud the people of India for taking action. you have all of God’s blessings

    1. Tushar D nope…. it’s the Indians crossed the border and provoked Chinese. They got what they asked for!

    2. China only has territorial disputes with India, and India has territorial disputes with all its neighbors. Doesn’t that mean that India is a weak country once colonized.

    3. @Anuj Gupta indian soldiers not killed in clash, 3 died by fall and 17 died because sub zero temp and no medical care.

    1. Everyone should stop using the word China. The culpit is the CCP, Chinese Communist Party. Most of the chinese citizens are just victims.

    2. @Alvin Mah But yes, I do agree that Chinese citizens are generally different in though than the CCP.

  5. BREAKING NEWS:- Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan airspace for 4th time in 2 weeks


    1. @Fee wok :Yes we are poor but we have a problem… when it comes to nationalism … we don’t care about the enemy… we
      1.3 billion will start to tie u up.

    2. @Vilom Adarsh,
      love from Nepal where Lord Buddha was born and the abode of Lord Shiva.
      China is Nepal’s best friend and neighbor. we love China. Stop trying to demonize China.

    3. @孙中山 is banned in China …right? does facebook whatsapp…stop lecturing about freedom of speech and human rights…
      China is the evil …
      BTW…wait….how you Chinese get access to youtube comment section…ohh…BOTS working abroad…

  6. Due respect to soldiers on both side..and as soldiers they have performed duty for their great nations

    Democratic India will be giving full respect to it’s martyred Soldiers but communist China is silent.. Will chinese fallen soldier receive any last state honor with full dignity…

    Million dollars question.. ???

    1. @Wang Yingsen pls say china to stop colony in tibbet, xinzian, hongkong and Taiwan and also stop torturing uigar muslim.

    2. @Isaac Chan :thats what we call democracy our goverment cannot hide the trueth and reall numbers. If do next day the soldiers family, society, state, nation will come and ask where is our son.

      Still your media is not revealing the
      Actual number and your mouths
      Are crossed coz u can’t ask about the missing soldiers..

      Even you people don’t have the right to talk to outside world.

      Chinese boats are doing this.
      How you got the access.plz go hide.she will come and pinch u🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @hawklee1983 China is just a power thirsty country, why would it miss a chance of embarrassing India 😉

  7. Reason for-
    WW1 : Balkan Region annexations
    WW2 : German N.ZI schemes or something
    WW3 : Stone pelting..

    1. i’d say WW2’s reason was the invasion of Poland, or Germany getting “lebensraum” (german people’s living room)

    2. @alex babinsky they are bad nations, but c’mon… Russia, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia… undeniably worse by all means. I mean Israel have done some horrible things to Palestinians, but China’s actions in Tibet alone surpass that. Trump might request Ukraine spy on Joe Biden’s s son, but Putin just has his opposition assassinated… catch my drift??
      American police might be pretty brutal on their own people and they use things like OS tear gas and rubber bullets, but Syria used Sarin gas on their own people… are you joking with that or what? Like I’m as anti-establishment as they come, but face facts man, at least we have the option to even say these things in our own country, about our own countries establishment. If we lived in China we wouldn’t even be getting this information about this, I mean read the pro Chinese comments on this thread… misinformation left right and centre. This is just plain and simple. If I lived in Syria, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. And said here on YouTube (if I could even access YouTube, let alone CNN in those countries) that I disagreed with my countries establishment, I’d be ‘disappeared’ by said establishment… I’ve been anti establishment in the West all my life and I’m still here, and havnt been murdered, kidnapped and taken to “re-education camps”, tortured, threatened, etc. The USA is bad, but if you think they are worse than Russia, you must be Russian…
      Which is what I would have said if you didn’t say EU there too… wtf have the EU done??? XD your definitely Russian…

  8. This has been building up for weeks, the Chinese government started this as a way to intimidate the Indians after the agreement with Australia.

    1. @D S Disgusting fact of india…india always invades neighbouring countries like Nepal,Pakistan,Bhutan etc

    2. @Robert Carson sikkim was never belonged to india at first ..u should look at the history first..

    3. @Charles Huang how are you on youtube? are you using vpn?
      as an independent party belonging neither to us, india or australia i can say you lie.
      Proof: chinese gov has deployed so many soldiers to india-china border in the middle of negotiation. India did not even have half of those soldiers there. i did not get this from media, i SAW satellite images. So can you explain if china did not want to have conflict, why send so many soldiers? to be prepared for indian army? do you need so many chinese soldiers to deal with a hand few soldiers?

      be careful of what you say, the WHOLE world is watching.This is not only between india, china, us or australia. Everything thats happening is being watched and i can say the whole world is pretty pissed of of china. Even in my little unknown country and that says a lot. Thinking that you are better than another is called arrogance my dear

    1. @K H H Tibetans hate the chinese , they took tibet from tibetians forcefully and oppressed them . Tibetians along with spiritual leader Dalai Lama’s came and took refuge in indian and now they live in a beautiful place with all their sovereignty unharmed . Please go and see how much land actually belongs to china and how much it has occupied .

    2. @K H H I think Tibetans hate the first prime minister of India………….whom most(almost all) of us hate in India hate too.

  9. Something happens between : India and China
    CNN : Here’s someone from abu Dubai.
    That’s. Cnn for you.

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