Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on use of force by police | USA TODAY


  1. Fire them take their pension and let them not work in law enforcement again not a act god it your tech

  2. Listen, I get that some cops go bad. I get it. It’s a tough job job to do. But their training is what’s lacking. There need to be continuous training throughout the year. A few months doesn’t cut it. People change over time in their professions. All this nonsense about de-fund the police or abolish the police is non sense. The people who say that have never held that title and doesn’t comprehend the stress it causes. More training = more solid minded individuals. A few bad apples will always be there noatter what job there is to perform

    1. Police kill unarmed people all the time. There’s stress in traffic stops or community checkups or noise complaints??! Then they shouldn’t do the job. Defund the police and fund community aid, social workers, free healthcare, and make sure basic needs are met.

    2. Training is not the answer. As it stands, we don’t agree with the police are trained to do. So more of that isn’t going to work. Secondly, there has to be accountability. If a cop believes that the safest thing for him to do is shoot someone, well why would he not? If there are no consequences for him then it’s much easier to not consider other options.

  3. What a JOKE!!! All of these politicians have a history of being dirty. How about TERM LIMITS and getting rid of CORPORATE MEDIA TIES in government? Burn them all!

    1. That Conman Criminal is the one that needs to be voted out!! We the 70% of Americans could care less what you think!! Thats why you are classified as uneducated fool

  4. they are way beyond reform !!!!! like reforming the manson family ! and costing the people billions in law suits !!

  5. The federal government DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY over local or state police

    Than again the constitution hasn’t been followed since 1861

  6. The only way the police should be using firearms if they are looking for somebody like for murder high-rated extortion. Rape. Bank robbery. First-degree burglary. CDV cases involving firearms.

  7. There’s many ways to take a man down without harming a man or bruising a man body. You don’t got to hurt him an arm you don’t got to choke nobody.

  8. It’s way overdue.its not just African American ppl im Caucasian and a woman and i was beat around bye a black cop i was black and blue over a week

  9. I believe no-knock warrants should only be utilized by FBI, Detectives, and higher and they must have had extensive training and extensive proof and extensive reasoning. I’ve known instances white serial killers have been stopped and this has been the only way. You have to act faster than they can clean up the scene sometimes. I do not believe it should be used to attempt to bust someone for a possible drug dealing suspicion, etc. It must be a very high profile case. Not something done on a whim.

  10. Poverty within the inner cities causes people to risk crime. This means selling drugs, stealings, gangs, poor behavior yielding poor educational opportunities, locational, and vocational opportunities. The police are then called. The police have been dealing with gangs and shootings in these cities for years since guns have been at easier access. This promotes violence on both sides. The police are supposed to deal with the mental health, homeless, etc. and the crime. That means those they were to counsel one week they might have a shoot out near the next. The police should not be in that position. We would never expect a licensed therapist to be both teddybear, jailor, and executioner. The police have been placed in this position and are actively assuming this role for themselves. I can cite the Standford Prison Experiment. The Students in that Experiment assumed their roles so hard they suffered emotional trauma in just a few short days. They were not emotionally prepared for this.
    We need to separate out the duties this Police are no longer responsible for. We need to reassign their missions.

  11. If any of you reading this is a reporter for USA today and can get me a few minutes with a Senator or a bit of time. I can straighten this all out. These arguments are terrible. Both sides have it all wrong.

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