Chinese city drenched with record-breaking rainfall 1

Chinese city drenched with record-breaking rainfall


At least 12 people have died in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in central China, where record-breaking rainfall has flooded the streets and subway stations. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout and Karen Maginnis report.

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    1. @Gunner Patry I guess you seen it happen last time? Stop believing everything you’re told 🐑

    2. @Mango Fett exactly my point! Quit worrying about what effect you think humans have on earth we are not in control!

  1. when this happens to big countries,it is when you will see climate change being take seriously, sad it had to come to this. Hopefully lesson learnt

    1. @Robert Smith Hey Bob, sorry I decided to sleep, it’s more Important than yourself, my degrees are in quantum economics and mathematics, have a nice day.

    1. @Ashley Lala Ashley if we do this if the entire population in the world does this one thing . We can reverse it in another 5 years ..if we start implementing now .. now 🙏💪💪

    1. They already have thousands of recent dams everywhere. They set themselves up for a domino effect of floods.

  2. Give it 20 years and this will seem tame. Whether it’s us, or natural cycle things are going to get much much worse.

  3. Record breaking rainfall around the world. Flooding and deaths around the world. Another message from Nature to mankind.

    1. Record rain in some places, record drought and heat in others. Yet, there are still climate change deniers.

  4. Humans:We have science and technology
    Nature:Ok! But you are too greedy
    I need my space.

  5. Chinese engineering is amazing…. that subway car that was 1/2 full of water was moving as if it was normal. And the people… as calm as ever. That’s impressive.

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