'I lost the ability to speak': Van Jones describes moment Bezos donated $100M 1

‘I lost the ability to speak’: Van Jones describes moment Bezos donated $100M


Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and world's wealthiest man, has donated $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef José Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen. #CNN #News


    1. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound What you’re saying is pure nonsense and honestly, it’s just plain disgusting. There was a young woman that was intending to major in a field in psychology so she could help suicidal teens… she’s dead because a teenager jumped off a bridge to commit suicide and killed her in her car. She reaped what she sowed?? People CHOSE to be poor? What a stupid and judgmental thing to say that incorrect implies that EVERYONE can be rich. It doesn’t work that way and it can’t. The number of people that are homeless because they have untreated medical/mental conditions. The wealthy that are wealthy BECAUSE they chose sin. Get out of here with your BS. Your mentality is an absolute detriment to this world.

    1. @Freedom Fighter Hey Freedom Fighter, your confused brother. Billionaires would pay their fair share of taxes if the people who create our laws created laws that made them pay their fair share. So why does Congress not write laws that make Billionaires pay their fair share? Instead Congress continually gives them large tax breaks. So why do they continually give them large tax breaks – must have to do something with the contributions that our politicians receive from these billionaires.

    2. ​@Jamie Lancaster The fact that corrupt politicians write tax code that allows billionaires to evade taxes doesn’t REQUIRE them to do so. Where does it say that being wealthy must erase one’s conscience? And BTW, I’m female.
      Real Talk – We are all part of one human race, living together on this planet. Is it ridiculous to think that a mofo worth $207 billion could have hit, I dunno – the $2 billion mark? – realized his children, grand-children & great-grandkids will NEVER be able to spend all that loot & just said ” *Screw the tax loopholes. Pay whatever the IRS says I owe without them. I’m already set for life.* ” Dude knows didn’t earn those billions! He stole that $$ from the employees that he treats like slaves.
      I call him a demon, but I know that’s not true. He’s as human as the rest of us & we are all moral creatures. Greed must have a limit, even for Bezos. He should have given that $200 million charitable write-off donation to his own employees — THAT would have been a radical act for positive change. Or am I kidding myself?

    3. 80% of that money is going in his and his special interests pockets…..why not donate the whole lot to help the people he’s accused of helping

    1. @Milk Negan It is true Milk the cartels do like tables not walls. They really like tables when Kammmellia is sitting at it all she knows to do is put bags of taxpayer cash on it and hope the problem goes away.

    2. Besos rather make donations when you have a Democratic president instead of conservative clowns that will embezzled the money just like the Border

    3. Why not donate the whole lot of it to the illegal migrants…..if he’s really about helping the people he wants to help

  1. Watched Chef on Seth Meyers & colbert.
    His work in 2020 was awesome, he definitely deserves it

    1. @Thyalwaysseek

      Ooooooooooooooh please your the freaking Sheep that has major wool over your eyes. Please get help .
      Angry Tseek.

    2. How is it working on our southern border.. Kammmellla just sat down at a long table…. far from our border.. no change.

    1. Please, you think $100m is going to help anything? Delusional. I want to see Van Jones report on how every cent of that money was spent.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek
      Lol yeah right, bezos didn’t like the news he was getting so he made a donation, to change that and the left like always change their tune.

    3. @D Guy
      He has nothing else better to do but put out bad energy.
      There addicted hopefully he might grow UP WITH EVERY ONE NOT ONE TYPE OF PEOPLE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

    1. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound Is God wiling to stop evil, but unable?
      Then he is not powerful.
      Is he able , but unwilling?
      Then he is not good.
      Is he both able and willing ?
      Then how can there be evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing ?
      Then why call him God ? False teaching because false book Gen 1:16 . 16 verses in and it already teaches to mankind something it would take those in ships the Earth was round . Religions , feelings over facts . Faith over science . Darkness over light .

    2. @Emmanuel Collado I was shocked, I have no doubt Chef Andres will continue to help people but Van Jones?

    3. @jim seymour Irony Alert: You just described the First Centuries of European Colonization of Africa, and 2nd Century of USA vs. Native Americans. I was taught by people like you, that these ‘weren’t really bad events per se.’ Does it bother you to be so hypocritical, hysterical, and delusional?? The Negative Pushback you are whining about, is the result of backlash from 2 centuries of calling others ‘monkeys’ ‘inferior’, subhmn etc.
      If there had been No WS, there would be no Backlash.

  2. Now give that young man who is working on cleaning up the oceans and waterways a $100 million. And someone working on replanting forests the same.

    1. I understand your skepticism and share it but I also know and realize that it doesn’t matter if it’s a tax right off or not these people now have money in their hands that they didn’t have before. I am rooting for them to make a difference with it. Bezo’s donation can make a difference to lots of people. There are many getting tax write offs by serving themselves. If his tax write-off can help others I am happy he did it.

  3. May he think also to pay his employees a living wage and provide them with safe work environment + health insurance!

    1. Amazon daily workers in the US earn more than Amazon SDE-I software Engineers in my country. The populist propaganda surrounding Amazon is quite extensive

    2. Pacis Regis : Amazon workers do get paid a living wage. How much do you poor people want to get paid ? $50 an hour ? All of you people are greedy, that’s your problem.

  4. I’m so happy that Chef Jose is going to invest in farms. About time Bezos. Now treat your EMPLOYEES LIKE THE HUMAN BEINGS THEY ARE!

  5. Congratulations to Chef José Andrés and Van Jones. We look forward to seeing the changes you make with the donations. Wishing you both the very best.

    1. @Andy Womack That’s very different from a bribe though. Not that Bezos doesn’t actually bribe people to maintain deregulation and to get contracts. He’s just not doing that here

    2. Besos rather make donations when you have a Democratic president instead of conservative clowns that will embezzled the money just like the Border

    3. @Veganpotter Thevegan We can speculate about his motives. I’d rather he used this as bonuses to his employees, and instead of wasting his wealth on rocket propelled joy rides he used that instead to improve the lot of his workers.

    4. @Repo Man345 Democrats waste as much money as republicans. The difference is Dems tax to cover 80% of their expenditures and idiotic republicans only tax enough to cover 50% and let dems deal with the debt

  6. Chef looks like he’s lost a few pounds,glad to see it. We need him to stay healthy to do his wondrous work.

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